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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some Places Should Be Gun Free

In light of the multiple shootings this week, I could not sleep last night.

What is alarming is, I believe the majority of the folks acting out in this method in the United States feel so desperate and devalued as human beings. They resort to mass murders; in the hopes of DEATH BY COP.

NO ONE Should kill or wound another for the sake of getting their voices heard.


The Army will have some answering to do,

not only did 13 people lose their lives but count all the wounded, the 'copy-cats,' the families affected will need years of physical and pyschological help.

In the case of Major Hasan, he should have been allowed to get out of the military and was showing blantant disrespect for Army Regulations by espousing religious zeal against the war. (IN MY OPINE, A BIG FREAKING CLUE as to his instability.)

Secondly, I hope the ARMY has recouped all the monies back from Major Hasan's education and training.

However, I think the ARMY will have to pay out more for:

his life long medical care, (he is now paralyzed)
his housing as a prisoner,
payouts of life insurance of 13 lost souls,
medical care of all those he wounded,
training of first responders across the Army for the 'NEXT EVENT',
training of All ARMY personnel on recognizing the signals of someone at risk the mental health care all touched will now require
publications this will bring forth,
investigations this has incured,
the background checks,
the cost of drug counselling, (he may have had a sustance abuse problem)
the cost of fighting (he was involved in off base events)
the costs associated with this event that even I cannot phantom

Instead, the ARMY said no. Let's take punitive measures by:

1. Giving him a poor performance report -- that will get him to walk the army line, supposedly this will keep him out of CHOICE assignments but still promote him.

2. MOVE HIM to another base (sweep him under the rug)

3. Promote him so he could fill the 'slot' in a foreward operating unit with more responsibilities and more pressure. (THAT WILL TEACH HIM the value of Being an ARMY OF ONE.)

4. Let's move him to a COMBAT GET THEM READY TO GO TO THE FRONTLINE base; train him on weapons (officers get specialized handgun training,) and give him orders to go to the front in support of the war he is so adamently against.

5. In the name of religious freedom, lets not pay attention to him while he is 'witnessing' to his patients about the tenets of Islam --- to the tune of AMERICA is so wrong to be in this war.

What really chaps my hide?????????

While I absolutely abhor the mass murders, and harming others; I actually understand the plight of Major Hasan. I too was turned down for separation while I was pregnant with my first son. Do you want to know the reasoning of my branch of service?

1. I held a TOP SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE. 2. I was NCO in a war critical career field. 3. THE US was at war, the year -- 1997.

So, disappointed and pregnant; I continued to wear the uniform.

I never can condone the taking up of weapons to kill innocent bystanders. I don't understand the need to point a weapon at my family (the Army is a family.) There are some places where weapons should never be taken.

1. HOME or your mother's arms. 2. Hospitals 3. Places of worship 4. Schools, universities, classrooms 5. Public events, gatherings, or arenas

Steps off soap box to breathe.....

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Jack & Jill said...

You are so right! I fully agree with you about the cost with all concerned, because the army has to be right. There needs to be somewhere to go when you are having issues with anything and actually be heard. Clearly he needed psychological help, but it was ignored, and more stress applied. I also think that pregnant women should be allowed to get out if it is their choosing. I understand that many do not want to leave, but some do.

Have a good day!