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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Saenz's Summer Fun Done

At the end of each summer, Saenz while wanting to see his old friends at school. Does not want to go back to school -- too many rules and too much work. LOL! Last year he was supremely pizzed about not being able to go on a family vacation. (DAD was working over-time and could not get off work.) In an effort to help him remember all the stuff he was able to do; I composed this list for his 'whine fest' starting Sunday Nite since school starts for him on Monday.


Theatre diving: Land of the Lost, Terminator, Up, Ice Age 3, Night at the Museum, G-Force, Aliens in the Attic, District 9, Transformers,

Fishing with Dad: Night Fishing, Lake Fishing, Canal Fishing

Texas State Aquarium; we handled sting rays in the petting pool. Zephyr feel in love with tour guide Jennifer.


Family vacationed for five days at a beautiful beach house in Rockport.

Learned to shoot with Bow & Arrow, did skewer a large rat under a chicken coop.

Netflix: too many to count

New video games: too many to count

Nature Watch: Mrs. Loosey had her baby shoats- Limpi & Lumpi survived, Delaware fat butt had her 6 chicks, chasing guinea Keats on their chicken run, and Hillary had March & Aries.

Yes, we were very busy outside the coop.....

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