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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another VA Slap to Veterans' Faces

I am so angry right now, I can barely breathe. Though I have documented disabilities, I do not get a disability check from the Veterans Administration (VA) and one reason I did not pursue is I can still move, have a brain, can write, and have a wonderful husband. The paperwork process is lengthy, time consuming, costly and then the repeated denials is disheartening.

So -- I guess I know now why. I now understand why it takes 8 weeks to get paid for a college class and in the mean time, I have accumulated more debt from the inadequate system because I am taking class two or a three by time a deposit comes to my checking account for class number one.



Stop taking bonuses and start doing your damned jobs. What kills me most is, veterans are awaiting decisions due to lost limbs, apendages and mental illnesses brought on by military service. YET, one employee (boss) can make 22 trips to do the job where a lover is; instead of doing the work at her home of station? What a crock!

Education benefits were paid to those employees that did not deserve it? WTH?????? Yes, I will continue to read the Inspector General's reports to digest the angst I have felt with this system and others.

For the entire article read here:

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