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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Saenz ER trip: repost from Ebay

Son is out of ER, 2nd Degree Burn

Posted Jun-18-08 13:41:24 PDT Updated Jun-18-08 13:44:13 PDT
From spilling hot Ramen noodle soup on his thigh. It was a large burn covering 4% of his body.
Seriously, it could have been worse had I not made him get into cold water, applied cold wet compresses, aloe vera plant and kept it moist and four baby aspirins (could not find the tylenol). I also watched him for shock; he did show signs of shock: dilated eyes, pale skin, clammy and he was shaking from pain.
Scared the heck out of me, he was in so much pain and inconsolable. Shartey will tell you I had her looking up information while I checked my 1st aide kit. Nothing in there contained burn topical medication except neosporin which was not the right thing cause it was petroleum based.
Once I got him calm, a neighbor to watch my little man; I took him to the ER. They took us immediately, assessed him, gave him a pain shot, and then clip the blisters and dead skin and applied a silver ointment.
Doctor told me I did a great job holding my son down and remaining calm. I watched the doctor clean the wound so my son would not be afraid. I know my child; if I had not of been able to watch the doctor then he would have been super scared.
Then when my husband showed up, paper work cleared; I had my husband take Saenz home. I immediately went to the local store and purchased an extensive kit for first aide. The cost of the first aide kit totalled 300 USD. But, next time I will be ready.
It sucks when you child is in immense pain, out in the middle of no where and you are alone.
I may calm down in a few hours.
For Information:
Good Morning, Peeps!
Posted Jun-19-08 06:21:36 PDT
I am still exhausted from yesterday. Zephyr and I are being really quiet so may Saenz sleep late. When a person sleeps more healing can be done inside the body; I think its like 75% faster healing in a sleeping state than awake.
I did have to change his wound wrappings last night. It is hard to get old lady Shartey to sit still for 3 days can you imagine a 10 year old staying still. I will take pictures when I clean his wound and reaply the silvadine and dressings.
Had a hard time sleeping myself. You know that "Momma In the Head Talking," kept me up late. Those --shoulda--coulda--woulda's were on contant loop. Any way on with the day!
Hope your slice is heaven is gorgeous.
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I just finished cleaning it, re-applying the medication, dressings and bandages. He is no longer allowed to use the microwave at all. Please be careful, just one bowl of ramen could do this........ Zephyr is the one who knocked the hot bowl onto his brother Saenz's leg.

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