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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

400th Post And I am wavering on support of Obama's Plan

My Thoughts the Good, Bad, and Ugly
1. I (obama) will go through the budget line by line til we get on budget.
    NOPE hasn't happened

2. GITMO will close
    NOPE hasn't happened ---- moving prisoners stateside

3. I TRULY BELIEVE OBAMA does not support sending 30k. DID YOU WATCH HIS FACE, his  body, non-verbal communication.

4.   Last time I checked my map, Afghanistan needs to be accessed by air and land. Thus moving 30K American troops, 7K NATO troops, and training 5K in country troops will be a logisitical nightmare in few short months only to have them pulled out. (BEGIN TO WITHDRAW) in 2011.

5.   Another sticking point for me is; chasing Al-Qaeda (Taliban) or whatever the label will surely have Pakistan's growing involvement.  (I GUESS NO ONE IS WATCHING THIS?)

6.   I almost fell off the couch when he made this comment:

"Commanders in Afghanistan repeatedly asked for support to deal with the reemergence of the Taliban, but these reinforcements did not arrive. That's why, shortly after taking office, I approved a long-standing request for more troops."

Really, So President Karzi gets on the phone to call the US instead of using diplomacy in his own country?  I so think not. 

While I do believe the lines between Al-Qaeda and Taliban are dissolving. (YOU KNOW banding together to further their fight against the west.)  Last time, I checked the Taliban did not orchestrate the war against the US --- it was a Saudi backed (financed) support of Al-Qaeda that brought the attacks to our land. 

So boys and girls lets take a good look at the map.  Where after sending our troop to Afghanistan will the next flair up be?  Where will the Taliban/Al-Qaeda/ or other dissadents/ jihadists go???

Thoughts, opinion, guesses???????


Jen said...

I'm not sure what will happen with his plan. The only thing I figure is that by the end of his term we'll still be living in the aftermath of this mess.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Jen, I think he (they) left it open to move our troops around to other countries. Just read this morning the Taliban are claiming responsibility for the attacks in Pakistan this week. "We are being used as a police force -- gratis -- while other countries are nation building."

Just my opine,
Hugs and Merry Christmas