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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Celebrating 100! With A Zoo Day

Zephyr has been working overtime to learn his sight words. Each morning, we read his primary books and practice using flash cards to reinforce sounding out words.

Well his dad told him, we will go to the Zoo once you hit a 100.

 GUESS WHAT! Last Friday Zephyr made the cut off; I love the dangling carrot to ensure he works towards a educational goal that is meaningful to all of us.
San Antonio does not advocate texting and driving. Awesome!
We got a kick out of this billboard.
It was already shaping up to be a hot day. Zephyr tested the temps first. 
Dad got a boo boo! First Aid was called to clean up this scrap by a stub that was not removed from too close to the sidewalk. 
This kind employee gave him a cold soda while we were waiting. Nice people at the zoo. Then of course we always head to the reptile house; seems our boys love reptiles. (I wonder from who they got that glitch in their personality.)
Green Mamba, we could watch this fiesty snake all day. 

These Geckos were as long as my hand; about 6 inches.
Felt sorry for this bullsnake in with the western diamondback rattler. But for the average lay person to see a bullsnake next to a diamondback is a good thing.  For lots of peeps will kill a snake thinking it is venomous. We don't practice the killing of snakes just because they are venomous.

 Do you see the flamingo in the middle - take note of it standing/sleeping on its knees?
Did I tell you that is was hot? Already in the 90s with high humidity by noon.  
 I was thinking of Melodie (Laughing Duck Farm's avatar here.)
We got a kick out of this jungle fowl cock, following Saenz's every move.  
 Have you ever seen one of these Vulturine Guinea Fowl?  This was our first time.
 The San Antonio Zoo has several American Bald Eagles because they were wounded and lost a wing due to somebody shooting them.  This stately and curious bird is part of a breeding program.  Very sad way for such a beautiful bird to live out its life instead of in the sky.
 The boys and I got a kick out of looking the different types of bird's eggs and nests.  Amazing the variety that birds possess.

 Zephyr in the petting zoo.

 Our boys inside the lory exhibit.  These are some noisey little critters who eat nectar and soft fruits -- and they do bite / try to remove shiny objects like hair clips.
 Just before Zephyr and I went into the Butterfly Garden.  This is where Zephyr and I could spend many hours if not for Dad and Saenz waiting for us. LOL

(Our own painted lady catepillars are just entering the pupa stage.  We will post updates for ya'll tomorrow.)
Now this Atlas Moth, was our special find this trip.  These moths get really large with the females having up to a 12 inch wing span.  If you look closely, each wing tip has a 'image' of a snake -- to ward off predators.  Also we learned these beautiful creatures only live a few weeks, do not eat, and have no mouth parts.  Did you know farmers consider some butterfly (catepillar stage) species a pest that cause crop damage?  Who knew but, know we understand why only certain butterfly catepillars are for sale for educational purposes.

Overall, our trip was a wonderful day! Thank you Dad for taking a day off to spend learning new things with us.  So we are off to enjoy a second day with Dad home. Whoop! Talk to ya'll tomorrow.


Texan said...

That looks like a super fun day, I will wait outside while you guys go look at the snakes! LOL

Jennifer said...

Wow, looks like a really fun day. Thanks for sharing these pictures of some really cool and interesting animals!

Talitha D'Andrea said...

Great photos! I'm going to have to share these with Brendan, he's going to love them!

Kids and Canning Jars said...

My goodness. I want to go to the San Antonio Zoo! What a great treat. I scrolled past the snake pictures. Not the biggest fan.

John Gray said...

great post
did you see any mad frogs?

Nekkid Chicken said...

HEE HEE Texan, That is what hubby did. He does not find them as interesting as the boys and I do.

Thanks Jennifer, Zephyr made sure to love on the goats in the petting zoo. He found some that were actually shorter than he is for a change.

TALI! Zephyr has a sandwich bag to send to Brendan from the zoo. Can't wait to hear back from Brendan; going to have Zephyr start practicing writing letters more.

Melissa, The Zoo is stunning now unlike the 90s and decade following. LOL that is okay, reptiles are not for everyone.

OH JOHN, Come back I have a frog pic just for you. :O)