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Friday, November 6, 2009

Why Ft Hood does not surprise me

The military has many fine traditions yet, it has its downfalls as well. Mental health issues while (not as black listed as they were in my time,) are still nevertheless looked at as weaknesses for 'warriors.'

By this I mean, if the doctor wanted out of the military due to his changing beliefs. He would not have been able to be discharged (we are at war, remember) without first having to be 'brought down a peg or two," and his personnel records would have been reflective and branded as coward or unpatriotic.

He would have been disciplined and rehabilitated to tow the company line. What our society (military) does not encourage is personal growth and change within its ranks due to a realignment of spiritual goals or outlooks. As long as a solider, sailor, airmen shuts up and colors; is able to COMPARTMENTALIZE personal goals into the back of the closet hidden away from superiors -- he or she is deemed worthy of being within the fold of the ARMY OF ONE (or other branches).

My heart goes out to the families who lost members of theirs. Today, I will be mourning for the loss of my 'brothers (sisters) in the profession of arms.' However, I am not shocked this happened because after being at constant war since 1992.


It is any wonder, the person who joins the military at age of twenty is disillusioned by 30?

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