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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Land Of the Lost -- Kids Loved It!

For a change of pace, we took our boys to see "Land of the Lost" with Will Ferrell.

I thought at first the opening dialouge with Matt Lauer mentioning Scientist Stephen Hawkins was a touch of genius. Yet, when no one in the audience here caught the joke and felt I would be in for a bumpy ride. (For the record, I bought the boys the entire series last year and ZEPHYR LOVES IT.)

LOL --- actually so do I because it brings back my pre-teen, childhood in the surburbs in California.

I did enjoy how the film maker brought in all the campy elements of the original series with NO EXPLANATIONS as to how the heros accomplished their feats or explained their sucesses. There was some excellent special effects and new ideas; enough to keep those who have never seen the original entertained. When Grumpy the T-Rex left a wrapped package for Marshall -- IT WAS A HUGE WALNUT. I almost fell out of my seat. Also, Holly was able to speak Chaka's language without a problem, much like Chaka in the original learned to speak clear English.

NOTE: Parental advisory: There are some sexual overtones, language, and one scene with drug use through the ingestion of a fruit.

Over all this movie is rated, 5 Beaks Up ^^^^^

We will be purchasing it on video when released. And I will give nothing else away. Other family movie reviews will follow throughout the summer.

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Greg said...

I loved the original series, thanks for the review..

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Greg, I thought my Oldest was going to get us booted from laughing so hard. Nice to see you, Mal