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Monday, December 29, 2008

Help!!!! LOL Still a week to go!

My boys are stir crazy. When it gets a bit warmer, I am sending them outside to chase Mr. Salad Fingers or our chickens with a water hose. Winter break finds them mostly wrestling with each other and running through the house.

Though Saenz likes to spice things up by using one of the cats as a shotgun pointed at his brother. ROFL

I guess the idea is to smite Zephyr with a feline gas attack.

For Mom & Dad,

I know you check this blog while on the road so, I will say Happy New Year. I will try calling you again but your cell service keeps dropping the calls. My guess is your up North again.

Plans for the coming year:

This year, I am trying to convince my dear husband to install a green house. I am seriously tired of paying crazy prices for yucky store produce and still do not want to find the Rattler surprise or Fire Ant hills before stepping on either.

Several kind eBayers, userid Rooster613 http://blogs.ebay.com/rooster613, the Star Trek Rabbi,

Lori sent heirloom pole beans,

Tali sent rhubarb

Ddskitty sent peppers and melons seeds

Shartey sent ajuga which was promptly eaten by our green greedy hens; then probably killed off by the unpredicted freezes we have gotten.

Each of these wonder folks have been gracious & helpful with my gardening learning curve. I hope to use soon as the almanac or this crazy weather points to no more freezes.

Fingers crossed this year GREEN HOUSE.


1. Sad to report but Saenz's Henny Penny (red production) had to be put down. She reinjured her wing beyond repair and the humane thing was to put her out of her misery since her coop mates and roosters would not leave her alone. Rest in Peace....... Ms. Henny Penny

2. Our really confused Rhode Island Red rooster, Sprocket the Spanish Rocket found his male-chicken soul. He thinks he is a guinea fowl since roosting with our small flock from hatch, thus he has imprinted on their characteristics. Mind you; he does not crow and runs about like a guinea fowl but, he mated with Lil Shartey for the first time yesterday. We are still longing to hear his first crow.

Bless your home from our happy hearts,
Nekkid Chicken


Jennifer said...

Aw the joy of boys.
Sorry to hear of Ms. Henny Penny
Good luck with the Green House.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Good Luck in the New Year, my soul sister.

Many Hugs, Mal