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Monday, November 30, 2009

Losing Faith Mr. Obama


  I truly wanted to believe in your campaign promises. I did because you were not one the usual Yahoos running around Washington trying to sell me sunshine when in fact, peddling garbage.

  I do not believe we should ramp up in Afghanistan. For what good reason could there be to send my brothers/sisters to such a hostile place? I know policy abroad is a tough decision but at what risk? How many more men and women must die for the 100 or so Al-Qaeda left in Afghanistan? At a cost of $1 million dollars per US solider (associated costs I know) for them to be in that country. Why not just pick 10,000 Afghans and train them to police their own country according to their customs and beliefs?

  Perhaps, our presidents (YOU) have come to believe America has nothing left to offer the world other than being the Global Police Force. I am saddened to think, this maybe a way of manipulating the ‘unemployment’ numbers to make the White House appear to be working on the economy.

  General McCrystal should also suffer the faith of any officer going to the press speaking ill of his appointed leader. (Last time I checked was against the Oath of Office and Uniform Code of Military Justice.) Here I am willing to wager – his ‘forced’ retirement would lead to some other public office with even more of a detrimental effect on troop or public morale.

  Another moment of pause, to shift the blame to the Secret Service for the ‘crashers’ at the dinner the other night --- is another horrible reminder that while Americans are allowed to speak more freely now. We are not being told the truth; I miss the Transparency in Government campaign promise you espoused as well.

Very Respectfully,
Malissa Torres, USAF Retired 
this was the email letter I sent to the White House today.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lets Say THANKS to our TROOPS

Click here and send a wonderful card. Xerox will print out your design and mail it for you. Takes only seconds>>>>


Zephyr's Third Day on Tamiflu

You know, I am not big on medications unless there is a dire need or for maintainence purposes like diabetes or heart issues. However, after being worried sick about him & his fever, body, aches and four (yes count them) ---- four office visits complete with xrays, a dose of antiboditics -- which appeared not to work since we wound up in the ER one night. He is on the mend. A mom and dad knows when something is not right.

Thank you Physican's Assistant Andrew
(Zephyr's favorite to chat up about boys things)

YOU LISTENED, YOU OBSERVED, YOU KNEW and now my son is back to almost normal.

Talking and asking 5 Million questions. He is playing and fighting with his brother.

And I get my hugs and kisses.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What just pissing in the wind

But I don't need a primer to tell me what to think or feel about any political party but I got one in an email sent to me. Especially, if family and friends happen to be Republicans. This email kinda torqued my ass because for one; I don't need or want a committee telling me about their OWN SUBJECTIVE views on how others think, believe, act or react.

Personally, in my humble opinine. We are all granted the right to believe as we see fit. This email I got today just pisses me off.


(Dems, Repubs,Lefties, Right Wingers, Blue DAWGS, Red Necks, Hilly Billies, Socialists, Green Peeps --- what ever the hell the dog drags in.)

TO LAY DOWN their sabers and pick up cutlery appropriate to the season.
the email is below

"Malissa --

If your family is anything like our families, turkey and stuffing won't be the only thing being served up this year at Thanksgiving. Sooner or later that one Republican relative we all have sitting at the other end of the table is bound to bring up politics.

To make sure you're ready, we wanted to bring you our special Thanksgiving edition of @Stake.

Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet

Just in case your Republican friends or relatives at Thanksgiving try to repeat anything they've heard from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or by reading Sarah Palin's Facebook page, we wanted to help you respond with the truth."

Download our Exclusive Thanksgiving 'Cheat Sheet' to ensure that you're ready to respond with the real facts, should any Republicans at your turkey day feasts try to do their best Glenn Beck impersonation.

August Town Halls All Over Again?

Now that the House has passed health insurance reform, the right-wing fringe is going all out to attack Democrats who voted yes while they are home in their districts for Thanksgiving break. Even worse, they're hoping to use the same town hall tactics we saw this summer. Help us fight back.

Don't let Thanksgiving become another August. Please give a generous contribution to our Emergency Health Care Rapid Response Fund today to help Democrats fight back against the lies and attacks by right-wing 'tea party' activists.


This holiday season, you can avoid the mall crowds while helping Democrats fight back against the Republican lies and fear-mongering at the same time. MyDemocraticStore.com gives you the chance to purchase great Democratic merchandise from books, to apparel, to fleece blankets and more. Your purchases will support Democrats under attack by the right-wing fringe for supporting President Obama's agenda for change.

Shop today at MyDemocraticStore.com and save 50% off your second item using coupon code DCCCSTORE2XHALFA.

From all of us at the DCCC, please have a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving and stay tuned for the next edition of @Stake. Thank you again for driving and supporting House Democrats' agenda to keep America moving forward.


Jon Vogel

DCCC Executive Director"

or the requests for donations?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

For Saenz and Zephyr

MOMMY'S Favorite Elton John song updated:

The boys almost know the words to this classic. LOL

Friday, November 20, 2009

My cervix just exploded

First they tell us based upon scientific evidence; women should not be screened for breast cancer through mammograms starting at age forty. There is no need to do monthly exams; oh and doctors don't need to check your she bags during your annual.

NOW we are being told.

Cervical cancer screening should not begin until age twenty-one or three years after being sexually active.

(MOST WOMEN lose their virginity before this milestone, some contract STDs, some even have babies.)

AGAIN, no one will be able to convince me that BIG MONEY INSURANCE is not behind this.

WOMEN charged 40% than men talk about gender bias,

A. we live longer.
B. we seek medical attention more often (maybe the reason why we live longer.)
C. we bare children
D. we suffer from more domestic & sexual assault

Here is something interesting I read yesterday. 1900 women screened last year by mammograms out of 10,000 (Ages 40) were saved by early detection from breast cancer. 1300 women screened last year by mammograms out of 10,000 (Ages 50) were saved by early detection.

Just think, without the screening begining at 40 -- we may have lost 1900 women multiple by the # of LOTs (10,000) who were screened last year in their forties.

MOST WOMEN find their own lumps during SELF EXAMS.

Article for begining your research for decision making:

GRRRRRRRR and I live in a state were GENDER BIAS is sanctioned.

Gets off soapbox,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Well I got out of bed

AND NOW apparently ate a viral bug?

I am sick to the point; I have almost lost my voice. LOL
(HUBBY is probably feeling relieved.)

Saenz was able to ride the bus home yesterday and will today.
I still do morning drop off.

The only true concessions I have made; laundry is piling up as well as dishes.

Hubby is still sick but he won't admit it.
Even though he left his cup of coffee on the counter.

The doctors here are just saying it's seasonal allergies.

MY ARSE (could make a better diagnosis with one cheek tied in front),

Coughing up green gunk, being worn out, and wanting to sleep is not seasonal allergies but;
either a harsh cold or the flu.

Then I will drown my sorrows in hot tea with honey.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed


I bid you adieu!


Hee heee, I am so sleepy. Zephyr has bronchitis. Hubby is coming home early because he is feeling ill. I guess I will go eat a bug or something til it's time to pick up Saenz.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Stimulus Tracker, I am so skeptical

Okay Ladies and Germs,

With actual unemployment figures in the 20% range. (I don't care what the media is reporting on new claims.)

I went to this site:


My county is Live Oak in Texas. (JUST CLICK YOUR STATE & COUNTRY)

UP pops a list of awarded ***contracts*** monies from the stimulus package.

Live Oak supposedly put 328 people to work using stimulus monies.

Browse contracts4 projects found

Project description County State Contractor Industry Value Job impact
Corridor Improvements Live Oak County TX - Construction and Supplies $37,500,000


STATE LET CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS LIVE OAK CO GR BS SURF STRS. Live Oak County TX Ballenger Construction Company Construction and Supplies $17,155,044


JOE FULTON INTERNATIONAL TRADE CORRIDOR PHASE II. Live Oak County TX - Construction and Supplies 0.0 (no monies awarded yet) 0 (no PEEPS job creation)

Window Replacement and Plumbing Upgrades Live Oak County TX Dykema Architects Construction and Supplies 0.0 (no monies awarded yet) 0
(no PEEPS job creation)

SO NOW, I have to drive around my county to see if folks (construction workers are actually repairing or building roads.) Last time I read an article on the Trans Corridor connecting Mexico to US to Canada; it was cancelled.

Instead of telling the workers to STIMULAZZ; I will tell them to COVER UR AZZ due to plumbers crack.


If I can find them........................

For your state's unemployement numbers:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why? A day of mourning

I am so weary of war. I ache for my fallen brothers and sisters in arms.

I just don't understand why our leaders feel the need to grow their coiffers off the blood of those who serve their country.

I really am saddened by the events at Fort Hood and shore up my raw heart, mind and, soul for the next time. I truly believe there will be more violence.

Another story I am conflicted about is the DC sniper's execution today. I just don't understand the violence. Have I felt violent enough to physically harm another. YES

Have I acted on it? NO

DO I BELIEVE multiple killings commited by a person should get them the death penalty? Undecided.............

DO I believe in duty, honor, integrity, service, tradition, excellence with every fiber of my being.



SILENCE FOR THE FALLEN...........................

During Ft Hood's Final Roll Call

Saturday, November 7, 2009



Okay, that former JAG needs to go read up on recent history. To push aside a FORMER POWs comment is a freaking WOW moment for me.

Totally disrespectful to blow Ms. Johnson off as to not having experience because he as an OFFICER served in the Green Zone in Iraq.

Mind you a paper pushing lawyer he knows WAR. (shakes head in disbelief)

True he knows more than a casual civilian that has never worn a uniform nor picked up a weapon to stand watch.

I am totally in shock over this event. As a veteran I am aching in ways I can not begin to explore. I hurt for those who died and those who will bury them.

Really, where is the compassion

Where are the HUMAN humanitarians?

This will happen more often unless we as people become our brothers keepers.

Gets off soapbox, with tears in my eyes........

Some Places Should Be Gun Free

In light of the multiple shootings this week, I could not sleep last night.

What is alarming is, I believe the majority of the folks acting out in this method in the United States feel so desperate and devalued as human beings. They resort to mass murders; in the hopes of DEATH BY COP.

NO ONE Should kill or wound another for the sake of getting their voices heard.


The Army will have some answering to do,

not only did 13 people lose their lives but count all the wounded, the 'copy-cats,' the families affected will need years of physical and pyschological help.

In the case of Major Hasan, he should have been allowed to get out of the military and was showing blantant disrespect for Army Regulations by espousing religious zeal against the war. (IN MY OPINE, A BIG FREAKING CLUE as to his instability.)

Secondly, I hope the ARMY has recouped all the monies back from Major Hasan's education and training.

However, I think the ARMY will have to pay out more for:

his life long medical care, (he is now paralyzed)
his housing as a prisoner,
payouts of life insurance of 13 lost souls,
medical care of all those he wounded,
training of first responders across the Army for the 'NEXT EVENT',
training of All ARMY personnel on recognizing the signals of someone at risk the mental health care all touched will now require
publications this will bring forth,
investigations this has incured,
the background checks,
the cost of drug counselling, (he may have had a sustance abuse problem)
the cost of fighting (he was involved in off base events)
the costs associated with this event that even I cannot phantom

Instead, the ARMY said no. Let's take punitive measures by:

1. Giving him a poor performance report -- that will get him to walk the army line, supposedly this will keep him out of CHOICE assignments but still promote him.

2. MOVE HIM to another base (sweep him under the rug)

3. Promote him so he could fill the 'slot' in a foreward operating unit with more responsibilities and more pressure. (THAT WILL TEACH HIM the value of Being an ARMY OF ONE.)

4. Let's move him to a COMBAT GET THEM READY TO GO TO THE FRONTLINE base; train him on weapons (officers get specialized handgun training,) and give him orders to go to the front in support of the war he is so adamently against.

5. In the name of religious freedom, lets not pay attention to him while he is 'witnessing' to his patients about the tenets of Islam --- to the tune of AMERICA is so wrong to be in this war.

What really chaps my hide?????????

While I absolutely abhor the mass murders, and harming others; I actually understand the plight of Major Hasan. I too was turned down for separation while I was pregnant with my first son. Do you want to know the reasoning of my branch of service?

1. I held a TOP SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE. 2. I was NCO in a war critical career field. 3. THE US was at war, the year -- 1997.

So, disappointed and pregnant; I continued to wear the uniform.

I never can condone the taking up of weapons to kill innocent bystanders. I don't understand the need to point a weapon at my family (the Army is a family.) There are some places where weapons should never be taken.

1. HOME or your mother's arms. 2. Hospitals 3. Places of worship 4. Schools, universities, classrooms 5. Public events, gatherings, or arenas

Steps off soap box to breathe.....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Why Ft Hood does not surprise me

The military has many fine traditions yet, it has its downfalls as well. Mental health issues while (not as black listed as they were in my time,) are still nevertheless looked at as weaknesses for 'warriors.'

By this I mean, if the doctor wanted out of the military due to his changing beliefs. He would not have been able to be discharged (we are at war, remember) without first having to be 'brought down a peg or two," and his personnel records would have been reflective and branded as coward or unpatriotic.

He would have been disciplined and rehabilitated to tow the company line. What our society (military) does not encourage is personal growth and change within its ranks due to a realignment of spiritual goals or outlooks. As long as a solider, sailor, airmen shuts up and colors; is able to COMPARTMENTALIZE personal goals into the back of the closet hidden away from superiors -- he or she is deemed worthy of being within the fold of the ARMY OF ONE (or other branches).

My heart goes out to the families who lost members of theirs. Today, I will be mourning for the loss of my 'brothers (sisters) in the profession of arms.' However, I am not shocked this happened because after being at constant war since 1992.


It is any wonder, the person who joins the military at age of twenty is disillusioned by 30?

STEPS off craggy egg crate,

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Value of Couponing

I am addicted to couponing. There is not 12 step program to help me. But in the month of October, I fed 6 adults and 4 children on only $440 (including the costs of buying Sunday papers, dairy, veggies and meat).

Our grown children living in San Antonio had their entire pantry stocked right out of our own.

This passed month, I have gotten

(2) Lorel's Duo Eye Lift for free,

$20 gift card from amazon (a phone survey),

1 Good House Keep year subscription plus their 300 Page cookbook FREE,

18 Bayer Contour diabetic meters which will go to the local woman's shelter this Friday (normally $79.99) on sale at CVS for $14.99 which I had a $30 off coupon for all 18,

4 ($10 dollar rebates from Kellogg's, General Mills and one I can't remember.)

(TONS of free health & beauty products like Garnier, Frutis, Dayquil, Tylenol etc etc)

2 free movie passes,

8 free games of bowling,

$50 in free tokens at Chuckie Cheese (Zephyr Bday Party) plus

4 cans of enfamil which came in handy since our neighbor had a baby this past month.

It does take work, it is not easy, you have to be organized, you have to research and this is where people will have their down fall saving.

I joined Big Tent "How to Shop for Free." And it was the best dollar I have ever spent.


(Thanks Lori Nunya for cluing me in to the article.)


While this economy is still in the toilet and Congress is extending unemployment for those who can not find a job. I have made it my mission to pay off our home within five years. What I am no longer spending on groceries is being dumped not only in a savings account but also on the principal on our mortgage.

SMOOCHES from my slice of heaven

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halliburton, Republicans for Rape

Today when Zephyr and I was on the road from dropping Saenz off at school. We were behind a Halliburton semi truck. I then remembered the case of a female former employee (Ms. Jones) bringing suit against the company since, she could not name her attackers in a gang rape over in Iraq by US contract employees.


Sen A Franken had a bill up in congress that would aid workers overseas. Then in the news, I saw Republicans for Rape website because 30 voted with (contractors) against the victims of sexaul assualt.


My Thoughts:

1. Women are still seen as property.
2. Rape is a crime against a man's property.
3. No man of right mind is for rape especially if he has daughters (his property).
4. As long as it does not affect the pockets of a MAN then rape is ignored.
a. Halliburton has huge special interest payouts to congressional members.
b. War is a MAN's playground, the victim was just a slide to play on.
5. Things will not change until, WOMEN take over the freaking world.

Gets off soapbox..........