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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bullies on eBay's blogs

On December 25 th, will be my 2 year anniversary of finding the blogs on eBay. I was selling at the time and found another seller 'had taken' my photos to sell their product.

At first, it was exciting to talk to people all over the world and get business advice. However, much like the world, the eBay blogs are multi-layered much like an onion with: hidden agendas, false persona's, cut-throat competition, copy-cats, scammers, thieves, and numerous personal vendettas to settle.

It's is a sad thing to say but I have seen kind people send money to 'help' others only to have those same folks torn apart by the people that gave a handout. Some even feel it is okay to pardon the ill treatment of other's because one person just has the need to bully others. I have seen horrible 'male bloggers' sexually harass female bloggers, say sexual things about their: children, husbands, even farm animals.

Sellers also talk about others on IM, give out customer information, and use others ideas.

A gift group was started but then 'some' decided it was their personal bank at certain times of the month and 'asked for gifts' to get by until their paycheck cleared.

As folks (sellers)grew comfortable; some would create zero ids (usernames) in order, to spread hate, lies or THE TRUTH about others though it would hurt their business under their normal blogging/selling id.

What is even more ludicrous is: eBay does "ALMOST" nothing to clean up or moderate the slander, libel, scamming, or sexual harassment of others. One BRILLIANT CRIMINAL MIND (a power seller) has found if comments are '''deleted''' then eBay will do nothing.


Simple bottom line, eBay is losing money and this pond scum detritus adds to their coffers.

AND YET, of the 100 daily bloggers. I have made a hand full of friends whom I would give a organ to.

The world is a strange and lovely place, despite......Bullies on blogs.


Jennifer said...

yes it is
but there is no doubt that we could do without any of that junk

Nekkid Chicken said...


I read back over some of the archives last night. It was sad, one male was accused of incest. Another blogger was defending the male vice victim. Way sad, in this day and age.

All in the name of selling. What is the saying about 'money changers?'