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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Is Anybody Listening? Adam Lambert

I really like Adam Lambert.  I was listening today to samples from his album


The only single I liked was Sleep Walker.  I don't know who wrote his songs or put together his album but I can sum it up this way.

CLICHED --- Not showcasing his talent or creativity but, his homosexuality (queenish or divaness.)

I did find his performance in The Ten Commandments: The Musical much more telling of his innate vocal abilities. 

Adam ------ If you are listening..................

Please be true to yourself and your art form.  I knew you were gay the minute you step up to the microphone on American Idol.  That did not matter as soon as you opened your mouth to sing.  So, why does your album pronounce your proclivity instead of your artistry? 

For your gentle readers to decide I included from YOUTUBE:

Thoughts inside this coop......

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emajen333 said...

I completely agree. I LOVE Adam Lambert and his music, but the boy needs to STFU up about his sexuality. Anyone w/ an ounce of sense can see he's gay. I have no problem w/ that at all, but he is running off fans by shoving his preference down their throats. <-- No pun intended.