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Friday, December 12, 2008

When a book isn't a book

When Saenz was around three years old, I purchased him an educational book on Sharks. It was not a child's book but an adult's & hubby questioned why I spent so much on a book for a toddler. Though I did buy him children's books; this one book was something I knew would fill his heart with joy.

Saenz has always taken care of his books. Since he was 18 months old I knew without a doubt he was dyslexic and thus had no interest in scribbling in books. He has a great love of books and all things dealing with knowledge/discovery inside book covers.

So, this wonderful book had color pages on hundreds of shark species from conception to death; he and I would sit for hours 'reading' the book. He would even fall asleep holding this heavy, hard bound book.

This week, I left Zephyr home with his dad to go pickup Saenz after school. Let's just say; MEN ARE NOT MULTI TASKERS. Saenz's room was breached and not only did Zephyr make a mess of the room but, he literally 'broke' the Shark book.

When I got Saenz home and he opened his room door to the discovery. The look of pain, violation, and loss on his face was so great. My heart broke in half because I could do nothing to assuage his loss. Luckily, I did an immediate search on eBay and found the book. I am happy to report that I not only have the book on its way to Saenz's room; I have come to realize another thing.

The BOOK, was not just an object; it was a treasure cove of wonderful memories spent alone or with a parent. The BOOK, was a symbol of peace and harmony in a world that sometimes did not make sense do to a boy who's brain processes written information differently. The BOOK, was one small thread in "the quilt" that makes our 'family blanket' warm and safe to a ten year old boy.

Again, I am so fortunate to have my sons; they are my BOOK (for each day adds a page) & BLANKET of comfort.

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Jennifer said...

The magic books bring is priceless. I love the time spent with my kids hiding behind a book.

May your son enjoy it for years to come.