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Friday, July 31, 2009

Have you noticed a lack of photo albums?

For Saenz, I kept a baby book during his first five years. Which is way cool to look back on and see how much he has grown.

For Zephyr, I am currently putting together -- not a baby book but, a photo album of his life. When I search Wal-Mart nothing but scrap booking supplies. Walgreens has these little 10 page (20 pics) photo albums which are chintzy and not worth the money at all.

Yes, I ordered a photo book mailed to my house but, gentle reader DO NOT waste your money. I am returning it for a complete refund. So, now is my quest to find a regular photo album to build Zephyr his own book of memories and treasure.

Scrapbook maybe when he is around 12 years old and won't destroy the pages or 'memories' glued within.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

G-Force, a movie review

This afternoon, I took the boys after blood work and a jaunt to Wally World of the Lost American Dollar, (ROFL) to see G-Force.

I had the feeling that neither my husband nor I would appreciate its merits because we had noticed how much it was being hyped as a block buster for the summer. Much to my premonition, this film is okay for children but adults will find it extremely predictiable.

The boys had no idea what a MOLE was or the implications (a character also in the film) yet, I figured out the ending before the middle of the movie. The graphics were excellent though, some of the HOW TOs were not properly thought out and thus made the film a little over the top.

What I do appreciate about this movie was there was no real sexual overtones. There was a male guinea pig who had a crush on the female guinea pig but, nothing came of it.

I would give this family movie a 3 Beaks up rating......... Or C+ for those not in the poultry know!

Thoughts from inside the coop.

Ice Age 3, Loved it worth a view

Again, this is a wonderful movie. This episode found Manny becoming a first time father while Sid the Sloth 'found' three eggs.

I loved the writing of this episode because the entire film was closely watched by both my sons ages 11 and 4. Not once did the movie stray enough from madcap adventure and the storyline stayed true to original form -- thus they did not get bored (bee bop inside the theather packed to the gills).

This is one movie I will be adding to our growing collection of child films. BUC is a new character in this film and my new fav after Sid the Sloth.

5 beaks up, and just in time for Christmas stocking stuffers. I hope!

Thoughts from inside the coop.

(We seen this movie before vacation but, I am just getting around to my writings. Sorry)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Why is illegal immigration linked to MEXICANS?

Good Grief, I was just listening to the Honorable John McCain talk about illegal immigration reform on C-span.

The last time I checked, there are over 160 countries on this BLUE BLUE MARBLE. So, maybe the 'illegals' (WTF) are using Mexico border to enter this country are not necessarily of Mexican decent. To target Mexico and its citizens is just in poor taste with an elitist ideal of NOT IN OUR BACKYARD idealogy of seclusionism. The drug cartels are killing more Mexicans in order to get their product to WHITE COLLAR America. Target the people who are willing to use and sell the drug here and pay the cartels their blood money.

Mr. McCain get off your high horse and look around; those friends of yours (in the upper class) and their kids are paying for the 'mules' to move drugs into this country. The gangs in South America are a product of this country's need to medicate themselves into coffins.

And By the Way Mr. McCain you really need to start reading up more here is a start:

"Study: Mexican immigration to U.S. plummets,"

Gets of soap box,

Kisses my children of Mexican heritage

Thoughts from a BEANER'S wife or

Casa de Gallina.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I got to say NO CA CA!

I read an article that rightly pisses me off:


YES I have had many run ins with military doctors while serving twenty years.

One of the worst doctor 'events' I had was with a doctor who wanted to give me a pelvic exam because I went in for an ear infection / chronic allergies.

Dude, tried to explain my ailment and the exam away this way using a metaphor:

"WOMEN'S BODIES are a highway connected to the genitals."

To which I replied rather forcefully and loud enough for the hallway to hear.

MY VAGINA IS A CUL-DE-SAC. ONE WAY IN, ONE WAY OUT. I TOOK BIOLOGY, MORON! I know, there is no road linking my ears to my genitals.


Please read the article


Friday, July 17, 2009

Vacation Pictures: I LOVED IT

I LOVED MORNINGS in this house!

Mrs. Barrow, if you are still following this blog. I so love your house, layout and colors. Very good choice.

Saenz is lamenting each time he sees a picture: I MISS THAT PLACE.

Day Two: P2 Copano Bay

What a beautiful place and face!

Spiderman to the rescue........

FINALLY got a few bird pics.

Seafood for dinner?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day Two: 527 Palmetto

TESTING THE WATERS, Momma! Hee hee, Little Man cracks me up.

Just have to love this big heart inside the 'little man.'

This is the Public Boat ramp area going into Copano Bay.

We are so lucky the winds were cooling us off this week. Oh and the sea birds, would fly or walk right up to me when the camera was off. What is up with that? Camera shy????????


Vacation Pictures: Day One P3

This hand made lamp was so whimsical.

Night time view from first night, at 527 Palmetto, Holiday Beach on Copano Bay.

My fellows trying their hand at night fishing:

Day One: P2 outside

This is our look around after checkin:

The boys playing pool in the garage. It was so nice when the garage doors were open, winds blew almost constantly. Gil and I would sit under one of the decks while the boys fished or played pool.

Vacation Pictures: Day One

The Mister as happy as a clam.

The front room:

The Kitchen:

The hallway:

The master bedroom:

I loved this house, the owner's did a wonderful job with the decorations. Mrs. Barrow had a few pieces of her own nautical themed artwork inside the home. After a little while cooling off inside the house we were able to go outside. Let me tell you, it is flipping hot in South Texas.
Thoughts from inside the coop.....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We are back from Copano Bay

We are back! Let's just say vacation in Rock Port, Fulton, and Copano Bay was wonderful.

I will post more pictures this week. While I loved being there fishing and playing with the boys. I actually missed the 'farm' but, I did not buy or use one single egg.

ROFL! I don't know why that fact cracks me up.........YET it does. ~:>

Monday, July 6, 2009

Are Americans even aware fiscally?

Dangerous, but as Americans are you aware or even care?

1. Your state's budget over or under? With a deficit or overage?
2. Your state's unemployment numbers?
3. Your state's bank or mortgage failures?

Soon, the minimum wage will rise from $6.55 to $7.25; how will this affect your state's economy?

Here is a great link to check out to see all states and their numbers for 2009:


As for this American, I am off to learn more about Cap & Trade and Mr. Obama's national healthcare plan.

Thoughts from inside the coop......

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Don't judge a Cluck by it's feather

Last night I was ashamed of the audience and judges treating this man disrespectfully. Mr Skinner, I just happen to see your audition after my farm chores. Just because a person talks slow or with an accent doesn't make them any less human and good luck winning the million. AGAIN JMHO

"Cash for Clunkers" What a Joke

HOUSE BILL 298-199 did pass some of the guidelines:

"- vehicle must be less than 25 years old"

No personal problem with this caveat because, classic cars should be saved.

- must purchase 'new' or lease 'new' vehicle

My first issue with this is, there are many vehicles with warranties, fit the MPG sitting on dealers lots waiting to find a home (thus not impacting ecological resources). My second issue, in this economy A LEASE IS A WASTE of money, this is like throwing out rent money instead of owning a home one can afford.

- trade must get 18 MPG or less

As long as the vehicle picked to replace the trade in gets 4 to 10 MPH higher who the hell cares, the fossil fuel saved is money in the owner's pocket and national oil useage is reduced.

- traded vehicle must be REGISTERED & INSURED by owner for 1 year prior to trade

Again, government is specifying what is OWNERSHIP specifications by issuing timelines. This is another issue, because what does it matter if a person owns a vehicle of less than a year by 1 July 09? This is may keep 'dealers' from doctoring paperwork pulling in 'free government monies? Just a Wild Azz Guess..............

This little caveat will keep more CLUNKERS on the road then off because lemons are usually squeezed by many different hands.

- DEALERS apply a credit for trade in (which they deemed -- not the government)

This really chaps my hide, because no where does it state DEALERS will give the customer the BLUE BOOK VALUE but the scrap value because this will keep dealers from resaling said clunkers. (WE REALLY BELIEVE dealers ARE TOTALLY honest right?)

SO much like the HOUSING market collapse, a person vehicle is now only worth scrap prices?

This also sets up a sticky wicket, who will be tracking these HONEST DEALERS to ensure they only are PAID back what they gave credit to the new car owners?

- Program runs from NOW to 1 November or until GOV FUNDS run out

This "first come first serve" will go the way as: TV converter boxes -- folks will be left out. (SO SAD TOO BAD, YOU SNOOZE YOU LOOSE) It's another ploy to falsely INFLATE government claims as to our country's economic recovery.

Another point to consider, this deadline is BEFORE the year-end closeout sales MOST dealerships offer to move models off their lots so; they don't have to pay taxes.

- Vehicle traded in must be scrapped by DEALER

This may not be true of other places in the States but, here in TEXAS many 'vehicles' go mysteriously down to the "VALLEY." Meaning, they become vehicles in Mexico. So what is going to keep a HONEST dealer in Texas (other states) from 'SCRAPPING' said clunkers to a private dealers in Mexico?

Mexico subsidizes gas for it's citizens.................... So, gas prices do not affect their budgets with the same impact here.

More thoughts on this topic later but, My issues:

1. CASH FOR CLUNKERS program is another ruse to get AMERICANS spending,
2. devaluing their mobile investments,
3. and bolstering up an industry that is already MARKING UP INVENTORY prices to reflect the credit to be given -- supposedly to consumers'
4. No guidelines to keep Car Dealers from "scrapping" clunkers to another country
5. No accountability to ensure dealers get back from the GOV what they actually paid to vehicle buyers
6. Pushing more debt onto consumers just before the last fiscal quarter ends in 2009, (like with the 8K tax credit for house purchases -- this one will straddled two fiscal years)
. INFLATING consumer numbers falsely to give the American Public a false sense that our country is coming out of a recession.

Thoughts from inside a perturbed coop..............