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Monday, July 19, 2010

My Specker is Pecking Out, ~;>

GUESS WHAT?????????????
After killing myself with my chores, college, homeschooling, housework plus a myriad of other things I do.   Hubby turned in the 'GANAS-less' wonder for this Husqavana riding mower.  See review I posted, you will understand better.  LOL

I was so frustrated with the Sears Weedeater (hubby was too) that I was using the push mower to tackle the grass while he is recovering from knee surgery.  Now in this deep South Texas area with all the rain we have gotten just keeping up with new growth is nearly flipping impossible.  So, we are turning in the Weedeater for this beauty. YEAHHHHHHHHHH

One thing to note about Sears their return policy has changed on gas powered pieces of equipment.  Instead of a 90 return policy; Sears now only gives a customer 30 days to decide if they want to keep their item.  Luckily, we grand-fathered in because I keep all receipts neatly filed away for tax purposes or in case of returns.  WOOO HOOO! I get to break this lovely mower in because hubby's left knee is still mending. 

He is at physical therapy now, yeppers he drove himself since we have an automatic which requires no work for his left knee.  My chauffering days are over for at least today. 

We are still awaiting word for when the new 12' by 32' hunting lodge can be delivered.  Some service folks in this part of the country are a bit slow to getting around to work.   But, so far its all a go with Lisa moving back home by August.  We are flipping the building into a small house inside our property to allow her to have her own place which at nearly twenty -- she needs. 

Next Saturday, hubby hired a company to come clear the rest of our land to include the stock pond some kind neighbor filled with garbage, barbed wire, water heaters and various other items while this place was vacant for five years.  YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!  I will take before and after photos to show the improvement.  I am hoping next year to buy a large tiller so I can plant a real garden.  BABY STEPS BABY STEPS

Off to read those I follow

Welcome new follower SMWOM.  I will stop by your place later. ~:>


Sharon said...

I don't know what has happened to Sears - not the quality we used to get.... 30 day return? Jeez, why didn't I think of that....

Our grass is so tall, it nearly needs a bush hog! Anxiously waiting for the Cadet to get repaired and back to work! In this heat, just can't use a push mower, right?

Hey! You may find some neat treasures in the pond!

Judy's Corner said...

Mal, glad to hear hubby is more self sufficient....and very glad to hear you have a new mower that will do the work...your weather and ours keep the grass (errr weeds) growing at such rates that the mowing is a constant chore, even WITH the two goats!

Can't wait to see the before and after pics of both the hunt lodge and the stock pond....

Melodie said...

We are having the same problem with the grass this year and I don't even fertilize it! I keep looking at and I swear I can see it growing!

NURA said...

hai,, Nicked
glad to have a push mower like this
ease the mowing job.
happy nice to day.

polly's path said...

Our grass in the fields takes a big tractor with a bush hog and a finishing mower. The weed wacker is not working, so we are having to fight weeds that don't get cut by the rest of the equipment. We cut the rest of the yard with a big JD.

Texan said...

Right now we are not mowing much, no rain no grass really. Oh we still have a little but we are only knocking it down every couple weeks or so.

congrats on the new mower!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Sharon, I seriously doubt any treasures will be found. I have been using just a push mower since it cuts better and doesn't quit on me.

HEY JUDY! Yes he is mending and cranky from lack of mobility. He forgets he is a 50 years old and recovery is slower. LOL Men

Melodie, You said a mouth full. I can't keep up at all. :o)

Nura, Love to see you here; I can't wait til the new mower arrives.

Polly, I am envious. I would love a big 45 JD to mow this place. But, to no avail we have hired a crew to cut down the growth.

Texan, I want a pair of work boots like yours. You lucky girl. ~;>