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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Day of the Year, 2008

Many changes this year,

I want to remember tv personality Tim Russert. I miss his show Meet the Press. I have not been able to complete one show since his death from a heart attack. The world is a much less objective place without his fair reporting.

I also want to recognize Bernie Mac, who cracked me up when he did stand up and talked about raising children. Charlton Heston death also sticks with me because he was so talented and as I child I grew up with his movies on TV. Bo Diddley's death is a huge loss to the music world, no one can make a guitar cry as he did. Isaac Hayes's butter voice also a sad loss. Mr. George Caitlin, who was so profane but such an asset to freedom of speech. Golden Girls' Estelle Geddy, my favorite character. Mr Blue Eyes himself, Paul Newman in one of my all time favorite movies, Cool Hand Luke. Dody Goodman was an awesome comic. Eartha Kitt's voice in the universe will be missed. I know there are many more of those in the public eye but the one who made me sit back and actually cry was Mr. Tim Russert.

As far as my own circle of family friends, this year I am fortunate. We lost no one. However, on the 20Th this year. I called Honey to let her now how much I still love and miss Jo Jo. I can not believe its been a full year. Then again, I know the hole in my heart is still there and I miss my most beloved friend. It's weird but, I am not the 'connective' type of female. I rarely make friends because I am off in my own world focusing on my home, family, farm and surroundings. Jo Jo meant the world to me, she was the person I would become as far as 'pure faith and strength of character.'

I am also celebrating this year because America elected her first 'black' or 'African-American' President. About time, now lets move on to some one who came from true working class stock. Have you ever noticed no preachers have been elected? Can you not have 'faith' and 'democracy' in one person?

PRICES at the end of the year:

Honey crisp Apple $2.99 a pound
1 gallon whole milk $3.99
1 gallon unleaded gasoline $1.42
1 package of ramen noodle soup .20c
1 pound of regular white bread $2.19
1 pound of 80% ground beef $2.29
1 pound of NY Strip Steak $8.99
1 head of lettuce, $1.25
1 dozen store eggs white, large $1.69
1 (12 pack) national brand soda $4


for world peace
for no one to go hungry
education for all who desire to learn
shelter, monies, medicine for those without
no persecution based upon--skin, gender, age, sexual preference, disability, religion, or need

Big wishes to all,
Thanks to Our Creator,
And remember with
Our Creator;

Happy New Year
Nekkid Chicken Dancing Through

Monday, December 29, 2008

Help!!!! LOL Still a week to go!

My boys are stir crazy. When it gets a bit warmer, I am sending them outside to chase Mr. Salad Fingers or our chickens with a water hose. Winter break finds them mostly wrestling with each other and running through the house.

Though Saenz likes to spice things up by using one of the cats as a shotgun pointed at his brother. ROFL

I guess the idea is to smite Zephyr with a feline gas attack.

For Mom & Dad,

I know you check this blog while on the road so, I will say Happy New Year. I will try calling you again but your cell service keeps dropping the calls. My guess is your up North again.

Plans for the coming year:

This year, I am trying to convince my dear husband to install a green house. I am seriously tired of paying crazy prices for yucky store produce and still do not want to find the Rattler surprise or Fire Ant hills before stepping on either.

Several kind eBayers, userid Rooster613 http://blogs.ebay.com/rooster613, the Star Trek Rabbi,

Lori sent heirloom pole beans,

Tali sent rhubarb

Ddskitty sent peppers and melons seeds

Shartey sent ajuga which was promptly eaten by our green greedy hens; then probably killed off by the unpredicted freezes we have gotten.

Each of these wonder folks have been gracious & helpful with my gardening learning curve. I hope to use soon as the almanac or this crazy weather points to no more freezes.

Fingers crossed this year GREEN HOUSE.


1. Sad to report but Saenz's Henny Penny (red production) had to be put down. She reinjured her wing beyond repair and the humane thing was to put her out of her misery since her coop mates and roosters would not leave her alone. Rest in Peace....... Ms. Henny Penny

2. Our really confused Rhode Island Red rooster, Sprocket the Spanish Rocket found his male-chicken soul. He thinks he is a guinea fowl since roosting with our small flock from hatch, thus he has imprinted on their characteristics. Mind you; he does not crow and runs about like a guinea fowl but, he mated with Lil Shartey for the first time yesterday. We are still longing to hear his first crow.

Bless your home from our happy hearts,
Nekkid Chicken

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mr. Salad Fingers 3 months

Have you ever heard a Pig squeal his displeasure/ Hee heee, I am here to tell you, it is a deafening sound like breaking sound barrier. Hubby had a hard time holding this 30 pound bundle of squiggley muscle up just for a quick snap shot.

Mr. Salad Fingers has grown from a little 5 pound piglet born the last week of October to 30 pounds of fun, he thinks he is a dog too. He 'barks' kinda like the neighbors dogs at intruders. He also squeaks when he wants a deep tissue belly rub. His favorite things to nibble on are: Shoe Laces, top of mom's boots, dad's ankles and gives muddy kisses to Saenz & Zephyr's calves.

Here he is just yelling and protesting his picture being taken.

Here he is running for help and refuge to the guineas coop.

This is Saenz holding sweet Beijing, a silky smooth cross-breed banty, cochin.

All this took place on Christmas. Hope you all had a wonderful, family-filled day.
Nekkid Chicken

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday Dad!

Zephyr with the first dozen chicken tamales ready to steam.

Zephyr showing mommie how to frost Dad's cookie cake.

Saenz giving mom a very reluctant smile just for Dad's big day.

Santa's helpers busy at work.

Dad's cookie cake the boys made and decorated. However, I believe we should stop and give thanks. To our Creator and honor this season with wishes of happiness, joy, peace and good will towards all people.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bullies on eBay's blogs

On December 25 th, will be my 2 year anniversary of finding the blogs on eBay. I was selling at the time and found another seller 'had taken' my photos to sell their product.

At first, it was exciting to talk to people all over the world and get business advice. However, much like the world, the eBay blogs are multi-layered much like an onion with: hidden agendas, false persona's, cut-throat competition, copy-cats, scammers, thieves, and numerous personal vendettas to settle.

It's is a sad thing to say but I have seen kind people send money to 'help' others only to have those same folks torn apart by the people that gave a handout. Some even feel it is okay to pardon the ill treatment of other's because one person just has the need to bully others. I have seen horrible 'male bloggers' sexually harass female bloggers, say sexual things about their: children, husbands, even farm animals.

Sellers also talk about others on IM, give out customer information, and use others ideas.

A gift group was started but then 'some' decided it was their personal bank at certain times of the month and 'asked for gifts' to get by until their paycheck cleared.

As folks (sellers)grew comfortable; some would create zero ids (usernames) in order, to spread hate, lies or THE TRUTH about others though it would hurt their business under their normal blogging/selling id.

What is even more ludicrous is: eBay does "ALMOST" nothing to clean up or moderate the slander, libel, scamming, or sexual harassment of others. One BRILLIANT CRIMINAL MIND (a power seller) has found if comments are '''deleted''' then eBay will do nothing.


Simple bottom line, eBay is losing money and this pond scum detritus adds to their coffers.

AND YET, of the 100 daily bloggers. I have made a hand full of friends whom I would give a organ to.

The world is a strange and lovely place, despite......Bullies on blogs.

Friday, December 12, 2008

When a book isn't a book

When Saenz was around three years old, I purchased him an educational book on Sharks. It was not a child's book but an adult's & hubby questioned why I spent so much on a book for a toddler. Though I did buy him children's books; this one book was something I knew would fill his heart with joy.

Saenz has always taken care of his books. Since he was 18 months old I knew without a doubt he was dyslexic and thus had no interest in scribbling in books. He has a great love of books and all things dealing with knowledge/discovery inside book covers.

So, this wonderful book had color pages on hundreds of shark species from conception to death; he and I would sit for hours 'reading' the book. He would even fall asleep holding this heavy, hard bound book.

This week, I left Zephyr home with his dad to go pickup Saenz after school. Let's just say; MEN ARE NOT MULTI TASKERS. Saenz's room was breached and not only did Zephyr make a mess of the room but, he literally 'broke' the Shark book.

When I got Saenz home and he opened his room door to the discovery. The look of pain, violation, and loss on his face was so great. My heart broke in half because I could do nothing to assuage his loss. Luckily, I did an immediate search on eBay and found the book. I am happy to report that I not only have the book on its way to Saenz's room; I have come to realize another thing.

The BOOK, was not just an object; it was a treasure cove of wonderful memories spent alone or with a parent. The BOOK, was a symbol of peace and harmony in a world that sometimes did not make sense do to a boy who's brain processes written information differently. The BOOK, was one small thread in "the quilt" that makes our 'family blanket' warm and safe to a ten year old boy.

Again, I am so fortunate to have my sons; they are my BOOK (for each day adds a page) & BLANKET of comfort.

Nekkid Chicken