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Monday, November 30, 2009

Losing Faith Mr. Obama


  I truly wanted to believe in your campaign promises. I did because you were not one the usual Yahoos running around Washington trying to sell me sunshine when in fact, peddling garbage.

  I do not believe we should ramp up in Afghanistan. For what good reason could there be to send my brothers/sisters to such a hostile place? I know policy abroad is a tough decision but at what risk? How many more men and women must die for the 100 or so Al-Qaeda left in Afghanistan? At a cost of $1 million dollars per US solider (associated costs I know) for them to be in that country. Why not just pick 10,000 Afghans and train them to police their own country according to their customs and beliefs?

  Perhaps, our presidents (YOU) have come to believe America has nothing left to offer the world other than being the Global Police Force. I am saddened to think, this maybe a way of manipulating the ‘unemployment’ numbers to make the White House appear to be working on the economy.

  General McCrystal should also suffer the faith of any officer going to the press speaking ill of his appointed leader. (Last time I checked was against the Oath of Office and Uniform Code of Military Justice.) Here I am willing to wager – his ‘forced’ retirement would lead to some other public office with even more of a detrimental effect on troop or public morale.

  Another moment of pause, to shift the blame to the Secret Service for the ‘crashers’ at the dinner the other night --- is another horrible reminder that while Americans are allowed to speak more freely now. We are not being told the truth; I miss the Transparency in Government campaign promise you espoused as well.

Very Respectfully,
Malissa Torres, USAF Retired 
this was the email letter I sent to the White House today.

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