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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This Mower Has No Ganas!

For the record,  I have had to mow grass since hubby has been out of commission.  I do not advocate this type of tractor for anyone with property over 1 acre because it lacks:  power, stamina, a decent gas tank, does not turn well or quickly, over heats often, sounds like a mosquito wheezing, has a small cutting surface, and get's mucked up quiet a bit with mowed grass.  Sears brand WEEDEATER for your information.

(GANAS or in laychicken's terms B.A.L.L.Z)

Hubby has survived his surgery (and me), starts physical theraphy tomorrow. He has only been taking pain meds at night for the last three days and joins us for meals at the table now.  He gets tired quickly now because knee surgery is painful and add limping about wears a body. 


I love having him home even though we grate each others' nerves being cooped up together.  LOL

Another point to our busy lives, the hunting lodge (mother-in-law suite) is soon to be placed on our land.  I will get pictures of it when we start the process just waiting for the loan drop into our account so, we can then schedule the pick up of the 'lodge'.  The small 'house' will be Lisa's permanent residence complete with a mailbox; where she can become an independent adult and start her academic life.   Hubby and I will be over seeing the addition of electricity, water lines, and sewage to make the 12' by 32' a two room home with the almost completed interior.  This place keeps on growing and changing.

ACK, I don't feel like I have had a moment to myself for the last ten days.  Unfortunately this fact of life will not change soon and my fifth class started just this morning.  So, I just want to let all know, I am hit and miss with writing here on blogspot.  Those I follow, I do read faithfully but have not had the time to comment. 

Barbara, Our mesquite trees have 'beans' sprouting so your flour meal will be forth coming when they are ripe and we harvest.  Well Ladies and Gents, I am off to town to drop some loan paperwork in the mail.  Does anyone need me to pick up anything for them?


polly's path said...

I love it when a girl tells it like it is...and ganas will now have to become a part of my farm slang.
I hope your hubby continues to recover quickly, and the Lisa project gets completed sooner rather than later, so you can finally have some time to take a breath.

mixednut555 said...

I could really use some coffee, oatmeal and peanut butter, as long as you are heading for a store.
Hugs to you my Sistah (((((Mal)))). Just be glad hubby's stay at home is not permanent AND that you are not having to wipe his butt. Glad to hear Lisa is going to be there with you but independent, that is so cool.
No dragonflies here lately but we had waterfalls last night and this morning along with a BUNCH of rain.

Sharon said...

That lawnmower looks like it would take forever! I agree with you!

Good that things are moving right along, classes, Lisa quarters, hubby's healing. You are one busy chicken mama!

Judy's Corner said...

Mal, I gotta tell you, that is one tiny looking mower for your place! I know you are having to pick up extra work with hubby out of commission, but also know you are happy to do it! I'm sure he will be back on his feet before you know it!

Keep up the good work!

Chicken Boys said...

Methinks your description of the lawn mower sounds like a man! LOL
Sorry about Hubster. Those shrimps look good. I would ask for some of that rain, but we've been getting a bit here. Now that most of my garden is blah! Still got watermelons though!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Polly I know you have GANAS. LOL

Done Deal Over Da Pond Sistah And AMEN on the butt wiping. After potty training Zephyr, I told him I am on STRIKE from butt wiping.

It does take forever Ms Sharon which drives me bonkers.

Judy, Along with the new place for Lisa. We are getting a CUB CADET. YEPPERS I won't tolerate that horrible machine much longer. ;O)

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Randy Nice to see ya back. Man we planted watermelon one year. It killed everything near it. Good Luck with that. I hope we get rain soon, its the only time its cool enough to work outside sans lightening strikes.

Texan said...

Hey Girly, riding lawn mowers can try the patience of a saint I tell you... some of the most hateful pieces of machinery on this planet!

Sounds like your candle is lit at both ends... do try to take a dab of time for yourself!!

Texan said...

I am like Polly, I am liking that word Ganas ROFL... will have to find a way to use that and watch my honeymans face twist up ROFL... love to catch him off guard like that ... he will laugh LOL...

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Texan, If you use the word GANAS just right. It can also mean 'desire' or 'to win.' Better yet though, I like the ballz. LOL

Texan said...

hey I am liking that word better all the time! LOL