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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Stoning of Soraya M.

Last night, I read this entire book in one sitting because not only was it riveting but it is only 141 pages.

The author who is retelling the story of Soraya brutual killing as witnessed by her Aunt Zahara, which takes place in IRAN in 1986. Soraya's husband accuses his wife, Soraya of adultery. In the name of religion the men of the village decide to put her to death by stoning. I will not regale you with details just go buy or borrow the book. HORRIFYING

This made me look at my life, my birthplace, my freedoms with renewed respect. Even after serving overseas; witnessing the gender roles and lack of 'personal voice' by women around the world -- I am in awe just how lucky, we 'American' women truly are. I know this story has been made into a movie so, in support of victimized women all over the world -- I will go see and or buy this movie. I will talk to my sons about how to treat and respect the fairer sex.

Which brings me to the term 'fairer or weaker sex' depends on interpretation. To me, this term is used by men all over the world to reign over females in the name of RELIGIOUS LAW. I think this term is more in line with "women use all of their facilities to treat others," it's our curse by Our Creator to be nurturing. While not all men are abusive, neither are all women endowed with the 'fairer' status in humanity.

Thoughts from inside the coop......

Saturday, June 27, 2009

One door closes, another opens

Even though we bid good-bye to our mascot, Rocky "Pyscho Cock" rooster only Thursday. Life does not sit still long around here for mourning.

Around 9 am Friday, I recieved a call from Mrs. Parker; our order of twenty pearl guinea fowl keats had arrived.

WOO HOO, I so love babies.

True to form, we had a spot already picked out in the house for them to brood the next two weeks inside. Young chicks need temps right at 95 - 98 for the first week.

It's cool how they arrive via the US Postal Service.

This little keat caught my attention yesterday because she/he was a tad more timid yet, peckish when fingers were around.


So, after giving them a night to settle into their new digs. I found and picked he/she out. I found out rather quickly why she was kinda of a loner. The left eye of this baby has an opaque film (cataract) and if I took her back. She would be put down. So, I named her "EYE B" and snuggled with her along with Zephyr. Just because an animal has a small disability, I keep them and teach my children about their care.

Here is Zephyr keeping "EYE B" from falling off my desk. Eye B kept trying to climb inside the printer's paper slot.

Love an animal, you love yourself; and humanity more.

A new begining from inside the coop......

Friday, June 26, 2009

Good-Bye Rocky Psycho Cock

This was their coop:

He was a Buffington, or Kellogg's Rooster

He was quite a hefty bird, well over 15 pounds.

When he was only 5 months, and hadn't found his man voice -- we put him in with 4 Buff & 5 Barred Rock hens. They then almost brained him; and I nursed him back to health. That is when he decided I was the horrible wench who tried to peck him to death. From then on, he tried to flog me several times a day.

This is Rocky under the mesquite tree next to where his coop was, he was over 2 feet tall. His ladies were never far from him. If we tried to mix them in another coop with a different rooster, they always came back to Rocky. They would never allow other hens to come into their harem as well. ROCKY WAS THEIR MAN.

Here they were enjoying some greens in the sunset. Each morning, I was the one who would feed, water and then let out Rocky & harem.

The first time he got a beat down for flogging, I was in the front yard with camera. He sneaked up and tried to kill me for invading his space. While my hubby saw it, and whacked him with a tennis racket and was going to kill him. I couldn't allow it, though I had scratches. Rocky was just doing his job in his mind.

Each day, I took a tennis racket with me inside his yard to do the daily watering and feeding.

One day, he was teased by my son SAENZ and Rocky flogged him. Saenz was so upset but NAWT about getting flogged or scratched up. He knew his dad would kill Rocky. So he begged me not to tell and he made up a story about falling down. (YET, I told my husband because the wounds were obvious.) I had made my husband promise not to hurt Rocky because Saenz had caused the incident.

And years passed, Rocky was left with his hens to be a ROOSTER.

What is so damned funny is, he thought he was sneaky and smart. If you turned your back, he would BE HUFFING AND PUFFING trying to get to your legs for a military style attack. --- TURN AROUND and he would be gazing off into the sky like an innocent. ROFL so funny................

Three weeks ago, an opposum had bit off his back toes which hung down below the wired cage floor. He never fully recovered but would still try to FLOG me several times a day.

Each day for the last three years, my day was full of his manly crows.

HIS LAST DAY................ On Wednesday, I knew when he did not move around as much -- his end was near. He did not try to flog me once through I watered and fed them. Thursday morning, he did not even get out of the coop so I tended to his needs inside the coop. His hens would take turns hovering over him.

Then late yesterday afternoon, my husband went to check on him and found him death inside his coop. Let me tell you, I was wrenched with grief. One of his hens was so upset, she laid down and died as well.

I love you, Rocky -- may you find a new harem over the Rainbow Bridge. You were one in a million and will be sorely missed here on HOE HEN INN.

Where I would like to have him buried after building a makeshift coffin, and cement marker. All the chickens love to dust bathe under this mesquite tree.

Salud, my feathered knight in golden fleece.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good-bye Farrah, part of my childhood fades

Sadly, I saw the news on CNN. It's hard to believe all the folks I grew up watching on TV are passing away. I remember her voice though most of all and trying to feather my hair. (smiles here)

My favorite movie she starred in was the BURNING BED. She was awesome in that made for tv movie and should have garnered an emmy. Just my opinion

I did watch her documentary on her cancer illness and treatments. She was such a brave soul, strong, vibrant and most of all.

A true, Texas, Yellow Rose. Farrah, may you rest in peace. May Ryan and your son, family, friends & fans find some rest in knowing you are no longer suffering. I know I am crying over the world's lost of a wonderful, intelligent, kind spirit -- who was an admirable LADY all the way.

Everything with God in time,
Thoughts from inside the coop......

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Would You Trust Me With A?


Seems the hardliners are out fishing for new members. Last time I checked, I registered as an independent and not with the Republicans. So either, this is a postal SPAM or the NRA is looking for more backing in membership numbers as far as the supreme court is concerned with gun ownership guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.

While I agree with owning guns for militia when the Constitution was written; in some ways this just does not fit into our society today. I am not too sure about allowing folks to have guns, shotguns, assault rifles, etc....... without registering, training, licensing, and recurring training. While I agree with self-defense, I have a hard time believing that I as a gun owner. Will have the time to find the key/combo to a gun safe, key to the barrel lock, and then apply my weapons training in time to save self or family in the event an emergency.

I can not sleep with a gun under my pillow, I have children and a husband who doesn't put away his own tools.

Can you imagine this scenario:

Excuse me Mr. Rattlesnake lay there a moment while I get my weapon?


Mr. Criminal will you hold this while I remember the combo or where I hid the keys to my gun safe?

Thoughts from inside the coop.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What 'The Drought' is starting

Starting to look like:

The grass/weeds have died or gone dormat. I have walked the back yard and have found 'cracks' starting to snake their way around the property. A fine layer of slilt has mostly covered over the cracks but, I found them. This slilt gets into and on everything; making housework a labor of -- NEVER GETTING DONE. ~;>

By this time each year, highway mowers have cleared the farm roads because the 'grass' or over growth would be truckcab in height making it impossible to see any wildlife before darting in front of a passing vehicle. To date in this small slice of heaven; our county is behind in rainfall by 10 inches or more.

So while the North/East coast is getting pounded by the wet.

We are feeling Mother Nature in another extreme.

Thoughts from inside the coop.......

Father's Day in Poth

Hubby and I took the boys to Poth to see their Grandma Torres and lay flowers on Grandpa Torres's grave--he died in 1991. Saenz left him a note he had illustrated. They got to see their Uncle Ray Ray; who was visiting from Lubbock.

Then they gave their grandma a framed 8 by 10 photo they would have given their grandpa. After the visit we stopped at Wal Mart in Kennedy to get some fishing gear for our upcoming Rock Port beach house vacation. I still need to remind my hubby to ask his Mom if she would like to stay with us. The boys barely know either set of grandparents or extended family as a matter of fact. Seems not only my family but, his family are scattered but, sad as it may be --- it's probably reflective of the American family today.

Summer vacation is turning out fine for our family; we only have a few more days until we get away to Rock Port.


Thoughts from inside the coop

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photos by Saenz




Monkey Mind

I gave Saenz my old easy share since, I replaced it with a V1273. Lets just say Saenz has figured out my old camera faster than I have figured out my new one.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Look at my goodies for $17.96

Okay so total for this was AWESOME

4 (39 oz) cans of HEB coffee = $6.49 x 4 or $25.96
subtract $2.oo off coupon = 17.96

These items for free with in store HEB coupons

4 (15oz) dry creamer = $1.99 x 4 or $7.96
4 (24 pk) single dairy creamer = $2.99 x 4 or $11.96
4 (20 bag) tea HEB brand = $2.49 x 4 or $9.96

Savings is huge, $29.88 (free items) plus $8.00 off for a savings of $37.88


I paid $17.96 for $55.84 worth of items. GOT TO LOVE HEB for stretching my pantry.

Just thought I share some Texas magic with ya'll......

Monday, June 15, 2009

Newly Invented Game by Saenz


Out in the country, sometimes it is tooooooo hawt to play outside just yesterday it was 105 on the back porch. So Saenz to relieve his boredom created, Cat Blow Darts. Take two straws and tape them together. Then use Qtips as the darts. It was quiet funny to watch the cats dodge this soft darts. And the peals of laughter was priceless. This game was as good as CHICKEN FISHING a few months back. Saenz you are a funny inventor, though I wonder what Topsy and Turvy will plan for pay back. ROFL

Thoughts from inside the coop......

Movie Review: Night at the Museum

Battle at the Smithsonian

Personally, I try not compare sequels to the original. This movie was cute but, slow in places. However, I so love the idea of LIVING HISTORY or "History coming to life." SO I am not really caught up in the disappointment this movie others have been since it was a pleasure for me seeing how many of the icons I recognized from learning about how and who made human society great.

What was pretty awesome was this time, Mr. Stiller used a female (Amelia Erhart) as a heroine in the storyline. Sure Teddy Roosevelt was still in the picture (adore Robin Williams) and the part asking for help scratching his nose since one of his scenes he is a bronze bust without arms. Also, very whimsical was the Pharoah with a speech impediment who wants to take over the world. I love these characters: singing cherubs, modern art sculptures, paintings & photos coming to life, Tuskegee Airmen, Able the Space Monkey, and Mr. Einstein as bobble head dolls. Not going to explain away the ending, yet I chuckled over the motorola scene.

Probably what I did love most about this movie -- was remembering how much I enjoyed going with my family so see the 'exhibits' that came to life in this movie. IF you ever have a "BUCKET LIST" go to the National Mall and visit as many of the museums you can. I am telling you, your heart will come alive with awe and wonder or in my case, nostalgia.

Just as mine did with this movie, well done Mr. Stiller........

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Little Aries Tastes Freedom

This is baby (born March 30th) Aries, last night we found her outside her pen. So we got her back in with her Momma Hilliary and Sister March ------ waaaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaa!

She found the taste of freedom too enticing and was out again. This is dangerous in South Texas because Coyotes will eat her with disregard to our feelings. So, my hubby is reinforcing the pen where the metal stays broke on the T-Posts. Thanks Little Aries, better to let us know in the daytime than for you to be found out alone at night. I am sure Obama, Hillary and March would miss your beautiful little self as much as we would.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Beeville Wal-Mart Saddens Me Greatly!

"The city of Beeville will not impose a ban on the use of plastic shopping bags.City Council members voted unanimously Tuesday to abandon the idea after listening to the concerns of management from the city’s two largest retailers, Wal-Mart and H-E-B.Cathey Anderson, manager at the Wal-Mart Supercenter, said the cost of switching to paper bags could affect the incomes of about 300 or so employees at her store.She cited figures showing that plastic bags cost less to manufacture and are easier to recycle. She encouraged the City Council to try to educate people about discarding plastic bags and said the City Council in Austin had taken a similar step rather than ban the bags altogether."

Entire article here with WALMART threatening to withdraw charitable contributions:

'highly veiled threats" 2nd of EMPLOYEE suffering for eco-responsibility of a GLOBAL corporation'


"My comment back:

Saenzmom wrote on Friday, Jun 12 at 11:08 AM »
Nice corporate responsibility WALMART:Veiled threat here:"would affect the amount of money and products the two stores are now able to donate to community functions and organizations."That was the second veiled threat by WALMART manager in this article. The solution is simple, do not ban, TAX each bag by 30 cents and folks will rush to buy the reusable bags to save money. Then with less 'throw away' bags used WALMART could afford to give it's 300 (more than likely part time) employees a raise. The city would have over a million in collected taxes according to Walmart guest-i-mations of bags used. www.saenzmom.blogspot.comany questions see my article Respectfully,Mal"

I am deeply saddened by Wal-Mart. I mean really, give away some of those .50 cent reusable bags, the Wal Mart corporation gets FREE Advertising from customers using the bags. I will also remember at election time which officials folded at the implied threat of losing contributions and employee jobs.

Thoughts from inside the coop...............

Movie Review: Milk

"If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door."

Harvey Milk

Last night I watched 'Milk' with Sean Penn. I fully understand why Mr. Penn won an Oscar -- he was flawless and transformed his entire body into his character. Only deep respect, love, understanding, compassion and admiration for the slain civil rights activist could have completely made Mr. Penn into Harvey Milk. Because of this movie, I will now look for more information regarding the gay civil rights movement on this topic.

Though as a child living in California (ages 11 - 12 at the time of his campaign, election & later murder), I was unaware politically of this situation. My mom and aunt did not allow us to camp in front of television and even limited our radio exposure to country music. I am saddened by this censorship because I was made aware of the Jim Jones massacre and in a strange way I feel cheated.

Thinking back to how sheltered I was as a child is --illuminating. I can only resolve not to censor my own children and their right to know about the world around them with reason.

Mr. Penn and Mr. Milk, I salute you both. Extraordinary human beings you both are and were.

Parental Advisory: There are very open sexual situations in this movie between male characters. There is language, drugs and alcohol. And with the homosexual themes many folks will find the scenes uncomfortable (but not the message of the film) and they should because no one should be denied the right to be "who they are, who they want to love, who they want to become, or who fight for." JMHO

My salute is 5 beaks up, ^^^^^

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Movie Review: UP

Yesterday's outing was to see 'UP.'

The movie had some really cute lines. The dogs and their squirrel fixation was funny. The message of this movie was never give up on living out your dreams, the downfalls of greed / blind ambition, and the value of friendship, love and family. My eleven year old liked this movie and the animation but, he said 'Land of the Lost' was better.

My four year lost interest less than twenty minutes in and struggled to keep up with the storyline. As a matter of fact, after the opening -- he had to go to the bathroom. Once we got back, he be-bopped around the seats to keep himself entertained.

So while it was a good movie for older children (ten and up), It is not one I would recommend for purchase or pre-schoolers.

Thoughts from inside the coop......

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Okay, I love Adam BUT!

"June 9, 2009
Adam Lambert comes out
Posted: 10:42 AM ET

So it’s official: After several months of playing coy -– or, at least, letting people believe what they wanted -– Adam Lambert has told Rolling Stone that yes, he’s gay.
And what’s the big deal?

“I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,” Lambert told the magazine in this week’s cover story, just out."


Mr. Lambert, If you are listening. I loved your performances throughout the American Idol season. However, after a bit your 'show' was not creative but was predictable. I did appreciate when you tossed about with different styles and genres. Yet, you always went back to your BALLS TO THE WALL, YELL TO HELL.

Now on to the topic of your sexuality. Who cares? I mean really. I don't care with whom or what you sex. What I do care about is your gracious, humble demeanor and professionalism. I do care if you stay true to your 'artist capability' and reach. I do care if you treat people with respect. I do care if you 'sell out.' I always thought of you as a mix of Freddy Mercury and Tim Curry. Will, I buy any records? That is yet to be seen because I am a Choosey Mother, and albums I have bought in the past have stood the test of time.

To put it simply, I would buy an album if the artist is someone with who I would introduce my children to --- a likeable person.

Thoughts from inside the coop.......

Monday, June 8, 2009

So Happy I Could Cry

This week my hubby pointed out an article in the Bee's bi-weekly newspaper. Let me tell YOU! I am beside myself with joy because TEXAS is looking mighty trashy these days between soda & beer bottles but the worse offender is PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS. You see them everywhere on the roads and in parking lots.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

" The City Council will receive a suggested ordinance calling for banning the use of plastic bags with the city limits when it meets Tuesday.The meeting is open to the public and begins at 6 p.m. at City Hall.A seven-member committee appointed by the council in March has prepared a plastic bag ordinance that will require “all stores, shops, eating places, retail food vendors, itinerant merchants/vendors and retail merchants” to provide customers with “recyclable paper bags or reusable bags.”The law, if passed in its current form, will give retail businesses with existing sales tax permits 18 months to “exhaust their current supplies of said plastic bags while allowing a fair amount of time for all patrons of our community and neighboring communities for a serene transition” to the new rules."

For months I have been writing both Texas Senators Cronyn and Hutchinson about this issue because I figure -- Go to the Top since Texas has become a huge trash pile -- to include associated, pollution removal, ground water supply cleanup, oil costs to manufacture, labor costs to remove trash, and wildlife care. This topic of plastics affects the entire nation. The only reply I received was back from Senator's Cronyn's office basically tell me this issue was not of importance and I had to knock it down the chain of command. What a load of bullshit there; another fine example of PASSING THE BUCK to minnions.

Well Senator Cronyn, this is why I am not a straight lined Republican nor Democrat -- because government is too busy posturing & not getting in trenches with the common folk; finding solution to everyday problems. I had long ago lost respect for the Honorable Hutchinson after her visit to Iraklion in the 90s -- I was there and felt disrespected by her NOSE DOWN at the military attitude. However, true to my forgiving nature this note is to let you and she know; I am watching your job performances and will make the decision with my registered vote.

This is what I love about the political process; though I am an ant in the state of Texas -- my voice will be herd by voting for the best incumbant.

Thoughts from inside the coop.......

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Land Of the Lost -- Kids Loved It!

For a change of pace, we took our boys to see "Land of the Lost" with Will Ferrell.

I thought at first the opening dialouge with Matt Lauer mentioning Scientist Stephen Hawkins was a touch of genius. Yet, when no one in the audience here caught the joke and felt I would be in for a bumpy ride. (For the record, I bought the boys the entire series last year and ZEPHYR LOVES IT.)

LOL --- actually so do I because it brings back my pre-teen, childhood in the surburbs in California.

I did enjoy how the film maker brought in all the campy elements of the original series with NO EXPLANATIONS as to how the heros accomplished their feats or explained their sucesses. There was some excellent special effects and new ideas; enough to keep those who have never seen the original entertained. When Grumpy the T-Rex left a wrapped package for Marshall -- IT WAS A HUGE WALNUT. I almost fell out of my seat. Also, Holly was able to speak Chaka's language without a problem, much like Chaka in the original learned to speak clear English.

NOTE: Parental advisory: There are some sexual overtones, language, and one scene with drug use through the ingestion of a fruit.

Over all this movie is rated, 5 Beaks Up ^^^^^

We will be purchasing it on video when released. And I will give nothing else away. Other family movie reviews will follow throughout the summer.

Thoughts from inside the coop......

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bee Farmer's Market Find

This morning instead of going to the animal farm in New Braunfels, we had to work on my truck instead. Seems the fan motor is going out -- so in order for me and the boys to get out this week. We postponed the animal farm trip until the next weekend my husband gets off from work.

We did stop by this farmers market in Beeville, Texas. I love small town places so much more than crowded gatherings. Not only did we browse this market but, Gil found a spice rack I had ask him to make for me just a month ago. He has been working so much mandated overtime he has not been able to build one for the house.

Let me tell you, I was so excited to pay the $20 for this shelf below because now, I will be able to see my bulk spices as well as: fragrance & essential oils plus other items I use to make homemade items. WAY EXCITED it was made out of an old fence. The carpenters name is CHRIS and I hope to find more of his items in the future.

The website for this market is:


or Email is market@beevilletx.org

IT OPENS on the first Saturday of each month until December.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I tried to rescue this Rat Snake

I found this four foot snake wrapped in the netting to keep chickens away from plants we did not want them to consume. This year alone, my husband I have rescued 7 snakes in the last 2 months. We have been fortunate none of them have been venomous.

This male, rat snake did really well at first. I was cutting it out, while sitting on a milk crate in front of it. Worst dang time of the day as well it was super hot. Animal feeding time, LOL.

So hubby goes off to feed the animals in and I am carefully cutting it out and concentrating on not cutting the snake. I did turn its tail over to see if it was male or female -- skinny tail, small opening for size -- male is my guess.

At one point, I guess I either caused the snake pain or scared it because it not only struck at me but, it hissed like no one business. Here is the funny part...........

I (snake wrangler extraordinaire) actually was startled enough to fall over backwards on the milk crate I had been sitting on because I was not expecting it to get pizzy.

Now mind you, I had touched it with no problems just not next to the head. When I almost had it cut free, I stopped to get a towel -- so that I could clip the netting without getting bit.

I have been bitten by a hand-raised California kingsnake, I had as a pet. Their teeth are needle sharp and sting like crazy. So this wild snake would have some serious JU JU in its mouth and I was not interested in a samonella soaked wound. When I came back out, the terrified snake had seriously wrapped itself to tight inside the netting that it would have taken surgical tools to get it free.
My husband then decided to put this snake out of its misery because the netting was wrapped so tightly around it that it would not be able to digest food or would get hung up some where on the ground. He beheaded it -- humanely. We were both upset by this event since these beautiful animals keep the rodent population down around our home.

I think it's time for me to find a herpatologist so, I can be trained to better handle these wild animals. I would hate to have to kill another one. Worse to think is a venomous snake being caught in netting so close to where our boys play in the yard.


Thoughts from inside the coop....

For the record, that is Zephyr touching the snake's tail with my husband holding it down with a tool. Mind you the snake's head was too far away to reach Zephyr's hand.

In the fine family tradition

Baby Man, Zephyr is starting to play video games. I found he can play Spyro and it holds his interest. He moves the controller around to get the little dragon running.

I used to do this too as well as Sid, Lisa, Saenz and Daddy. Junio was the only original professional video game player. Our family's first video game system was a Nintendo 64 and now we only lack the WII and Playstation 3. Hard to believe we still have all the vintage systems and games. Matter of fact, this Sony big screen is almost ten years old. All are still a
super investment!

Thoughts from inside the coop....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bowling Adventure

This is our adventure at the 12 lane Family Fun Center in Beeville. For 16 dollars, the boys got to bowl two games each with shoe rentals.

Saenz started getting the hang of bowling with this spare and only managed to drop the ball a few times. LOL

Zephyr was able to push the ball at the astonishing speed of 2 miles an hour; only getting the it stuck twice during both games. At 6 pounds the ball was almost too big for him to carry and way too big for him to hold by the finger holes.

This is our second family fun trips for the summer of 2009 since school let out on May 28th. Next stop, the Snake Farm in New Braunfels, Texas if hubby is home this weekend.
Enjoying our time outside of the coop.....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fire Bat Turds; these hurt like

Here is the muscadine making a stand and spreading. Lets hope these two vines will survive the hurricane season.

My fav grape!


I love the rain but with it, comes the small piles under blades of grass or in this case the water bird --- BAM! Erupting like lava -- FIRE FREAKING ANTS

Because of these, I am forced to wear work boots. I would rather come upon a pile of rattlesnakes than a sizeable mound of these.


We will be spraying the yard with orange oil to deter this little monsters and lavendar for fleas.
Thoughts from inside the coop.......

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Seems all a woman has to do to get her way in my house is to cry loudly and rub the ankles at 4 am. Topsy and Turvy has been getting a 'free' treat of canned cat food in the morning when THE MISTER is waiting for coffee to brew.

You girls just got busted!

Hee Hee, but I may use your tactics when I would like to buy something off the budget.

Naughty Kitties

LOL! They LOOK SO innocent........ ~;>

What the heck is this plant?

Does anyone know?

Little moths and butterflies hang out on the blossoms. I don't smell an odor when I get close to it. I like watching the fluttering critters play on this vining plant and without rain threatening this whole plant is alive with shimmering wings.

I hope someone knows.

I also hope hubby does not want to kill it because its climb is on our drive way fence. So I am naming this vine, 'RODGER the Artful Winged Codger." If we name it -- we can't maim it. ROFL ~:>

Monday, June 1, 2009


SERIOUSLY NOW, we need rain! Get to dumping please...........

Single Lady Jessica at TSA

Zephyr found a girl friend, Ms Jessica.

USS Lexington

Corpus Christi shoreline from the upper deck inside TSA.

Zephyr finally lost his fear of the little rays after 30 mins.