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Saturday, December 26, 2009


Back in August when Kellogg's was heavily promoting their Fuel to School rebates,  I purchased the required items.  I wanted to make sure I had my rebate forms in to allow time to purchase a computer for my son for Christmas. 

You would think Dell and Kelloggs would want 'students' to have a wonderful computer for their upcoming school year.  Well school started and no rebate so I called Kellogg's --- It was their program and they said:

OH SO, SORRY due to over whelming response.  Our processing is delayed. Your rebate and code will be forth coming. (SEPTEMBER MIND YOU, I had mailed the rebate form on August 6th just five days after the rebate period began.)

October came and went....................Nothing

November came and so I called Kellogg's back.  I wanted to ensure I had the coupon code for a computer in time for Christmas Shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Kellogg's said:  OH SO, SORRY due to over whelming response.  Our processing is delayed.  Your rebate and Dell Code will be forth coming.  If you don't get it by the first week of December please contact us. 

WHAT THE FROG, Toni the Tiger?

I recieved in the mail last week, yep the code and the rebate.  It was mailed from the processing plant on the December 11th, 2009 from Battle Creek, Michigan zip code 49037.  It took Kellogg's 128 days to process a simple rebate form.  Now, mind you............. I was not especially happy but nonetheless; I still needed a computer 'after' the fact.

SINCE the E-Machine laptop I purchased from Wal-Mart heated up and shut down on its own after being plugged in for two hours.  Good thing, I checked because Wal-Mart has a 15 day return policy.  I am having to return the laptop, Saenz did not get his Mum and Dad Christmas gift due to shoddy worksmanship (Wal-Mart) nor a Dell.

So today, I go online to buy after the fact.  The Dell dude was nice and tried to help me with the rebate code.  But, it seems ladies and gentlemen....................

Dell and Kelloggs picked out really slow moving computers with VISTA (which is discontinued) in to 'give rebates on,' Yep NOTHING BUT THE BEST for America's children.  Mom, is here feeling shafted by Toni the Tiger.

My first post on this topic when I was expecting Kelloggs to deliver:


So, I am not happy but will probably pick a duo processor inspiron laptop by Dell.  I am more upset over the horrid customer service but even more so that, the laptops offered have VISTA and are basically useless except for checking emails.  Right now, Saenz is at the movies alone with his dad, watching Avatar.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr Toni the Tiger! that was my spot next to him.


Jack & Jill said...

Gee, that was SOME deal! I had Vista and wouldn't even consider giving that frustration to a child! Guess they were using it as a write off... such a shame.

I see you've had some fun days for vacation!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Howdy Hoe, Yes man, we took a 24 hour spin off the farm. Dell could have just wrote off the stock as a loss but, since they are lagging on the Exchange lately. I am sure they worked out a deal with Kelloggs.

Smooches, NC