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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mr. Salad Fingers 3 months

Have you ever heard a Pig squeal his displeasure/ Hee heee, I am here to tell you, it is a deafening sound like breaking sound barrier. Hubby had a hard time holding this 30 pound bundle of squiggley muscle up just for a quick snap shot.

Mr. Salad Fingers has grown from a little 5 pound piglet born the last week of October to 30 pounds of fun, he thinks he is a dog too. He 'barks' kinda like the neighbors dogs at intruders. He also squeaks when he wants a deep tissue belly rub. His favorite things to nibble on are: Shoe Laces, top of mom's boots, dad's ankles and gives muddy kisses to Saenz & Zephyr's calves.

Here he is just yelling and protesting his picture being taken.

Here he is running for help and refuge to the guineas coop.

This is Saenz holding sweet Beijing, a silky smooth cross-breed banty, cochin.

All this took place on Christmas. Hope you all had a wonderful, family-filled day.
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