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Saturday, August 15, 2009

District 9, excellent but gory movie.

I loved this film, not for 13 and under. Humans are at it again being racist's and in this film, prejudice against another life form. The first fifteen minutes of this movie are slow but, it's the build up/explaination of how and why the aliens are secluded in a 'slum' in South Africa.

I was actually pulling to the aliens to destroy mankind by the end and the storyline is set up for a sequel quiet nicely.



LOADS of VIOLENCE, Language, Themes which are not for children, & GORE

Thoughts from inside the coop.....


Cesar Crash said...

Hi Malissa, sorry I took so long to give you the answer but, hey, that email adress did´nt work. I tried to answer last weekend, but just saw it came back one week later!
Yes, I´d love to help ya, I just don´t know how, because I use a free internet plan here in Brazil, and I only use it on Saturdays. Here I´m enjoying the last weeks of winter! God bless you and your family!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Cesar, You or I must have made a mistake typing the address. It is saenznzephyr@wildblue.net



I use the first one daily. I am super excited because as soon as my transcripts are evaulated, I will begin my master's program. Winter sounds so lovely, it's super hot here always in the 100's. Our sow had piglets last night, I will post a picture when I return from grocery shopping in town.

God Bless you & yours,
With God, All in time