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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nolan Ryans Waterfront Steakhouse REVIEW

We had 'dinner' on New Years Eve at 4:30 pm, only one couple at another table.

Appetizer: Blooming Onion tasted like nothing and dripped in vegetable oil, the batter was scorched.

Quail and Steak, ordered medium rare, was stringy. highly salted, had been soaked in liquid smoke to give the aged (as advertised flavor) with 1/3 of meat being fat or grissle. Quail tips were burnt and bird was dry. The Au Jous was watered down liquid smoke. Canned green bean big disappointment with mash potatoes and small roll cost was $20.95 -- totally not worth it.

Husbands chicken fried steak meal was flavorless and coating was soggy. Lacking salad bar.............

Child's menu, Chicken Fried Steak fingers were basically deep fried hamburger strips (frozen food fare) and the coating was soggy fried in same oil everything is cooked in. TASTELESS

Chicken Breast Parmesean, The breast had be injected with water ---- or flavorless mystery juice, this plate also came with cold potato planks which I covered in Ranch dressing for ketchup.  I would have rather eaten some microwaved heated plastic dinner from frozen food company or airline.

SERVICE, slow, we had to ask for refills mind you only two tables had customers.  The cook had on a sports game in the kitchen --- yes, it was loud enough to hear into the dining area.  One employee walked in with 'Subway' sandwiches through the kitchen and crossed into the bar serving area.  And our waitress told I am wagering her manager;  She was sick (While she was rolling dinnerware into napkins).  Talk about a confidence rush..................

We will go there again, probably not because the name NOLAN RYAN promised 'home cooked' and well-raised beef. I was sorely disappointed.

Out of 10 score, our family rated this place a 2.

Lets see if urbanspoon keeps my review.  I am just sorry our dinner cost us $76 that we will never get back. Yes, I tipped the waitress.........That teenager (high schooler) has not been trained well thus, not her fault completely.

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Jack & Jill said...

So sorry, I hope y'all don't get sick tonight. Dinner sounds absolutely dreadful and terribly expensive for such greasy junk. Should have been excellent for that price!

Happy New Year! (Well, pretty soon) Wishing you prosperity and peace in the new year.