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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Drop Dead Sexy Because of Texan

See she talked about her new Tractor Supply boots adding to her cuteness.  Well since I am just cha cha for farm girl fashion; I trotted off over there to see what treasures I could find.  While she purchase those slick Mod Style boots; I decided on Mauve Yumminess to dress of my chores. Head on over to Texan's to see her snappy pair of FARM GIRL CUTENESS will ya. LOL
New Farm Girls Callie (supervisor) and Lisa are doing evening chores.  The hogs did not know exactly know what to think of Ms. Callie however, they love Ms. Lisa because she find them tasty tubers when weeding.  So they let me Callie in their club of mud without much chuffing and huffing.
By mid afternoon, Ms Callie had settled into our farm routine.  She spent the night sleeping on the back porch.  She has only barked twice at passing cars.  She is curious about the chickens and goats but has not chased them thus far.  She even stood guard while the nightly chicken roundup happened.  GOOD DOG!

Here are our free-ranging, 'point of lay girls.'  There is one stately Americana rooster; who keep them on their toes.  They mostly ignore Ms. Callie since she is a calm, non-agressive addition.
Dust bathing at sunset which even our goats participate.
Dang rooster, far right he appears to be camera shy.
These are poppa's peppers. OMG HAWT! I don't see how he can eat them but since the tomatos went belly up in the heat. The peppers are triving, this little bush is just chock full of blooms. I can't wait to start some more tomato, herb, squash, and other fall items.  We have a second planting season here once you can get past blasted Inferno August.

 Oh yeah, I love our new husqavana (Husky) riding mower; she has made my life so much easier -- what a blessing. Monday we will have the new storage building delivered since the business did not get the permit to move it on public roads in time for Saturday.  I am super stoked because we can start building Lisa's own place (or man cave) and have a storage room for all hubby's tools and farm stuff. 

Otherwise all is well at our homestead, we are just busy with small details that actually take a lot of time to accomplish.  Is it the same for the rest of ya'll?  I figure so with summer coming to a close and school starting back up for those with children. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Calypso Welcome to the Inn

She is looking a tad nervous and unsure.
Smelling the dew and chicken poo.
She barks at cars.
Kinda of skiddish but likes sliced cotto salami.
She is eating from our hands after two hours.
We are calling her, Calli for short.
And we may go back to get her sister.
So far no chicken casualties.
Next week, the vet for shots.
Whatcha think of our new baby?
A snapshot of Beeville for Randy @ Chicken Boys.

Are you ready for temps over 100 degrees??????????  I will be staying home to ensure Calypso gets used to our place and gets along well with the chickens and guineas. Dad is taking Zephyr, Saenz and Lisa to see Cats & Dogs 2.  I wanted to see it with the boys and hear their peals of laughter echoing the nearly empty theater.  Oh well, next time.

So far, all is well she is a very calm dog.  Which I am happy about.  She is the sister to a litter of  wiggling 3 month old puppies.   We picked an older dog because of her low key behavior and older dogs are harder to adopt out.  Everyone wants puppies to seems.  If she winds up getting used to us and doesn't go after the hens.  We will go back to pick up her littermate sister so, she can have company.  I think she is a beautiful one year old and is going to fit in well with our family.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is Anyone Else Losing Their Confidence?

As you know, I follow politics and vote regularly in local, state and federal elections.  This year though, I am not sure of whom to vote.  I will be voting against Governor Perry -- the man is just a glimmering shuckster with his hands full of tax payer money while picking pockets of the poor.  Mind you I don't enjoy my choices at all and am unsure of Mr. White (D) as his replacement.  (I so celebrated when Hutchinson lost against Perry in the governor runoff this passed spring.)

I am just wondering.  Does anyone feel confident in our leaders anymore?  I sure don't and would wipe out the entire lot from President down to say the major of our town.  Especially after following all the mess in Bell California, Arizona, Health Care, BP Oil Spill, the lack of border security, and the list of horrendous management never ends. 

By the way, I am not a Democrat, Republican nor any truly declared party.  So what does that make me? Independent ----- I don't know about that label either.  What I do know is; America has lost her core values which believe it or not was founded on Christian (Christianesque) principles.  I have a hard time reconciling my beliefs in:

Community service
HARD work
Self worth, Self disciplined,
Just behavior
Willingness to learn

When all I see is folks that are supposed to represent the best of us as our leaders lining their own pockets.  It is so hard to explain to my sons how those folks are being paid well for screwing up not only our present but our future as well.  Sometimes, I just want to fence in our little five acres and shut the world out.  Then again, is this the best way? I don't believe so ---- we have to equip our children in how to deal with a DISHONEST world when they are not.  I so hate mixed messages yet, it has become the normal for American society. 

Just thinking outloud,

Lisa is coming back home Today.  I will be picking up our newly adopted Savannah. I will post pictures of our Prodigal Daughter with her new four legged sister later.   Scratch that, just found out, Savannah kills small animals.  So, we will be going to the pound later in George West. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

YEAH! We Have Success

Whelpers! I am stoked and relieved.  We bought a 14' x 30' pre-fab shed type building.  It is nice and will need work inside to make one side a 'home' for Lisa or MAN CAVE for hubby when he gets in trouble. The other side will be for hubby's tools and man thangs. LOL  The building will be delivered and set up on blocks, with skids, and a cement pad to include the wiring that has already been added and extra wide door.   And guess what?

We used a personal check ---- no problem. 

 I am extra happy because we are picking up a stray dog named Savannah.  She is part dachsund / beagle and lived at the place we did business.  She is a beautiful little dog and she needs lots of attention.  She even sucked up to me a little and whined begging to come home with us.   Saenz and Zephyr are just beside themselves.  I will pick up the pooch tomorrow but, today is way too wet to have a muddy mutt in hubby's car.  It's been a long time since the boys had a pet.  We have already gotten her supplies and food.  Next set up a vet appt because we have no history on Savannah other than she has been hit by a car.

Now I will leave Ya'll with some really funny but politically incorrect cartoons. 

So Disappointed, Should I Be?

Let's just say we were going to buy from a private owner for the bungalow (hunting lodge / storage shed) and we got the loan.  It's been sitting in our account for over two weeks.  Funny how all we have to do is call the bank, get a specified amount approved, fill out the mailed or down loaded forms, and just mail them back on a 'verbal hand shake' and all is well.  Our word is our promise and the institution just follows up with the paper for legal and accounting purposes; we understand and support them after being a customer for 25 years.

Flash forward, we worked with 'Chuck' had the price agreed upon, got the moving company set up, had the date set.  When it came to pay 'Chuck' he said how do you intend to pay.  We had not thought of it and just said 'BY CHECK.' 

Chuck then started this long story of how he was slammed by a thief for 3 grand and he would not accept our personal check.  Normally, this can be handled too by talking to my bank and just doing a transfer electronically.  I reasoned half up front electronically would be good since were would be taking Chuck's word for his follow through.  But, we got the no personal checks.  So, honesty only works one way (his)???????

So Nope, I told hubby.  I could not in good faith follow through with Chuck because, we were taking his word and 'hand shake.'  Not only this but, if the bungalow had issues like termites or ceiling leaks, electrical wiring defects, plumbing problems -- there was no warranty or recourse because it was a private deal.  Personally, I felt insulted and that is not a great way to end a business deal in my humble chicken opine. (My inner voice questions if I was right to feel this way.)

Today, we are travelling down the road to Kennedy to look at pre-fab buildings.  At least there, I can whip out plastic, pay for our choice, wait for delivery, find the charge on our credit card, and then I can pay for the entire balance on our credit card electronically.  We not only get 'bonus cash' back but get an extended warranty.  Not bad in my way of thinking.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hubby is Home for Another 2 Weeks

I just knew his knee was not healed enough to work. ACK!

House Leveling company is coming out tomorrow.

My assignments are due tomorrow. HEE HEE, the hits keep a coming!

And the company we hired to move the bungalow want to deliver on Thursday.

Just to prove we still have chickens, the Delaware and Americana rooster with our molting two year old hens.

SPECIAL NOTE TO SELF:  If you get questioned for brushing your hair, putting on a pair of jeans, clean shirt and tennis shoes as to why you are dressing up.  Perhaps, you have been on the farmstead too long. LOL!

What a Week!

I am thankful for all we have.  Especially for our health and hubby is recovering; he has an appt this morning with the surgeon for the followup.  Personally, I believe he needs another week off work since he is still hobbled and can not bend his knee comfortably.  Then again what do I know?

So much happened these passed two weeks: land clearing, Hoe Hen Inn deconstruction, brush removal, Husky delivery, Zephyr learning to spell three letter words and recognize rhymes, Saenz has been reading pilot manuals that Mr. Larry sent him, 5th class started of my master's program, chicken relocation to main coop (they had to be retrained -- you can teach an old hen new tricks), making traditional family foods, computer updates that work now, new internet provider, Sid and Lisa visiting twice, and on and on.

I have seen the Back to School displays and kinda felt a twinge wondering if I am doing the right thing for our boys.  Will they miss becoming a 'cog' in the social network of government dominated public schooling?  I don't know..........   I just wonder since Zephyr will not have those enduring memories of being separated from Mom & Dad on his first day of school.  I still remember my first day feeling apprehensive and scared of the unknown; then falling in love with knowledge after a bumpy first week (1972) but; I was in Talladega, Alabama  and not South Texas.  Following rules was easy since my mother ruled with an iron fist. 

Zephyr is only 5 going on 6; does he need to learn how to be submissive and quiet; just accept what is given him without question?  I don't believe so and this is where Saenz had trouble.  I have taught him to ask questions; respectfully.   I have taught him being sensitive is okay, tears are fine but, bullies ripped some of that from him and he hardened in order to survive.  So here I am questioning our choice to homeschool wondering if I have done the right thing?  All I can do is look at our three older children.

Junior barely graduated; he was bored and frustrated with Public School in Texas.
Sid dropped out; earned his GED last year now attending his first year of college.
Lisa dropped out;  awarded her GED this month.

While Gov Perry has said he has fought for Texas Public Schools; I have a hard time reconciling the historical past of our own family members.  Yes, a few have had sucess if you look out into hubby's family but, most have not.   I just believe for the most part public schools are a place to corrale children until they are brainwashed into learning half truths about America and their expected roles.  When the joy of learning is replace with funding and teaching test taking then no wonder the United States is falling behind. 

Then again, what do I know.  I am just one mother finding her way..........

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hoe Hen Inn Razed, Menudo to the Troops

Sid and Lisa came down to help us out by: tearing down the Original Hoe Hen Inn, weedeat, mow, and just wrassle some good eats and family memories. We have gotten lots done this weekend and I have put in 5 hours on 'Husky.' 

Hubby made them lunch of guacamole and chips.  It's really good to eat light in this heat. Simply just mash a good avacado with minced cilantro and stir in some chopped firm tomatoes.  LOL His guacamole never stays around long enough to brown so no lemon juice needed.
Notice the glare it is flipping HAWT outside?
Start with bite sized tripe, spilt pig hooves, hominy, onions, garlic, crushed red pepper, salt, pepper, tomato sauce, Mexican Oregano split, put into a crock pot with some ingrediants.
Cook on high for 6 hrs to soften the meat. Waa Laaaaaaaaaaaaa, menudo. Not for the faint hearted and this is known as the hangover cure.  LOL Don't know about that but, it took me about 12 years to develop a taste for this dish and to cook it.
This is the view from Husky, we are getting along quiet well.  I love how easy she turns and how smoothly she cuts.  Like a warm knife through butter; we are the perfect marriage between farm hen and machine. ~:>

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Simple Dinner & More Pics

This was the quick meal I made during the land clearing.  Rinse the birds, heat the oven to 350F, stuffed with half box of stovetop cornbread dressing.  Rub them with McCormick Sea Salt Mediterrean blend (tin container), pour in 1/2 cup soda, juice or water.  Put in oven for 1 hour 20 mins.  Then I went back to push mow for 30 min and then came in to baste the hens then back outside to mow again. Finish off, at the 1 hr 20 mark baste the hens after taking them out of oven. Let birds rest while taking the leftovers, I served with potato salad and apples for dessert.
Now back to the land clearing photos part two.
As you can see there is plenty of stuff left to take out of the stock pond.  We plan on digging it deeper and lining the pond with clay to hold water then add some catfish or perch so, the boys will have a fishing hole.  It is amazing how much stuff is still left to clean out.  There is no telling what all is left or buried in this area.  Next will come the huisache removal and burn, tree trimming, leveling, the original Hoe Hen Inn will be torn down, and then the 'hunting lodge added --- we have our work cut out for us but, I would have it no other way.  I really do enjoy having hubby home; these last two weeks have given me insight that our growing old together is quiet possible without us killing each other. LOL

OH! I almost forgot.  Sears delivered 'Huskie,' and I took the big ole girl for a mow.  I love her! I only put two hours on her and my entire job was completed.  I have never enjoyed mowing so much.  Hubby and I will be fighting to mow now she has come to our small homestead.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

$45 an Hour, 3 Men Xs 5 Hrs, We Have Sucess!

Man! Let me tell you.  If you have the right tools and equipment life (work) can be exponentially easier. Hubby, Saenz and I kept watch while Butch, Jessie and Blonde dude worked to clear our land and stock pond a tad. LOL

They will be coming back in a month with a dozer to finish mowing, clear huisache, finished the stock pond  and dig it out and plus burn.  Burning is the only way to get rid of the huisache completely.  They found get this 4 water heaters, a grill, car door, oodles of barbed wire, poles, t-posts and other stuff in the stock pond and it is 3/4th of the way finished. 

Butch and Jessie busted tail while Blonde Dude was freaking hiliarious.  Every piece of equipment he touched broke down.  The bossman Butch must be related to him to keep him hired on but, he was entertaining to say the least.  We were so please with the initial amont of work that hubby asked them to come back plus tipped the boss. 

Our weather man (Dead Wrong Dale) is predicting 4 inches of rain for the coastal bend later today and tomorrow.  So ya'll enjoy!


I will put up more pictures later, after Sears delivers my new baby -- "HUSKY"!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hubby's Sopa (Made With Fideo)

This is so easy and economical to make and he calls it Sopa.  He has many ways of varying the flavor by using different ingrediants but this is our family favorite:

1 Box Vermicelli (Fideo) noodles
1 can tomato sauce
1 can ranch style beans
3 cloves garlic
4 cups water
1 lb 97% lean meat (don't have to add for a vegetarian version)
3 Tbsp Grapeseed oil (or your choice -- I have used butter in a crunch.)

Open your canned goods

Heat the oil on medium add garlic, crunch the noodles in box, pour into oil and sautee til some are brown.  Add water, tomato sauce, and ranch beans heat to near bubbly.  Add meat in really small pieces and then just cook until  the meat is done and sauce thickens. 

We serve with heated flour tortillas and there are never any leftovers. So easy even this gringa makes it.  Next time, I will make his special Mexican rice.


Voice of God

That is what my hubby calls a thunderstorm.  This one broke out yesterday afternoon without much warning.  Saenz and I was able to feed our animals before the rain made it across the field to our place.  We are supposed to recieve more rains this afternoon and the land clearing crew are on their way to clear our jungle.  We will see which gets here first the rains or the crew.  Riding mower will be delivered tomorrow.  Personally I can't wait to break it in.