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Friday, March 30, 2012

Do You Remember...

When you first started reading?  This year's main focus has been learning to read for Zephyr. Mrs. Jana (fellow Texas homeschooler & blogger) told us about The Well Trained Mind . I agree with the author's suggested use of literature to teach Zephyr and Saenz. 

We have also used: Hooked on Phonics, Reading Eggs, Reading Rabbit, McGuffey's, migratory flocks of primers, and sight word flash cards. 

The lovely thing is one afternoon we got my WALKING DEAD: Compendium 1  delivered and Zephyr realized he could read the words.  Mind you! He did sound out an expletive but, I was just so happy he connected his past lessons into actual reading. PHEW! I feel like I have done my job as a teacher.

Now Zephyr is reading whatever, he gets his hands on and has the confidence to tell me (SSSSSSHHHH) it is his turn.  Plus now I have been looking for movies with subtitles in English to help his fluency.  So this year we will be ordering Sonlight Multi Core C (2nd grade) plus more readers for him at 3rd reading level. 


So let me invite ya'll to do a happy dance.

We have a new reader in the chicken coop!
Happy Easter to All who pass here.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I Want to Apologize to Mr. Obama


I just ran across this story on Yahoo.  What the hell?  If this does prove to be an actual bumper sticker, I am so sorry.  I don't want to believe some Americans have no respect the highest office in our nation --  let alone a human being who does have our best interest in hand.  I am literally shaking as I type this blog post.  I really did not want to believe we still have this evil here; in the country who's uniform I proudly wore for twenty years.

President Obama,  I apologize on behalf of of these folks who would do such a thing.  I am just so very ashamed and will go dry my tears elsewhere. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just Another Day

     This morning, my friend Mrs. Lily came over to take me into town for blood work.  (Remember I no longer have a car.)  We caught up on all the latests family news between us. 

Let me tell ya'll something.

     Have you taken a look around?  Spring is breathing life into us here.  While I did not stop to take pictures of the fields of wildflowers especially now with blue bonnets blooming in mass. The entire countryside here is now green with grass up to a foot high.
Meet Yolandra; she took the required vials of blood. 
Next Tuesday, I will find out if I am living or not.

     I am loving this new med for bipolar it is called Symbyax.  This has been the first time in my adult life that a medication has not made my brain feel like it was floating away from my body, made me jumpy, caused suicidal thoughts, or so hyper (just what a person with rapid cycling needs) I was climbing the walls.  I know it is supposed to take 2 weeks for one of these types of meds to build up and help the patient but, I noticed a difference after four days.  Especially now, I can sleep regular hours and feel like cleaning house.  

     Some folks with bipolar can not function well because of lack of sleep. No joke, I could go 4 days or more some times back in my 20s with sleep (I was single then). Those times were not bad if; I was doing something like crocheting a baby blanket which I would finish in a night or say read a book or two.  One of the best things I have learned and I will contribute it to my mom's form of discipline was/is how to compartmentalize emotions, thoughts, anger, anxiety, or energy -- and just do tasks.  This was how I functioned at work.

     I could be doing my work but, inside my head, I would literally being doing or thinking a dozen things not even aware my fingers were moving.  Bi-polar helped me acutally 'copy' Morse code, listen to music, read and talk to peers all at the same time.  I credit my bipolar with my uncanny recall because I remember most things or conversations and have a rigid sense of right and wrong.  What helped me most besides medication was working out, going dancing in clubs, and then later having children.  These things would draw me out of my head focus on my own selfish ideas, dreams, and inner conversations.

     If a person with bipolar can get out of their head and silence all the din and inner turmoil; he or she will find they can function. Any ways, that is just my opinion from personal experience.  I do not have a medical degree.

     I did want to pass on a website I have come to love because the writer is seriously fuuny about politics.

And thanks Mrs. Lily!  I enjoyed our visit and the ride into town.  I am off to hop around some blogs now.

Take care all who pass here.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Have Ya'll Noticed Spring Has Shown Up Early?

      Back in early Feb, we noticed our mesquite trees already budding along with some other of our fruit trees that made it through last year's drought.  I find it worrying how the seasons seem to be all messed up with climate change.  My heart goes out to all those who were harmed by such early tornados and then snow right after.  This leaves me wondering if this summer the United States will be plagued with hurricanes.  La Nina has been doing some really crazy things with our weather pattern.

What do ya'll think?

      I want to thank those of you who have inquired as to why my posts have been greatly reduced.  Seems, I have been in a bi-polar funk after my knee injury back in November.  I did not go see a doctor simply because after 20 years of being poked and prodded by doctors who were adept at treating symptoms.  I just did not want to waste my time listening to lectures or theories. I was just happy to be alive and able to stay with my boys. 

     Two weeks ago, I had to go to the emergency room because I was having muscle spasms so hard; I could not move or turn my head. Let me tell you, when spasms hurt worse than contractions, you have issues.  There the doctors found my blood pressure (BP) to be far too high at 240/120.  Even though I was in pain after a shot and flexeril, there was little reduction in my resting BP.  Basically, I could have 'stroked' out at any time.  The kind doctors there gave me meds, told me to rest, and make an appointment with my regular; which I did.

     This week's visit with Dr. Beasely was wonderful.  She actually listened to my concerns and complaints; asked tons of questions.  She told me I had a middle ear infection plus my BP was still too high at 180/110. The next thing she did was doubled my dose of BP meds, ordered a ten day dose of azithromycin, and put me a Symbyax which is a med for bi-polar disorder.  Let me tell you; this med has made a HUGE difference in my ability to function as a human being.  Just after four days on medications I am back to zooming around taking care of my menfolk and not over or under sleeping.

     This leaves me to wonder about all the other 'care-givers' out in the world.  How often do we put others first so much in our lives; we in effect forget to nuture ourselves? Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen.  Heart diease is the number one killer of people in the US.  Ya'll get your cholesterol and bp checked.  High blood pressure is a silent killer and gives little to no warning. 

For you homeschooling parents,

     Have you tried Reading Eggs grades K-3 or ages 4 through 7?  It has been such a sucess, the company is going to expand to other grade/age levels with ABC Reading Express. Also the site allows a trial offer of two weeks to try it free with no use of a credit card. Zephyr adores the online reading program.  He doesn't even realise he is working.  Homeschoolbuyerscoop is having a 25% off special for an annual subscription.  I will be writing more later about our choices this year in curriculum.
     So now,  will leave ya'll with a picture of Roux, going on 4 months at a hefty 5.8 lbs.  She is such a funny puppy, follows me everywhere, chases her own tail, loves to chew dirty socks (dog chewing gum?), and still falls asleep in the strangest of places.  As you can see, she is sleeping on my crossed legs, head down and body up. 

Take Care,