We Are Deep In the Heart of Texas

Nomadic seasons of farming adventures with nature thrown in to include; a pinch of family, snippets of friends, counting our blessings, paying IT forward, home school, and the spicy things I decide to rant about.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Love Being Here

By that declaration, I mean my station in life.  I am the 'regular stopping place' for my family members to fill their hearts or unload their baggage.  It is quiet an alarming thing to realize you are the fulcrum in other peoples' lives especially children. Today I realized not only am I a grand mother but, have settled into the role my own grandmother had in my life -- balance, security, and open arms.

Each day I am the one responsible for setting the tone of our family.  I really don't think I could have done this in my twenties. I was just too self-centered to give to my full attention to rearing an emotionally secure child or being a part of a successful marriage.

There is nothing better in life than to have a home life (station) that completely meets my once wandering soul's drive for adventure.  

On a separate note: this morning we had a visitor.  Do ya'll love finding critters at your homesteads?  I know Saenz and Zephyr are nature lovers; I hope they continue far into the future to love the natural world. 
 This little garter snake is simply gorged on a mouse.  Zephyr found it behind one of our gardens in our inner yard.  I could have actually reached out and picked it up.  But, since its belly was full; we left it alone.
Have a glorious week in your slices of heaven!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome to Hoe Hen Inn: Sarah, Tex & Mex

Meet Sarah and Mex. 
Tex is on the left. 
 Tex is heavier than Roux by a pound or so.
At six weeks they are already bigger than our little diva Roux.

Grand daughter Sarah has joined our little homeschool; she is 8 and will be doing Sonlight curriculum with us.  Here she is with Zephyr on the back porch with puppies Tex and Mex.  The pups are Blue Tick Coon Hound and Labrador mix so, I am guessing they will weigh between 40 and 50 lbs when grown. 

Today I will be finding out if my bp meds are working.  Let me tell you, each time the doc changes or ups the dosage; I have to get used to it.  The first couple of days and I feel wiped out.  Plus I will be finding out if I need surgery on my knee.  Yep, I fell back in November; it has given me trouble since.  Fingers and Feathers crossed will ya.........?

So what will ya'll be doing for Easter?