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Friday, September 25, 2009

My Journey with couponing

This is a repost from BIG TENT thanks to Ms. Lori for telling me about HOW TO SHOP FOR FREE and I joined last month:



Just testing this thing out...............

tap tap tap -- Is this thing on? LOL

Anyway thanks to all the information. I have learned oodles of things lurking in my email. I can report starting on 1 October, I will be posting a spreadsheet with what I spent and showing what I have saved using Coupons, Rebates and Sales (while stockpiling).

My only options is to drive to Beeville, 23 miles one way to HEB or Super Walmart. Super S while doubling coupons are approximately 35% more pricer than the local large chains. I am still learning the ropes of Walgreens and don't have access to other drug stores. So, my goal is to cut my bill down in half again.

We were spending $200 a week and I have gotten that down to about $100. In three weeks since joining, I have created a baseball card binder with over 150 sheets (9 coupons ea page) collections for my use.

Thanks again for all the ideas and such,

Very Respectfully,

along with Hubby, Saenz (11) and Zephyr (5),
2 cats, 40 chickens, 20 guineas, 4 goats, 4 pigs.

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Monday, September 21, 2009


I have been following the female track stars story. Just how humiliating it must be to walk in her shoes these days. Folks passing judgments about appearance or guessing as to which sex organs her body houses. Then I found the following article on Hida, it was well written and informative.


Personally, I am of the ‘Live and Let Live,’ motto. It is not my business to be looking between a person knees to determine their role, worth, or any other delineating factor. I also want to pass on a book recommendation which I absolutely adore dealing with this subject: “Middlesex” Eugenides which a Pulitzer Prize.

Thoughts from inside the coop………

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ebay blogs to close 400+ predictions

1. Bloggers now find much time on hands, SAMI's sales go through the roof, and who becomes first blogger millionaire from selling power tools.
2. Population explosion cause by eBay blogs closing, herds of babies born in late July and early August 2010.
3. TJ finds her true love whilst texting in the car but, loses him during rush hour. (She sucks at multi-tasking.)
4. Shartey teaches Skeeter to wash his own dang stinky feet.
5. Anna get job as children's book illustrator on HOW NOT TO BE LIKE THE BLOGS.
6. Kooky figures out she is not a PIG and gives WONDER PUP top billing.
7. Someone sends Steve-o-meter a mirror, she is never heard from again.
8. TIM becomes RULER of the WORLD but, only in his padded cubicle at work. (It’s a Bytch working at SEARS call center.)
9. UNEMPLOYMENT numbers go from 10% nationally down to 3.7% because they can no longer sell in Blog Games and goes back to work.
10. I predict this blog will cause a stink so, will add more blogger predictions later.
11. Gbayemporium becomes Canadian Prime Minister, assassinated by outraged post menopausal fan at soccer match.
12. Dinnersreadyjayc finds a wife and is truly happy to drive her to work every day.
13. Observations of life, becomes a grand pappy once all his pet raccoons go off birth control.
14. Pretty blue eyes opens door to discover there is a world outside, hangs up a clothes line so other women will talk to her over it.
15. Crazy mooz finally get her teats shortened from all the bungee jumping Saenzmom did from them.
16. Bunnyhoppinphoophoo finds OZ and gets a tin heart.
17. Tomsmusic finds NODOZE for a week and is no longer a night owl.
18. DDSkitty wins a television in Publishers Clearinghouse, she is happily there watching.
19. Chief, stops changing his name to avoid detection, and is arrested for having no sense of humor by the MONTY PYTHON crowd.
20. Whiteshastadaisy becomes a world renowned photographer after her photos of nature walks is published by the Sierra Club.
21. Bengal discovers a short in her chair which has been slowly electrocuting her thus, the bad typing and garbled writing.
22. QM is on the DOG DIAPER manufacturer’s hit list for posting incontinent blogs.
23. Nana finds a magic lamp rubs it carefully, ten Chippendale dancers pops out, she opens a night club and is financially set for life.
24. Faerylure opens her own bakery but is soon sent to prison for huffing powdered sugar until she really does become high.
25. Mynetoo is abducted by aliens and goes to meet ALF whom she later marries at a shotgun wedding
26. Beejuls soon realize that being a liberal is better and will appear on the Bill Maher show.
27. Shartey will sell zippers in addition to buttons.
26. Dsmommy actually develops a sense of humor and become a standup comedian but Roseanne gets jealous and chases her out of state with a VW bug...
27. Bushbeans takes over Manhattan; Kermit gets pissed and turns her green.
28. Newriech finds his soul-mate, a hairy legged women serving on the Steve Irwin.
29. Pegonthe-bay becomes first true transgendered Lesbian to be speaker of the House. Nancy is really, really pissed.
30. Oldamericanprimative is busted shopping at IKEA, leaves country life in shame.
31. Neverbranded finds her true calling, opens Chakra stone store next to NewEarthCenter. The smoking nun finds out all the fake ids of TennKim writes tell all.
33. Letys finds Magic beans, feeds them to cow who poops out golden glass beads.
34. Rockonaudi is cast as the next Samantha Stevens in Bewitched.
35. Gymmom gets so angry at DUMB CUSTOMER she implodes on stage.
36. Rivera learns how to say something other than HELLO.
37. Ong learns how to type other emoticons.
38. Dfire uses his military training to become sniper and goes bulletistic.
39. Powerwheelerchris becomes spokesman for POWER WHEEL and Segway
40. Maggie gets busted at a Scotsman CLANSMAN meeting under the bleachers with a pack of Bic Shavers.
41. GERI becomes one of those WEIRD CAT LADIES, retires from nursing and is show cased by Animal Planet for hoarding.
42. Kandjismom will finally get a pair of real shoes.
43. Mylegacy sings before large crowd in Atlanta in an evening gown wearing Princess Diana’s jewels. THE DUMB WILL COME OUT TOMORROW, BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR TOMORROWWWWWWWWWWWWW.
44. Miscan is in Paul’s audience getting arrested for indecent exposure.
45. Crazyjeans is sucked up by a tornado lands in OZ with bunnyhopping and becomes the good witch GLENDA in an unfortunate smelting incident.
46. Wingydingy finally puts down his bottle of hooch and begins working on a book about, How to Become a Follower; in 50 words or less misses Times Best Sellers List by 999.997 copies – stays are really bitter OLD MAN.
47. Waschek finally takes those PINK CLOGS off dog and clips his ingrown toe nails.
48. Ahbags get hair cut joins the new century.
49. Blank and Lisa finally figure out they are QUACKERS for each other and marry.
50. Realdealrings gets call from local network; he gets a job, Mr. Roger’s New Neighborhood; featuring SMILEY FACE.
51. Alexis goes to eye doctor for BUG EYE corrective surgery and is finally able to drive self to store.
52. Barefootcajun made a grandmaw when Potat jumps the fence and HOKEY POKIES with neighbors’ cow. National Geographic pays for filming and naming rights of his off spring.
53. Cyclone figures out at last she is NOT TWIGGY changes avatar on other social networks.
54. Overstock is enlightened LURKING doesn’t necessary make you money, buys into Dollar General merchandise opens Flea Market Booth in hometown so, he can chat the LADIES.
55. Bayvendor and bunny actually meet but it is HATE AT FIRST SITE.
56. Ladybug while out gardening is attacked by JAPANESE DUNG BEETLE hordes, last heard she is on photosynthesis saline drip.
57. CKB goes back to her HILLY BILLY roots, appears on Springer with Sweetmadness, due to technical difficulties, studio closed permanently. NO survivors
58. In a twist of IRONY, the angel CVR sold months ago was really Jesus. She has been lost in grief since.
59. Ironchassis finds herself sequestered in thought but, has no pencil to get it out on paper in the asylum thus answers the question. IF a tree falls in the forest does anyone hear it?
60. GENE joins the Klan, is made the Grand Wizard of Nada
61. Adalina finds herself in a quandary, breaks egg to read the message in a tea cup.
62. Aidan finds his own azz with both hands; keyboards across the global sigh in a unison of relief.
63. UCI-Grad (Zamiro) finds it passé to use women as sexual objects in watercolor so, he changes medium and now is a clay masseuse.
64. Princeofshadows really doesn’t speak to dead people; he just plays one on the blogs.
65. SAMSPEGASUS meets the real Emme Sams at grocery store falls over dead from shock.
66. Wonderwomankim has been diagnosed with some inalienable disease uses SKIN SCRAPPING to sell her new faith based religion.
67. ISHTAR is arrested by FBI, for serial killing the 80s.
68. Imagineart gets on national television by rubbing rhubarb in a pumpkin patch.
69. BJ wins the MEGA BALL again, goes into hiding so her master won’t find out.
70. Workingman copy rights the ideal of personal responsibility is finally able to retire.
71. Sweetchevy works really hard to overcome Sour Grapes, makes wine instead.
72. Learnintochill followed her name and is comatose on boredom.
73. Seetiggerbounce, breaks tail learns to walk.
74. Madcat becomes a social worker until, she finds out she can’t be a Republican and do “social” work.
75. Kateharly gets snowed in, goes to trial for cannibalizing family after only 2 days.
76. Sweetjalapena becomes Mayor of Poor Manners, disappears with town’s monies.
77. Sircacee’s stint in mental hospital earns him some people skills and now he drives a cab to Atlanta and stalks his lover, Tim.
78. While BJ is in hiding from her master, nailhd finds her lotto winnings and leaves the country.
79. Mypinkmimosa sharpens her skills as a bartender invents new FLOOGLEMAST drink mixer, opens her own chain.
80. Seamstress becomes the dress maker for Dancing with the Stars.
81. Adventure-b4 really misses the blogs, starts Australia Got Drama to rival her telling America how to do it better. .
82. Gitasan over does it one day at tanning salon becomes toast.
83. Driveolive touches self and finds out she is really cheap plastic not glass, DANG WALMART.
84. Muffbro drops the Surfer lingo, goes back to Wall Street.
85. Dobbins find the POT of GOLD at the end of the rainbow, unfortunately she smokes it.
86. Mineral (Little Red Riding Hood) gets eaten by the Big Bad Wolf (eBay.)
87. Scottieslass finds her true calling and goes to community college becomes a painter.
88. Tru-Grit scores a Picasso in Flea Market haggle, unfortunately it’s a print.
89. Maud gets arrested for plagiarism while sick -- masquerading Ironchassis’ avatar.
90. Postcards2go discovers the joy of writing letters.
91. Huberclan opens Karaoke bar in South Hampton.
92. Runningwolf is placed on FBI’s most wanted list after Hammy disappears.
93. Eeyore finds Christopher Robbins lives happily ever after.
94. Peggy gets married after the PROM leaves spinster sister behind.
95. SPAMENDER passes out after BLOG CLOSURE ANNOUNCEMENT, needs to find new userid.
96. Jacorolek gets job working with Barbara Walters on the View as show writer. After, Barb goes to sleep reading super long script fires JC.
97. Barb starts crocheting and doesn’t stop until she reaches the moon.
98. Memories*sweet*memories figures out where TV land & Nick at Nite is on satellite and is never heard from again.
99. Auctionannie finds the real Dick & Jane at the senior home and takes them out for dinner.
100. Dkcandle starts her own rescue society, currently has 300 homeless bloggers living with her in her back yard.
101. Jlscharms discovers Light and End of Tunnel, patents it.
102. Lizzybeth learns LIFE IS NOT A BEACH, changes her clothes after three years.
103. DJones puts down the keyboard and really does kiss his wife.
104. Cutiekitty puts on BIG GIRL panties and becomes a housecat.
105. Coolcheapstuff finds those two words should not be in same sentence later goes to work for Macy’s.
106. Woofers sells his SARCAISM earns fiddy bucks
107. Kraftyanne puts down her glue sticks and meets her neighbors.
108. Janice pulls her bangs back from her face, looks at world anew.
109. Dj stops looking over his shoulder.
110. Bama gets told a secret at school, AUBURN SUCKS.
111. TWIT gets out of rut by turning around.
112. Hula sells her eBay business moves into a grass hut with bongomomma.
113. Perfume decides she hates all things to do with SOCIALISM so now, becomes a recluse is no longer a SOCIALite.
114. Bege will stop standing on the sidelines and join the GAME.
115. Canddbusiness comes out of retirement, opens store with candles and scents because she hates fowl odors.
116. Rooster finds out he is NO LONGER COCK of the WALK open business in his own house selling feathers.
117. ARTMAN really believes in taking the splinter from her eye, uses avatar to prove it.
118. Timetobreathe will one day -- do that.
119. Rhondatreasure goes to work at a Hallmark store to relive her past.
120. Aswesow enjoys cloning so much, she opens CLONES R US.
121. Aswegrow finally lets her kids put down their instruments.
122. Charlene comes out of her wig.
123. Frodo will become a naturalist by streaking at a National Museum.
124. Bluewildyonder will hire Pastor James for a faith healing; each will start their own cult.
125. Suzeque will learn the rest of the alphabet.
126. Tcalart will still be a lurker but it will now be known as stalking.
127. Hopkinsinvestments opens the dictionary to find other punctuation. “””.””””
128. Carolsbutterfly will be abducted by crazed fairies and taken to never land.
129. Maxwell will give his dog a bone.
130. Ghostrider is found inside an amusement park talking to the ferris wheel.
131. Totommy gets over his fascination with spiders moves on to pill bugs.
132. Carol invents new dog chew toy becomes the wizard of Petsmart.
133. Charlotteweb is the real estate agent for Huge Hefner during his divorce. She becomes his play thing for a day.
134. Wedgygirl will still kidnap cabana boys at pool parties and do hideous things to them in the bushes.
135. Martino becomes prison warden beats genekrl with night stick for stupidity.
136. Roc N rose quits pretending to be a man in Shakespearean play.
137. Veruka becomes the next Silva but in Goth mode.
138. Bastet comes out from the dark only to go back inside.
139. Sweetstuff finally gets to meet Larry; has him over for tea. Picks his pockets clean.
140. Custommoonlight gets her cats some glasses.
141. Claire clicks her heels together but doesn’t find OZ or toto.
142. Fata meets Newreich asks him to marry her in German.
143. Bassreddog head lines for Saving Abel become media sensation.
144. Scoval really opens a studio to lure in ladies with promises of candy, becomes land shark.
145. KIRIYAMBATTLEROYALE will from hence be called, Joy for short YOU KNOW Keep It Simple Stupid. LOL.
146. Notmywifesthing rides off into the sunset on a big HAWG.
147. Grandpacharliecabin finds he is super sweet like syrup, markets self.
148. DrTroysboytoy launches new career as; Dr Phil’s SpankMate.
149. Thedensefencemarv goes on self discovery journey finds forgiveness is king.
150. Donsbabydoll learns she is not a 50s pinup girl, puts on a pair of bloomers and stands upright.
151. Stylesbyshilo develops thick skin goes into theatre as an actress.
152. Elaboriquedesigns pops in to prove to others she is still alive.
153. Fashon meets Dari, they solve the world financial crisis by; starting their own ponzi scheme.
154. Sweetrosetreasures finds peace inside a garden of her own in a new home, complete with chickens.
155. Ree07 is showcased on Matt Lauers’ news cast her artwork sells hidden dragons by the butt load.
156. Dragonglow becomes employed as a cartoonist.
157. Readingsully decides never to pray to the porcelain god again becomes a nun.
158. Tabsblog finds Krishna uses her mind to control people with kind thoughts.
159 TONYA becomes National Spokes model for the Hair Club for men.
160. Jelptex finds calling as writer, soon awarded Pulitzer for BLOGGING: THE HUMANITY of the INSOCIABLES.
161. SUN finally gets rid of Aidan; holds national day of mourning.
162. Pepper takes her finger off her forehead, falls over gets a knot on her noggin.
162. Andistuff does really run with scissors, scares the hay out of Leonardo Da vinci.
163, Phun4you has folks who follow her RSS feed to buy toys.
163. Princessandfrogs finds her prince.
164. Chappie sermons are heard on high, clouds part.
165. Notary411 is spotted painting a sign with makeup; hides in bushes.
166. Angelwings employs thousands in her crochet blanket shop put Martha Stewart out of business..
167 Spiceymama remembers black cats are not just for Halloween.
168. Ewanna teaches Greek so we all can say, IT’S ALL GREEK TO ME, pass the gyro.
169. 99crazycats looks around from someone to talk to then goes back to rocking.
170. Petalsandtwigs is hired as late night talk show host.
171. Twinight becomes a blonde in a terrible Clairol plant explosion.
172. Linnieb becomes a manager of Sea World, saves millions of sea life.
173. Linannhardgrove hangs up her prairie dress.
174. Nolenpackrat finds out where all the things that went missing.
175. Coolrarestuff learns that soap is not rare.
176. Victorianroses removes her bustle; her dress hem cleans her floor.
177. Gerald staunch patriot moves overseas to help FERRANNORS understand the USA better.
178. Yolie is made jealous by miscan’s legs, trips her on the way out the door.
179. Fragrancevelly learns how to speak to people that are not men.
180. Melrose so loves being a daddy, he talks his wife into another passel; knocks the Duggars off their roll.
181. Ladykiki opens bookstore from her own house, starts “Literacy is everything movement.”
182. Bigjimmy saddened over the loss of his spam machine takes up tagging on highway signs.
183. A farm is started on Sandrasacre. Farm becomes organic thought police.
184. Makeitsomarketing starts another collection craze when Mike dons tights and yodels.
185. Hottonkiss markets new lipgloss but get sued by Covergirl.
186. NHLtime finds his ancestors on Match dot com.
187. Smithenstiens opens a horse track to make ends meet.
188. Darthoz pens the next chapter in Star Trek.
189. Marketplaceboutique recovers a sunken treasure off the coast of Nimby.
190. Personal_elf becomes stand in spokesperson on WHAT NOT TO WEAR.
191. Blackdogpromotions is convicted of satellite hacking.
192. Sunflowers becomes marathon runner completes the NY MARATHON.
193. Busybumblebee discovers America for a second time when her family it picked for a television show KING OF THE ROAD.
194. Reena finds out there is more homeschoolers in her community and opens a gym to keep them occupied.
195. Sheilae starts her own cooking clan that rivals Paula Dean.
196. Phantom goes into a military bar, acts up, mouths off and gets throw in the brig.
197. Luvesthemcammies moves to the mainland to become a nurse.
198. Josephinofmo takes a trip to Alaska, finds a wallet it is Brad Pitts, is asked to babysit.
199. Waitresschick gives her man TOUGH LOVE, gets twenty to life.
200. Hurricanehunters remembers her promise as VP of the OFLUB and moves to Texas.
201. Lovebeyondreason decides to move to the South of France where spanking is okay.
202. Bigbeautifulbutterfly doesn’t wear size ten shoes but a size seven and is in charge of BBB.
203. Butterflyconnection soars with eagles when she para glides.
204. Racingirl is told pigtails are not for grown women.
205. Shortynotyetforty becomes a senior citizen by luck of default.
206. Wolverinejewels finds her way and soon answers the call of the wild.
207. Mysisterjewelry is honored at a local girls scout club meeting for being a true leader.
208. Sloane finds a market for her river rock pets; moves the business into her den.
209. Seberro is lavished with praise for all the work she does with the needy. Given a day to herself for a change.
210. Mika-Dani finds out she is in her underwear gets dressed.
211. Bikerbet becomes a siren, and soon lures men from the sea to crash upon the craggy shore.
212. Ramblinrose falls in love with tree sap gets stuck do a Douglas fir.
213. OOBIE is in lawsuit battle with GEICO for stealing her thunder.
214. Smokieposh invests in a Nettie pot plant, thinks she will stay high for life, until she realizes it goes up the nose to clear drainage is sorely disappointed.
215. Brandisfindoftheweek beats the HAY of a burglar with her knitting bag, is hailed small town heroine.
216. WINN sues WINN DIXIE chain gets her name back.
217. Chiefsunshine invents wigwam that becomes a national hit only to be recalled later due to technical difficulties.
218. Bizzbee joins the WWF, becomes female wrestler under pseudonym FATALWAXER.
219. Spinningginny is attacked by the sheep she has shorn and her head is shaved clean as protest for not paying them adequately over the years.
220. Richo has a successful year, sells 3 photos.
221. Rach-hick searches ancestry dot com finds out she is not a hick but a redneck.
222. Dalec finally learns on Oct 30th where the ALLOW COMMENTS button is.
223. Brokenanvil gets stuck in a time warp becomes brokenrecord.
224. gwz-comps becomes an internet YOUTUBE sensation when he is caught smoking his underwear on video camera.
225. Wiccanmagicshack shortens her name to Tabitha
226. 718uniquestuff looks around for more stuff.
227. Georgerobert is caught minting the coins he sells.
228. Stuffromthecloset is swamped washing clothes by hand because she went to Africa.
229. Jhill gets a job as customer service rep, is fired after telling customer FUKKU.
230. Dolphinmomma sets up under water laboratory is in love with a whale named Clooney.
231. Mabiche immigrates to the US finds time to out sell Wal-Mart.
232. Metyzmom slaps a politician for being stupid became write in on his ticket during re-election WINS his job.
233. Hardway starts new movement called SUMP PUMP the RUMP. Makes a fortune when Holistic Colon Cleansing ‘MOVEMENT” sweeps the nation.
234. Leebrius runs with the wolves she loves.
232. Ldpiper got lost in the mall parking lot last Sunday hasn’t been seen since.
233. Myalyas has been diagnosed with dyslexia changes her name to MAYA.
234 Tinroofrusted learns about hard-i- plank no more leaking roof.
235. Treasurehunterduos admits to being MPD, becomes treasure hunter.
236. a_better_place_for_payton moves to new city.
237. nofo becomes an Oreo cookie inspector gains 300 pounds.
238. 5grls4mom went back to school to become a doctor to save medical costs.
239. brianacase moves on becomes brianawii
240. 234tammy becomes a hand model for Bath and Beyond, never lifts finger AGAIN.
241. tatertots while cooking dinner one day invents Pigs in Blankets, no one has heart to tell her the truth – it’s already been done.
242. Kiwicastle stars in Shrek 45 as lemming.
243. iammyownboss tells her manager ‘Take this job and shove it’ begins self-fulfilling prophesy
244. 3811buck, finishes law school, passes bar, works on becoming Supreme Court Judge
245. IIAPCO goes to work for Ivory in black stilettos and heels she accessorizes with a whip and tongue stud.
246. Samantha gets her medication right, becomes Catholic Sunday School teacher with no more cursing sprays.
247. bonnielege meets Trapper Dan, changes his outlook on creatures of the forest. He becomes forest ranger.
248. la-belle-fille is surgical removed from sun’s hip becomes own person.
249. chilidog gets caught in another dog’s house getting a belly rub.
250. Fatseal uses Nutrisystem for 3 months, out shines Marie Osmond becomes spokesperson.
251. Newtlovesrock is arrested, DNA testing clears her of serial killing unfortunately she can’t be released until criminal is found.
252 . Bandzaa becomes a hen pecked house hubby after his wife gives birth to triplets
253. A1Steve loses dispute against A-1 Steak sauce goes into Republican withdrawals.
256. Ladywhitney takes off her scarf lets her dark roots go.
257. Fudgehut discovers brownies for the first time can’t decide which is better.
258. Kelly enjoys her new job as a receptionist makes coffee.
259. Larry and Clint Eastwood stars in remake of Dirty Dozen called Soggy Prunes.
260. Detour was given a road map but wound up lost anyway.
261. Chooseychooser gets older and becomes picky.
262. jartistic starts her own line of Betty Boop products.
263. hailwatcher accepts the fact he lives in a zoo.
264. heavenly items falls asleep in Blue Bonnet field.
265. dlwidler true to self becomes a homeschooler after adopting 15.
266. Charmedbytina starts writing Harlequin romance novels.
267. Stickywingz washes the goo off her wings, flies into nightlight.
268. Griffitt walks over coals in Hawaii, likes the smell of burnt feet.
269. Azchbassist helps dog out of a tomato earns reward.
270. Ghostlyone777 hides unicorn but retains her virginity.
271. Budweiser learns his brew is not owned by America holds protest.
272. Choicevac gives Mr. Underfoot ultimatum GET NEW GLASSES
273. Goddess loves pink buys Pepto Bismo chain.
274. Oldsalt learns of high cholesterol starts using pepper
275. Sharrrina installs Spell check finds third R.
276. Goldtraderwomen tests everyone with a bite to ensure authenticity breaks false teeth.
277. 4086adrian gets tired of being a pirate, drops the booty like it’s hot.
278. Slbsuperstore learns how to apply self-tanner correctly is no longer orange.
279. Kekoa64 is back to selling nothing on eBay as 46aokeK.
280. Frommytoybox is still waiting for a mud wrassling match with Geoffrey.
281.. Beadsandnme stretches her supplies by using charms.
282. Something4you keeps hands in pockets to keep you from getting to it.
283. Winchuckriverstore opens for Rachel Ray and bakes carrot cake for 5000K.
284. Chopsueysisters becomes a pinup girl models the clothing in her own store.
285. Bluediamondproducts was not a lawyer but she played one on the blogs.
286. Buggal whilst flea marketing finds long lost letters between Mimi Eisenhower and Bill Clinton, true beginning to Time Traveler’s wife.
287. Redcowspots becomes NATO ambassador for all bovine kind, starts NOT ONLY California Cows deserves to be HAPPY.
288. moonmonster meets an astronaut, becomes the first kitty to eat green cheese while orbiting Jupiter.
289. helpfulhannah applies for job as customer service rep at eBay, Karma does come around.
290. baakyer looks around for kateharley but learns she is in prison for cannibalizing her family.
291. mario6758 get over the Japanese Anime Craze takes off his underoos.
292. southdakotaninja is a ranch hand on a buffalo herd ranch.
293. Kringercat texts Brutus, to cheer him up.
294. mereyartglass listening to nanasclothing starts rubbing her glass art really hard because she too, like wash board abs.
295. Ripple on secret mission as commando birth coach delivers Michelle O’s third child on the sly.
296. Kisatterwhite finds out the eBay blogs are closing; starts spamming.
297. Reggie learns that Bushbeans doesn’t love him, commits blog hari-kari, and leaves quietly.
298. Talitha soon discovers more than just rhubarb grows in Alaska. Get tubers tied.
299. Star*love comes out of retirement makes Rockettes tryouts after buying a warehouse of Depends.
300. Twanger once a moovie starlet has moved on to be a Pomeranian rights activist.
301. Farmall got pizzy over her milk not churning, so she RUN OFT.
302. Tashame3 took personal responsibility for all her mistakes, NAW, JUST KIDDING
303. Kimswhimsey is either swimming with the fishes' or 'singing with the angels' you decide.
304. Davini, AKA Dartgems AKA Artzen keeps changing his id more times than zacsmomma gets a job as a stunt double for televisions Gordon Ramsey.
305. Neptunes-store has a doppelganger see her and moves to another state.
306. Fun-in-paradise divorces Earl gets the travel trailer used in the movie “RV.”
307. Blog Goddess traded in her ‘new’ car in the Cash for Clunkers program is left on side of road when new car runs out of gas.
308. Pink*boutique (Olivia) goes to Hollywood gets cast in American Next Top Mom, but gets in a fight with Kendra and loses her role.
309. Blbaird goes to school becomes a Master Plumber, is on call at Oprah’s compound.
310. Irisgayle finally figures out how to use her camcorder and backs away from the lens.
311. Nevada*Jewelry*Designs buys an ore-mining company in the hopes of Striking It Rich.
312. Bit-O-Country went to market only to find the path less travelled and wrote a book about her journey.
313. Agreene smiles the smile of "THE KNOWING" is the last to leave the building.
314. Tiara*Angel once again gets miffed at cranky puritan Americans waxes her pet beaver then beats herself with a feather boa while wearing a leather studded kimono.
315. Peddlingplastic runs out of room in her house for Tupperware so buys another and adds Rubbermaid to her collection.
316. Hollyhasit went to the bank and discovered she had ‘left it.’
317. Mojoatelier while making jewelry discovers her spiritual side when drinking tea grown by French Nuns in the Swiss Alps then calls Madonna to promote the MOJO Effect.
318. Andyforleafs joins team SCRAPBOOK America and has been spotted decorating street signs along the Pacific Coast Highway.
319. Gurglefish creations was hooked by seeing self reflected in “Pool of Thought.”
320. Spicy4play learned how to cook with sweetness gave up her chains and whips.
321. Bassdozer went fishing with Sarah Palin while visiting Alaska, there is now a woman hunt because SHE ASKED HIM TO BAIT HER HOOK.
322. ludicrous fees got a job as a banker manager and then went to work raising the amount his customers were charged for the privilege of using his company.
323. Cosnet’s home was invaded by faeries, she was carried away and did not accurately predict the blogs ending.
333. asianconnection increases tourisms in his wife’s country is made a honorary Buddhist monk.
336. poisonapple gets stuck in traffic writes an epic story as to why she should not be there.
337. cvmo021 allows his hair to go out and arrives in the new century.
338. sundance82 invents goat toothbrush, goes on to win Best in Show.
339. mixednut puts on a Hula skirt forgets her thong starts a new movement in the bushes.
340. Nolasoul takes off her mardi gras makeup and rubs some headstones for artistic reasons.
341. Innerflowconnections sets a candle in the window to light the way home.
342. the naughty secret lets the cat out of the bag.
343. Mattsjunkbox finally gets a good cleaning, garage sale to be held first weekend of October.
344. Koolbeachbum caught a wave to the next shoreline.
345. Destiny becomes a translator for the UN, is sent to help negotiate Women’s Rights in the Middle East, customs clearance delayed abaya will not cover her hair.
346. Foxxy becomes a makeup barker joins Maybelline.
347. crowson gets scholarship to medical school, after saving a life is given ‘the key to the city’ by mayor.
349. xabat puts on a top hat and joins the circus.
350. cgxtrader decides to retire to Boca Raton, opens a alligator farm to make ends meet.
351. Scooby girl was caught wearing last year’s tights during mommie-car pool, last seen in Kohl’s department store shopping.
352. Monkyn sent into blogger purgatory for the sock monkey fiasco.
353. Josea travels the 48 as a truck driver hangs out at Denny’s
354. Muleskinner becomes an actor is seen on MATCH dot COM commercial.
355. Bridge joins knitting circle and can’t get out, finds out too late it’s a CULTOFSEAMS.
356. Foxtailsandthings was run out of town by PETA, is working in chicken plucking factory for Tyson under an assumed identity.
357. Ayuni purchases shorts that fully cover her buttocks, no beaver sightings reported.
358. Silas opens his own charter school to help others with learning disabilities.
359. bewegungskopf becomes employed by local scariatorium, frightens children daily.
360. angiestroveoftreasure while swimming in the Atlantic finds a sunken pirate’s chest adds to her trove.
361. butterfieldsofvermont spends her days ‘tapping’ all the trees for maple on her spread.
362. april3347 teaches her children to read Braille and sign language so they are not dependent on blogging for entertainment.
363. rebel5619 goes to Line Dance at Country B Da Way 2 Go.
364. anchondodailey wins the Mrs. MUSCLES OUT DA AZZ contest goes on to Mrs. Universe contest in 2011.
365. Jazzydress makes a mint clipping coupons and buys a new home.
366. Beyondthebasicblackdress uncrosses her legs and steps out.
367. Rustybarb finds DW40, her problems are solved.
368. Memorieskeepasonginyourheart raises a flag to honor all who serve, puts the back porch light on, and goes to bed.
369. Marketplaceboutique gets out her PomPoms and gives a final cheer.
370. Rpotter6606 notices the 666 in id, changes it before the devil finds her.
371. Panter8602 becomes confused over ethnic/religious upbringing starts own cult called I HATE ONERY PEEPS or (IHOP) soon in legal battle with pancake chain.
372. Reynolds gets busted with Saran Wrap and Waxed Paper, leaves culinary school in shame.
373. Fashon_jewels_crafts becomes a state representative has death penalty repealed.
374. mediddlydiddly gets caught all alone letting fingers do the walking.
375. 5687Diane bottles ‘kind, gentle soul’ markets it at Target.
376. Vintage_handbags_and_gladrags keeps busy by using Armor All on her leather bags.
377. brenda5316 pops in from time to time just for giggles.
378. starry1’s*treasure cat has learned how to speak human is now earns her keep.
379. tcalart video taped his neighbors goat mating a dog, made it to runner up on America’s Funniest Video.
380. wyscew spends the next ten years pronouncing her id phonetically.
381. katmanzooclipper sends a telegraph to jazzydress to see about becoming a coupon conglomerate.
382. enchanting-imagery becomes graphic designer for facebook, she is weighted under all the new editions locked in vicious SPAM cycle.
383. cjc_alaska went on a moose hunt, will return in three months.
384. cotton*blossoms*patch skulks back to her kitchen sink in slippers.
385. wmhughes walks in, sees what is going on, walks right back out.
386. Crouchingprairiedog knows nothing and sees nothing.
387. babyjcn starts catering business; has no time to talk.
388. lejones.304 found nirvana with her beautiful family and did not draw a map so no looking.
389. Denise opens her closet door takes out a blue Coach bag and puts away her pink one.
390. Hawk finds his intellectual calling becomes a university professor.
391. Lucky3Boyz sets his dog on its feet; soon he makes for the bushes chasing dragonflies.
392. Richard1rst is left in a puzzlement decides to pick up a Rubrics cube.
393. Lilmissmadyline meets with Hannah Montana, get exclusive rights to Disney Diaperwear covers bearing the logo.
394. Tadea works with Suze Orman on new financial matters book which will be show cased on QVC and Oprah at a date set in the future for the Tea and Biscuit crowd.
395. Queenie sets back to getting her house in order, has hubby clean the garage.
396. leenreva decides to go brunette and gets color contacts to match her shoes.
397. Oasis of my soul went on a cruise was marooned on desert island.
398. Patricia get involved in WWF smack down as PISSEDKITTYKAT, becomes super popular.
399. Spiritual crafts story gets pick up for a made for television on Lifetime.
400. ZERO IDS gather in ST Louis to celebrate because they created those ids just to play havoc and are really the powersellers to cause “Panic on the Blog Disco”; hat’s off to makesomethingofthisone, freakinfedup plus the litany of others.
401. Nowonder uses turnips, parsnips and rhubarb to bake a fall pie which takes first place at the HOE HEN INN country fare.
402. Internet Professor moves to online coaching instead of adding to national landfills with countless of unused and unopened DUMMY PROOF lessons on plastic disks.
403. Griff who was never a blogger is mugged one night by angry customers who purchased his countless books on how to eBay.
404. Meg Whitman still stinging from the demise of her job sits back and watches the eBay ship set sail for the Bermuda Triangle.
405. Donahue turns off the lights on the Blogs, sets off in search of Neighborhoods and Groups.
406. The bloggers who have moved on to MULTIPLY will in fact start 'blog fighting' once the honeymoon period is over proving the old saying, "LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION." because nothing changes just the place.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

09-09-09 Obama's Speech, my thoughts

After writing my own senators

Posted Sep-10-09 08:06:34 PDT

I am not the 'gate keeper, judge, or jury' to disallow those without insurance / medical care. What bothers me with this debate is, while I know there are people who abuse the health care system there are 5 major health care insurers who BILK the American public to death & deny coverage.

WHILE there are some DISHONEST folks who elect not to have coverage and use the ER for their needs. False claim forms and so on and so forth. (but that is on a case by case or individual occurance.)

I also know from growing up UNINSURED through no fault of my own mother; medical care is outrageous for those without a health care plan. I also know and watched a close friend of mine DIE from breast cancer because she had no money. My own mother almost died in 2004 after a lengthy hospitalization due to an infection in her pancreas (sp) -- she is still uninsured -- she has a 'pre-existing' condition.

So, if you chose to support those in need of medical care you can let your congressional members know by signing this letter found here:



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

President Obama's Speech to America's Youth

Did any of you listen to the speech? The man is inspiring needless to say. I wish I had half the orator skills he possesses.

On to the next point, I did not hear anything in his message that was political in nature. I loved the fact, he pressed about staying in school and earning education through hard work. AMEN to the man who believes in personal responsibility. ABOUT FREAKING TIME

Those parents who jumped on the bandwagon and said their child would not be watching the 'brain washing' have my complete sympathy. Again those folks where lead by a 'ring' in their nose by the media. NICE TO KNOW Americans have become quadripeds instead of free-thinkers.

Anyway, Mr. Obama if you are listening. Please follow your campaign promise and go line by line in the budget and cut out the reduncies and fraud. Then give the US a public uption (MONITORED BY THE US GOVERNMENT) to keep the insurance and drug companies honest. I will be listening to your address tonight get out the "IRON PRISON" (from Abraham Lincoln) and move back into the public where you do the most good.

Thoughts from inside the coop......

Saturday, September 5, 2009

USA is making me cry

I have been sitting back for awhile on a media fast. The reason is quite simple, nothing glorious or uplifting.

This week's outcry over President Obama giving a speech to our children through televised feeds into their school should not be a problem.

Listening to some of the interviews of PARENTS AGAINST OBAMA made me realize RACISM is still alive an well in America. Seriously, the media just interviewed folks who have no apparent reasoning skills but instead chooses to highlight those of traditional backgrounds that do not embrace ethnic diversity.

This morning, I was teary eyed as I watched these interviews; I thought to myself --- 'the masses' have be tele-prompted / spoon fed into action by others (big corporate America) with financial axes to grind against the President's Healthcare plan.

This is what I served my country for?

This is what America is about?

Really, for one thing Mr. Obama has been taking massive amounts of mud slinging since taking on his role. YOU CAN SEE IT in his face and demeanor. His message to our children is simple: work, continue your education, bring your political awareness of the world to light and, help those who can not help themselves.

NOW, I sucked in my displeasure with former President George Bush for eight years.


Because it was in my job description. YES, active duty are allowed to not vote for someone but, to voice DISAGREEMENTS to the press could be construed as inflammatory towards a leader and this act is forbidden and punishable by the UCMJ.

Even though I disagreed with the 'MAN' Bush, I respected his office and spoke of his and Laura's efforts to better our school systems with the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND law. YES, several presidents have spoken to America's children in their schools before without some disharmony but not to the extent that President Obama has had to endure.

America, Please educate your children about the world around them. Do not shield them from the world outside. Teach them how our country works, double standards based on money, lack of education, or place of birth. Raise your children up to be charitable souls instead of small minded people who can not see when others need a hand up.


Thoughts from inside the coop.....