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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: My Thoughts

Okay probably the folks who read my posts know how I feel about the bias of the BIG FIVE media: Fox News, HLN, CNN, MSNBC, and ABC.  Depending on which pundit you happened to be watching for a glimmer of real news determines the slant of the owner of the corporation. 

What churns my butter and keeps me up at night is this:

We the psuedo middle class, working poor, and indigent have been set up to believe that one day if we bust our proverbial balls; we can become rich through education, 60 hr work weeks, and devotion to our corporate leaders.  This is just not true. 

While it is true -- a few folks find a path by Natural Selection in the modern age to become sucessful.  For the majority; our career paths are basic a system of lottery or chance.  It all boils down to luck, determination, good health, knowing the right persons, working for the decent boss, and prudent planning.  We as a whole are told to trust the markets and invest so; we can become wealthy upon retirement -- have you watched the markets?  This is just another way to bleed off hard earned wages from folks who are scrapping by --- take your monies and pay off your mortgages instead. Wall Street will not be there if the banks foreclose to find you another home.

Now the banks are another issue.  Did you know the Federal Reserve is not a government entity?  Nope, they are a firm of privately owned banks; who basically own America and many other countries.  These bankers decide the rate at which we can apply for credit and loans -- the pay back.  The Fed Reserve buys up banks; we owe the Federal Reserve our livelihood, our homes, cars, education, and a chance to play in the lottery of financial security.  There is no such thing anymore......

I support those folks who are voicing their angst through protesting and picketing.  While I could actually bitch slap both the reporter and twenty something female who said she would not take a job if a banker offered her one.  This type of reporting gives a horrible insight into what is actually happening.  People can not survive on the minimum wage (or 2+ jobs), part time jobs, pay student loans, mandated health care insurance, multiple taxes coming our way through the Cap & Trade, find a home, or buy groceries.  My family is at risk; part of the 99% club who are just one job loss away from losing what we have worked for since we were 16.  My husband and I have been raised to work since birth, and contribute to society, pay taxes, provide an education to our children, do charitable works, save for a rainy day, and live within our means. 

The sad thing is......this new American economy is built on a house of cards laid out by bankers.  Our financial system is made to glean as much from the working 99% with the promise of the LOTTERY of possible wealth.  Funny thing is, the lottery is a diversion and basic method of placating the masses by lulling us to believe a win will make us just like Warren Buffet (or nearly). 

This too is a myth just like the myth of the American middle class.

To find out more about the people who are supporting the Occupy Wall Street or to add your voice:


For more information check out Free Speech TV, Link, Current, Democracy Now.

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enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Remember The First PC I Used

I was a senior in high school; all I wanted for Christmas was a type writer to pound out my stories / poems / experiences, to graduate with honors and go on to college.  It is so strange now at 45 and the death of Steve Jobs; I feel more affected / effected than when Elvis died as a child.  To self-described GEEKS; I am an original computer junkie.  Instead of going into college of which I had no money to do so --- I chose the Air Force; and the intel field chose me with all its tech gear.  I actually remember the talking Mac, scrolling screen, cursive writing, and carrying handle.  Times have changed eh?

I can think of no industry that has not been made better from the advent of computers, iPads, iPhones, etc,  ushering in a true Jestsonian age.  Commuting on the internet is the great equalizer of modern society.  It matters not if you have degree; one can and may learn anything even social skills.  A library of books are possible within nano seconds upon a device that weighs less than a single paper volume.  Catalogs of music, applications, email, portable devices, medical records, personal records; the new technology is one that has instantly available information --- the newer informational revolution replaced the industurial. 

While I keep Steve Jobs's wife, four children, family, and friends in my prayers for peace.

I just feel saddened to lose such a wonderful innovator.

May all find solace as these words are brought to you over one of the visions of a great leader.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some Things I Wanted to Pass On

Do ya'll love history?  I know I do and apparently have pass this love onto my oldest son.  The Travel Channel has a show I just absolutely adore that comes on Tuesday nights called 'OFF LIMITS.'  The host Don Wildman takes viewers into abandoned: buildings, weapons sites, rivers, manufacturing plants, government sites, and tells viewers about the historical contributions made to Americans from passed generations.  Last night, he took us to New York's Governors' Island, a ship grave yard, the biggest arm's dealer in the US, a military prison, and the island used to quarantine 1000s of people with small pox all in or near New York City.  In my opinion so worth the viewing.

New York's Episode slides here:
or just the whole season to come here:
plus museum mysteries (haven't seen this one yet)

Another thing I wanted to tell my readers about is a website called icivicsI found this website looking for information to teach our boys about civics, economics, and budeting for personal use and discussions on the national level.  This is an excellent site for home school parents or those just needing to find information layed out in a manner that is easy to understand.  This week Saenz, Zephyr and I are going over our lessons in budeting and yes; I teach them about coupons and rebates -- very important in my way of thinking.  There are both teacher and student pages to print out or download for later use.  Excellent site, I hope ya'll enjoy.

We still have not gotten another pup.  It is so lonely outside without Banjo.  Seriously, I think I have been depressed since he was killed.  We do have the word out to find another pet for our family.  Have ya'll noticed that fall is here?  It is such a blessing not to be over 110 by noon.  The boys and I will be spending more time outside now that the Fire Ball has taken a break from our daily torture.  I hope all is going well in your slices of heaven...

BTW is it time to think about planting a fall garden yet? Thoughts anyone........