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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Pirate of My Heart

Nuff Said

Thoughts on Mr. Kennedy

I read a very good blog on eBay and here is the link:


Here is my comment back to my dearest friend.

"Momma Shark, I too watched his eulogy/service last night. I was very moved. What upset me was, my own husband had no clue as to the social programs Mr. Kennedy or his family; have helped bring to fruitition -- and have benefitted from personally or his children / extended family.

I was not 'socially aware' of his past due to my age in some of the events but, the man changed through life and still managed to contribute more than a lyric to the fabric of this nation.

My reasoning is this, NAME ONE INDIVIDUAL who has not did something horrible, cruel, or against the law in their life due to being human. I can think of none.

What I loved about Mr. Hatch's portion is, the humor of which the two men got along even though from such diverse backgrounds.

Though I had never touched the hand of Mr. Kennedy; his actions have made a change in my life.

May he rest in peace,
his family find solace and comfort with each other,
and continue to find the good fight
In all of the Kennedys' memory.


AUTHOR'S NOTE................................

It does not matter of his past; what only matters to me is folks who benefit from the programs today -- welfare, food stamps, WIC, SCHP, Special Oylmpics (ON AND ON AND ON), were brought into existance by the KENNEDY family (((OTHER folks helped them AS WELL)))


BUT those with their hands out for help are unaware of where the help came, who was originally responsible for it, how the help came to be with hard fought battles, name calling and other ilk.

"Those who have not learned from the past are doomed to repeat it," Winstion Churchill.

Thoughts from inside the coop......

Monday, August 24, 2009


His First Day back at school, Mr. Fifth Grader left us home with Zephyr.

We HAVE NO ONE to Torture............MEWWWWWWWWWWW

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another VA Slap to Veterans' Faces

I am so angry right now, I can barely breathe. Though I have documented disabilities, I do not get a disability check from the Veterans Administration (VA) and one reason I did not pursue is I can still move, have a brain, can write, and have a wonderful husband. The paperwork process is lengthy, time consuming, costly and then the repeated denials is disheartening.

So -- I guess I know now why. I now understand why it takes 8 weeks to get paid for a college class and in the mean time, I have accumulated more debt from the inadequate system because I am taking class two or a three by time a deposit comes to my checking account for class number one.



Stop taking bonuses and start doing your damned jobs. What kills me most is, veterans are awaiting decisions due to lost limbs, apendages and mental illnesses brought on by military service. YET, one employee (boss) can make 22 trips to do the job where a lover is; instead of doing the work at her home of station? What a crock!

Education benefits were paid to those employees that did not deserve it? WTH?????? Yes, I will continue to read the Inspector General's reports to digest the angst I have felt with this system and others.

For the entire article read here:

Thoughts from inside a veteran's coop........

Friday, August 21, 2009

Company offers college textbooks for free

"By John C. Abell

(WIRED) -- What did you do this summer? Flat World Knowledge stayed busy on campus and now has 40 times as many students and more than 10 times the colleges using their freemium, open-source digital textbooks as they did spring semester. And they did it the old-fashioned way -- one professor at a time."

Rest of the story here:


Actual website:


I can't wait to use this site to teach my sons and help tutor my husband. Also, I will find it great as a resource as I am working on my master's degree with Grantham and will transfer to the University of Phoenix to start my doctoral program hopefully next year in Education.

Thoughts from inside the coop

Distrubing Cartoon in Newspaper

I have wondered if I would be able to watch a team with Michael Vick if he was allowed to return to the NFL.

After seeing this probably not.

I mean -- would you allow a convicted murderer sit down to eat with your family?

How about convicted pedophile or child abuser back in the classroom to teach your children?

This man was a 'professional' sportsman (hero) who, made it his business to fight dogs for money. It was not the money he made from his illegal activities that gave him the thrill of 'power' but, his assumption he was above the law. Those dogs who 'suffered' from his hands did not ask to fight or die.


Another point, how can a man of Mr. Vick's ethnic / socio economic background with the historical knowledge and or significance of a noose do this to another living being?

So those who are backing him should not take this sociopath lightly. Yes! he did his time --- so what. He can get a job flipping burgers, or shoveling dog feces at a shelter; while is he is guaranteed by the Constitution a RIGHT to rejoin a professional football team to put his ANIMAL KILLING image back in the public eye.

Perhaps the professional sports teams should not allow such a person back with in their fold by barring him for life (to mean his natural physical sports playing abilities).

(Thoughly disgusted by professional sports team managers / owners.)

Thoughts from inside the coop.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Saenz's Summer Fun Done

At the end of each summer, Saenz while wanting to see his old friends at school. Does not want to go back to school -- too many rules and too much work. LOL! Last year he was supremely pizzed about not being able to go on a family vacation. (DAD was working over-time and could not get off work.) In an effort to help him remember all the stuff he was able to do; I composed this list for his 'whine fest' starting Sunday Nite since school starts for him on Monday.


Theatre diving: Land of the Lost, Terminator, Up, Ice Age 3, Night at the Museum, G-Force, Aliens in the Attic, District 9, Transformers,

Fishing with Dad: Night Fishing, Lake Fishing, Canal Fishing

Texas State Aquarium; we handled sting rays in the petting pool. Zephyr feel in love with tour guide Jennifer.


Family vacationed for five days at a beautiful beach house in Rockport.

Learned to shoot with Bow & Arrow, did skewer a large rat under a chicken coop.

Netflix: too many to count

New video games: too many to count

Nature Watch: Mrs. Loosey had her baby shoats- Limpi & Lumpi survived, Delaware fat butt had her 6 chicks, chasing guinea Keats on their chicken run, and Hillary had March & Aries.

Yes, we were very busy outside the coop.....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Acceptance is WONDERFUL

No matter how many times or schools I apply to; it's super to know you are worthy!

ON my way to becoming Dr. Chicken!

Howdy Ms. Lily and Mr. Dennis, sorry the rain cut our visit short.

Debbie, you are still my RIGHT HAND, WOman! I am happy to be your leader! LOL

Thanks Rick M at the University of Phoenix for the info from, HUBBY & I!

whoop whoop,

Thoughts from inside the 'edu-macation' coop....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Are you Money Stupid?

I have noticed a small thing in cyber space such as the eBay blogs; folks totally skip over ways to save themselves money. I am an avid coupon, freebie, rebate, cash-back hound. PEOPLE who have money - know how to keep it while folks, without money -- do not - or don't take the time to research or 'find money' by using ALL available resources.

This is sad to me -- because while, I see all the whining, I know for a fact there is a way out of debt by careful planning.

Take for instance our vacation to the Beach House in Rockport. We saved for our vacation and went by using our coupon savings for less than ONE YEAR to go for five days. If I save a buck, I do not buy lotto tickets or something else-- I put it away. We used coupons to grocery shop while on vacation. Our vacation money could have easily have gone to pay off two months of our mortgage for the year, PRINCIPAL ONLY but, we had not gone on a family vacation in three years.

My advice to those struggling; find a mentor, someone who knows the ropes. Then learn from them how they get ahead and stay ahead. There is a reason why the Rich get Richer; they learn from others.

I not only get blood from a turnip, I make it holler!

Thoughts from inside the coop…..

Small Works of Nature's Art

My hubby found this beautiful moth, so I took a picture of it.
I really love the 'eye-spots' of color on its shoulder and tail. They actually shimmer.
I love looking around for small and interesting animals who share our space.
Hoping your slice of heaven is as nice as mine is outside the coop......

Sunday, August 16, 2009

6 Piglets born Aug 15, 2009

Just Double click for close up: Sorry kinda burry - they & she were moving.

Then again, I moved quiet a bit during labor. LOL!

Mrs. Loosey and Mr. Salad Fingers

Are parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a long grueling, South Texas Summer; we noticed Mrs. Loosey had gone off her feed for two days and stayed in the mud hole. She gave birth to 6 live piglets about the size 20 oz soda bottle in length. Four were colored like Momma and 2 like Daddy.

We are sad to report that thus far only 2 are still alive, we think the others were trampled by Mrs. Loosey. After removing the dead piglets, she was standing a menancing watch over her remaining piglets along with proud pappa, Mister Salad Fingers.

I will post pictures from yesterday, showing off all 6 piglets and mom in the mud hole; once my Easy Share recharges. We can't get close enough to either of them so, nature and momma will take its course.

Happy Birthday little piglets,

Thoughts from inside the coop..........

Saturday, August 15, 2009

District 9, excellent but gory movie.

I loved this film, not for 13 and under. Humans are at it again being racist's and in this film, prejudice against another life form. The first fifteen minutes of this movie are slow but, it's the build up/explaination of how and why the aliens are secluded in a 'slum' in South Africa.

I was actually pulling to the aliens to destroy mankind by the end and the storyline is set up for a sequel quiet nicely.



LOADS of VIOLENCE, Language, Themes which are not for children, & GORE

Thoughts from inside the coop.....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letter to the White House

Mr. President,

I am saddened not to have had the honor to service under your office. I really appreciate the open lines of communication your administration has worked to secure for all citizens of this country. This is a novelty I believe for the last 6 or more generations but, especially the last administration. I salute your willingness to accept responsibility when mouth over loads fore-thinking.

I am in the process of reading the 1018 Health Care Act and, I still don't understand the objections or anger. I wonder why members of Congress openly admit to not reading the entire bill perhaps; if this process was slowed down to give those with legislative experience time to digest the entire bill. Then those legislators would be able to explain the coverage to people who are afraid of ‘change.’ I do remember your speeches before your election; ‘change’ was the cornerstone and or bench mark for success. The problem is not with the bill, it with our congress not understanding it for themselves.

Sir, it is my most humble opinion if leadership wants 'buy-in' then they should walk the walk and read the bill, learn its implications, and costs to better explain it to common folks such as me.

AF Gen Merrill McPeak once said: "Integrity is what you do when no one is looking."

Or ‘reading is fundamental.’

Malissa G. Torres, USAF retired

Monday, August 10, 2009

I am so bummed out by the media

I think I will go on a MEDIA FAST.

MY GRACIOUS, nothing but bad news.

Folks killing folks, children, and animals.

Arguments over Healthcare for everyone.

Typhoons, floods, swine flu on and on!

And if any of you folks don't believe we are actually in a depression vice recession. Just remember this:

Recessions last up to around 20 months, this one is over 2 years now -- and YOU: John Q public was lied to about the economy failing for over a year by the BUSH administration.

Recessions affect one economy where as; depressions affect global economies to include food shortages, droughts, and weather extremes.

So, I am off to read a good book.

Thoughts from inside the coop.....

Saturday, August 8, 2009

OMG, the media is stuck on

OMG, they are stuck on the fact

She (SOTOMAYOR) has to do the job as a LATINA, doh! IDIOTS, she has been a judge a long time. True, she is the Junior member and will be the note taker. BUT hellz bellz, she has been a woman for 55 years already as well as being hispanic. YOU DON'T do a job as a hispanic you do a job as a person.

HER JOB is not as a HISPANIC (though this is a historical footnote) but as supreme court justice who can be a deciding factor in:





and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!


Steps off the soapbox turns off the flipping news.................

Sotomayor to take oath, will you watch?

Personally, I will.

I am super thrilled not only is she only the third woman EVER to take this Oath but, the first hispanic. And this will be televised as she takes the oath twice.

Article here:

a small snippet from the article

"Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts will swear in Sotomayor twice at the Supreme Court. The first ceremony will be private. A second ceremony will be held in front of Sotomayor's friends and family as well as the media.

It will also mark the first time the oath-taking ceremony will be open to television cameras in the court's history.

Sotomayor, a 55-year-old federal appeals court judge, was confirmed Thursday in a 68-31 vote. Nine Republicans joined a unanimous Democratic caucus in supporting her nomination. The only senator who was not present for the vote was Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, because of illness, but he has supported Sotomayor in the past."

YES I will have my sons watch and they will not miss any school. Another thing did you know the First Bush appointed her as a district judge? Later Pres Clinton appointed her to the Circuit Court of Appeals.

Another point, twenty years after the confirmation of Clarence Thomas; We the People have an 'African-American' President. So hopefully, in my lifetime there will be a woman president.

BETTER YET, perhaps before I become worm food: socio-economic status, race, gender, political party, religious identity, sexual orientation will no longer be a sticking point for discussion about an individual's talent and abilities.


Thoughts from inside the coop.....

Movie Review: Aliens in the Attic

This was a sometimes cute movie and had quiet a few slow moments which translated in Zephyr bee bopping around in his seat.

Some of the camera work seems panned and staggered while actors remembered their lines. The aliens reminded me of GALAXY QUEST aliens. The love interested alien couple had a struggle with female and male roles.

I LOVED THE HOUSE but was left wondering how much it would cost to clean it. (I told you, it was not a movie for adults. LOL)

Some parts of this movie were hiliarious. Others not so much. The ending where brother and sister were getting revenge on the boyfriend was funny.

This is not a small child or adult movie but perhaps a teenager movie. YOU KNOW because 'all drains lead to the ocean' and all ADULTS are idiots.

Two chicken pecks out of five. ^^

Thoughts from inside the coop.......

Dinner: OASIS in Beeville, Tx Review

It was the first time we decided to take the boys out to a dinner and a movie.

USUALLY we do the matinee and lunch because we have evening animal chores.

So, we decided to try OASIS since the Beeville paper announced their opening a while back. We noticed an empty parking lot at 5 pm but, went in any way. First thing, a small child sitting at a table told us to pick our table and be seated. Second thing, the place was empty and the inside was hot as Hades so, we picked a spot in front of a wall unit a/c (which did not help). The waitress did give us menus (10 pages of: italian, mexican, american, fried seafood and children's choices) and took our drink orders while we decided our dinner choices.


She brought out the Iced Teas, and took our orders. Fifteen minutes went by, no new customers, no chips & salsa on the table. Our ice was swiftly melting. But, we wanted to try the Spaghetti dinner (Saenz), Bistec Plate (Hubby), and Green Enchilada Plate (Me) with a plate to give Zephyr dibs from our collective plates. I made a comment to my husband about the lack of Chips & Salsa. I guess the owner over heard me because he walked over and asked.

(NOTE: IN a cinderblock building with concrete floors, empty restuarant - the sound of a female voice carries.)

Dinner came out: Saenz attacked the spaghetti, so it was a hit because Zephyr was asking for it. Bistec plate, hubby was not happy with because the topping was salsa when it should have been another sauce. Green Enchilada plate: refried beans -- thick and dry with no flavor, rice was good, and the enchildas were tasty with the green salsa having just the right amount of bite. What I liked most about the enchiladas was the cook added a farmer's cheese on the top.

Will we go back?

Probably not. We had to ask for tea refills and check, no one bothered to find out if we liked the meal, and employees were too busy attending their own dinner needs. Parking lot was impossibly small. Only one other group of three came in to eat while we were there and by time we had drove back by at 8 PM, the parking lot was still dismally empty on a Friday night.

Thoughts from outside the coop.....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My FUEL for School Purchase: 13.96

Yesterday, I purchased for the cash back / rebate program I spoke of earlier Kellogs/Dell/Keebler's FUEL FOR SCHOOL:

4 boxes of Pop Tarts (8 cnt), 2 Yogo RollUps, 3 Austin Crackers (36 pkts, 1 Big Box of Cheezits before coupons: $18.96

After deducting manufacturer's coupons. $13.96 (5 coupons for $1 off)

Sent in the rebate form filled out, with receipt, and proof of purchase.

Now begins the 8 week wait (UP TO) for $10 back from Kelloggs and $70 coupon code from DELL. This blog is my way of keeping both companies HONEST.

So, my investment in this experiment is only $13.96 plus .88 for stamps or



Thoughts from inside the coop.......

Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to School Fuel Program

We use lots of Kellogs and Keebler products:

Check this out!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

600+ US Post Offices may close

US POST OFFICE is in financial doo doo as well.

Article below:


All I can say is NO SHYTE.

Let's consider some reasons:


Three Rivers has a young hispanic female, she wears her uniform so tight that camel toe errupts in the customers face. Plus the horrid attitude and talk down to folks she doesn't know causes folks like me to run to another town. (I HOPE THREE RIVERS PO closes, she is horrid, torrid, and plain nasty.


George West has the best customer service in this area. UNCLE RUSTY even my kids love you. And we are not related but they call him Uncle. I DONT KNOW WHY? LOL


BEEVILLE, Has employees who have peeps that can only issue postage stamps. Nothing metered, what a waste of government employee flesh. MOVE OVER give someone else a job.


My theory is on the 6 days a week employees. ITS simple they (gov employees don't have to worry about quantity or quality) thus it takes them longer plus more days to milk the system.


Because if you can not get FIRST CLASS SERVICE with DELIVERY why pay for the product?

MY Concession to the US POST OFFICE. I am willing to give up all but 3 day delivery if you close down, Three Rivers Post Office then send Postal Heiffer to charm school with the caveat she MUST BE NICE and dress in properly fitted uniforms.

Thoughts from inside the coop....