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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Babies having babies

The first day with Obama and Saenz, Hubby setting up a temp pen in background.

Hard to believe we are coming into our full circle. We moved here Jan 06 when I retired from active duty Air Force. I picked out 10 chicks from Parker Feed Supply in Beeville. 3 Years later: sold or bartered 60 layers, eggs by the dozens and trying our hand at gardening this year since last year's was wiped out by Dolly and Ike.

Hillary and Obama came to be with us in April; they got their names because all the news had time for was reporting about the democrats and the political mess this country is in and will be decades before fully recovery. 8 months later, Hillary will be having a set of twins soon. Obama true to his goat nature is pushy and demanding of feed. Since these two orphans are now parents; it will not be my job to feed the babies since Hilliary will nurse the twins.

I have no idea what this year will hold but, I am wishing for our own healthy gardens and happy children, chickens, guineas, Mr. Salad Fingers, goats and kids. Hubby and I just follow our sons and 'babies' lead because that is the way our creator made the world. ~:>

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Life Around

Dinner stare down:

We are so blessed. Every morning, my boys and I drive into town to drop Saenz off at school. I find myself trying to get my sons to really look at the world around them. I have found people generally just look right in their comfort zone; if they want to see outside themselves the focus either needs to widen or narrow.

For instance this beautiful little garter snake was eyeing his dinner. I found this by seeing an old shed then using my eyes to really look for him. It took three days to find his hang out but, I did and thus shared with my sons. Yesterday, on the way home we took a different route and made another discovery. While I did not have my camera with me, we watched a small 9 banded armadillo dig up insects on the side of the road. For our next adventure, I will be investing in three pairs of field binoculars because the bird variety in this area is stunning. There has to be at least 15 birds of prey here and the binoculars would bring the birds close enough for my sons to connect.

One day, I hope my sons are atuned to nature because while humans are busy with technology-life abounds just a breath away.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reflecting on lack of family history

Funny to think back to when I was my sons age; playing outside underneath pecan and apple trees. I remember a cousin pointing out rabbit tobacco and telling us to break the leaves and chew it. Weird but; I can remember the taste and smile at how gullible I was to believe rabbits chew tobacco.

Though my two sons have grandmothers; they will not be raised by them. My own mother and step mother (which I hate that term/label) live in Alabama and my husband's lives in Poth; I would wager the amount of total time spent with the boys would equal less than a month with the Lions Share going to Betty. I wonder how Saenz and Zephyr's life and demeanor would have been changed by hanging out with these awesome women.

My own mother, Ree has the strongest work ethic of anyone I know but, I have a hard time remembering her just having fun unless we were hanging out with one of her sisters. Betty has a work ethic but, she listened and played with us more and I could always talk to her about anything without judgements. Andrea (hubby's mom) supported 11 children mostly on her own and is always laughing and joking. Though language and her deafness makes communication difficult; I love her dearly and wish to spend more time with her.

It is weird to think of my own grandmother Maw Maw (Ella) because she has been long dead before I even married. I can recall her voice, her smell, her hands and mostly her green eyes of which; mine are the same shade. She was a bright, observant and kind soul with the best 'bisquit' making skills ever. I just laugh to think of her fear of snakes and wonder how she would handle being around my boys who both hunt for them. I would have loved for her to meet my sons and see her in them and sometimes I do. Zephyr has a high pitched scream just like hers when he is startled. Saenz has her tapered fingers and is sensitive as she was. Perhaps one day, if all the religious pundits are correct: Saenz and Zephyr will meet her in the after life.

What is changing with the US, is families. While my sons don't have the Grandmothers to hang out with or the history that went with them; they are blessed to be happy, healthy and well taken-care. Perhaps as a society, as technology isolates us--we will again branch out and regroup as a village. Just thoughts from the coop.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ms. Lori,

I am standing here with fists in air. This series is well written, very modern and has shocking elements for those with strict moral codes. And while I love CSI (original) and Nip/Tuck. This series I do feel is more realistic. The commericals for funeral palor supplies in the first three episodes in season one had me howling with laughter.


Movie Description The HBO television series SIX FEET UNDER, about the members of a dynamic Los Angeles-based family that operates the Fisher and Sons Funeral Home, has an ironically grim, but intriguing premise: each episode is based on the death and extenuating circumstances of the family's current client. When a porno star dies and is brought to Fischer and Sons, an entourage of her former costars appear to mourn her death. In another episode, the family must negotiate with tough Mexican-American gang members who have very specific requests for the funeral of one of their brethren. A sassy drama that is rife with black comedy, SIX FEET UNDER follows other HBO hit series like SEX IN THE CITY, THE SOPRANOS, and OZ. Alan Ball created the hit series after scoring a huge success with his original screenplay for AMERICAN BEAUTY. Ball has written and directed several of the 13 episodes that comprise this first season.
Rick Cleveland
Ed Begley Jr., Ed O'Ross, Eric Balfour, Frances Conroy, Freddy Rodriguez, Jeremy Sisto, Lauren Ambrose, Mathew St. Patrick, Michael C. Hall, Peter Krause, Rachel Griffiths, Richard Jenkins
4-Disc Boxed SetNotesDVD Features:Region 14-Disc SetDigi-PackAnamorphic Widescreen - 1.78Additional Release Material: Audio Commentary - 1. Alan Ball - Creator (2) Featurettes - 1. Behind-the-Scenes (20 Min.) 2. Opening Titles Featurette (15 Min.) Deleted Scene - 1. Pilot Episode Interviews Trailers - 1. Episodic Previews 2. Episodic Recaps Isolated Audio Track - 1. Title Song Remix by Kid LocoText/Galleries: Biographies DVD-ROM Features: Web LinksEditorial Reviews"...Making the show a must-see are clueless mom Frances Conroy, non-conformist high school sis Lauren Ambrose and Rachel Griffiths..."USA Today - p.15D - Mike Clark "...The show confronts death -- and, of course, life -- with an artful mix of irony, gallows humor, and heartbreaking poignance..."Entertainment Weekly - p.133 - Michael Sauter "...There's plenty of warmth and humor in SIX FEET UNDER..."Sight and Sound - p.65 - Rob White "[The characters'] trials and tribulations make for a very entertaining complete fifth season of the acclaimed HBO Series."Widescreen Review - Widescreen Review Staff (05/01/2006)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pres Obama's Day

Why this day means so much to me:

I grew up in Alabama, and well remember the racial slurs thrown around like pepper dotting conversations. I can remember feeling uncomfortable whenever horrible words and phrases where used to describe an entire race or person. Even those who went to church would use provocative speech to delineate themselves from others of differing faiths within the same religion or others, races, unwed mothers, disabled and mentally challenged or ill, all in the name of being the ‘chosen followers.’

What also bothered me were these people, on their assumed pedal stools allowing men to abuse their wives and children in the 'name of being drunk or he just a man.' Women who wore clothing, jewelry and makeup asked to be sexually assaulted. Divorced women were of low moral standards and were probably guilty of extra martial affairs.

Later as an adult:

I was a privileged person serving abroad in our military and can remember: when fashion magazines incorporated more and more models of ethnic back grounds, movies with diversified faces, living with persons of all walks of life, exposure to the gay community and my world grew in leaps in bounds with growing belief in human equality. Volunteering led me to other awakenings and later in my career; I have held the hand of the battle tested as they lay dying in their hospital bed in the name of freedom and America.


Flash forward a few decades and here I sit; in awe and wonder with a sense of pride because though those horrible acts still occur-- yet there is still hope. Though I can no longer go back to the family that raised me because they still hold on to the ways of the past which nurtured them, I have hope. One day my sons or your children will be able to ascend to the ideals of freedom and equality. From this first step with President Obama; we will begin a journey of a thousand miles and yes, we are our brothers’ keeper.

So wiping the tears from my eyes, we move on with hope.

Why my son is home from school today

However, I did keep my son home from school today simply because the district does not have television in the rooms for children to see this historic event. This day "IS" important and do you want to know why?

I feel my sons need to see this man take the Oath of Office. To see a face that is unlike their own, or unlike others in this town because then they can see as Hispanics they also will one day see those of other races, ethnic groups, gender, social background, financial background, and religions stepping-up and taking their place as leaders of this great country and or positions of leadership closer in home communities.

My sons will be able to see they have NO EXCUSE to lay back and not work for what they want.OTHERWISE, true he is a 'figure-heard' but you know what?

Mr Obama does not stand alone he has an entire administration and team of speech writes. I can not remember any country WANTING to work with an elected incubment official with such gusto. Mr. Obama does inspire because he is professional, courteous, and thinks things through before 'cow-boying off the cuff.'


Saturday, January 17, 2009

This week I read about a suicide

This young man was only 25 and took his own life.

He had planned it out from a young age when he decided to kill himself.

He was sucessful with a career, his parents accepted his lifestyle, and he had friends galore.

What stuck in my mind reading about this young man is once he made a decision with anything in his life---he carried though. Now I can not begin to understand the pain and torment this man went through. However, I do believe there is not one person in this universe that has not wondered about what his/her environment would be like without them---aka It's a Wonderful Life.

One part of me wishes he would not have removed himself from this life because in my heart it feels a waste. I felt he was selfish for not reaching out to others for help. His family, co-workers and friends will forever have unanswered questions about their roles in his life.

Another part, says perhaps it was best he decided to go the way he did; because so much pain could have lead to him hurting others. I also see the emptiness in his life because he had no faith in anything and this kind of despair has no resolution.

Later this week after reading about this incident. I began thinking of the 4 young men who I knew since childhood that were successful in committing this act. All of them were vivacious outgoing; or at least in worldly demeanor. I have come to realize is the FACE we give the world is not; for the most part, is not what is actually going on in our hearts. We have many facets, crevices, hidden valleys, and secret places within our souls others are not allowed to view. This amount of 'control' can be a double edged sword.

One side it gives us the right to allow whom we feel safe with to enter.

The other it keeps people out and away.

To who are reading here---really look at people---and connect for you never know when it is the last time you see, hear, or read from their hearts.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do I worry about what people think?

My first answer though not totally honest would be a resounding, NO!

One thought, I love Shartey as much as I do my own mother, sisters, or neighbors and I look to her as a trusted advisor and friend for almost two years now. Do I care what she thinks of me?


Do I care about other bloggers here or around the world as silent lurkers? YES, because who knows how my words describing my life affect others. Here I am thinking of Mixednut555 my spiritual soul-sister. Writing helps the both of us cope when the pain of caring and nurturing others becomes painful.

Those persons espousing they do not care about others are not being totally honest.
Because, “NO” reply is self-serving load of bull because they do care about someone just not everyone they come in contact with in the world or cyber environment.

I do care about ‘some’ individuals more than I do for others. By saying NO, this means I would be protecting the façade of being a “stand alone” individual which, no human is.

Not even the male eBay bloggers here who fight verbally with others; they need customers, contacts/friends, and viewers for feedback and at least one other person to fight with or get some sort feedback be it negative or positive. For to be a ‘STAND ALONE person’ not needing nor requiring input from other would mean they become true hermits and not connected to the internet or any form or community.

Thanks Blue for posting your thoughts as you walk the road of recovery and self discovery.

NOTE TO ALL WHO READ: I care for many bloggers here just did not type their ids. I have learned from many, even those ,who hate themselves and take it out on others.