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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Weird Night: repost from ebay

What a weird night!
Posted Aug-07-08 08:26:20 PDT
It began with a heat lightening/thunder show thus no rain. Though it was over quickly--mind you Topsy & Turvey do not like the noise. ROFL because it set them off on their RACEWAY try outs with the boys chasing them up and down stairs and peeling them off walls.
We got everyone asleep then hubby started snoring so, I went to the couch since to wake or shake him would be cruel. I got up with him at 4 a.m. to see him off and I barely remember kissing him good-bye.
Crawled back into bed, and Zephyr crept in with me saying; "I am scared, Mommie." Okay, I almost fall asleep..................TOPSY & TURVY start calling to come in my bedroom so I let them in. I almost fall asleep and then Saenz comes in and says something is on the roof. Can he sleep with us.
Everyone is tucked in and as the trash truck is humming outside, I hear what the cats sensed and Saenz heard over his room. The chirping, whistling and calling of racoons or jungle rats in my attic. It never ends here, I am living in a wild life park. So, I went to sleep with Saenz on one side, Zephyr on the other and my two cats trying to smother me with their furry arses.
I think I found where the little critters found an in through the back porch, they hopped the upright deep freezer and discovered a way to get into the crawl space between my first and second story.
Texas is expecting super high heat with fire warnings.
How is your slice of heaven?

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