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Saturday, June 27, 2009

One door closes, another opens

Even though we bid good-bye to our mascot, Rocky "Pyscho Cock" rooster only Thursday. Life does not sit still long around here for mourning.

Around 9 am Friday, I recieved a call from Mrs. Parker; our order of twenty pearl guinea fowl keats had arrived.

WOO HOO, I so love babies.

True to form, we had a spot already picked out in the house for them to brood the next two weeks inside. Young chicks need temps right at 95 - 98 for the first week.

It's cool how they arrive via the US Postal Service.

This little keat caught my attention yesterday because she/he was a tad more timid yet, peckish when fingers were around.


So, after giving them a night to settle into their new digs. I found and picked he/she out. I found out rather quickly why she was kinda of a loner. The left eye of this baby has an opaque film (cataract) and if I took her back. She would be put down. So, I named her "EYE B" and snuggled with her along with Zephyr. Just because an animal has a small disability, I keep them and teach my children about their care.

Here is Zephyr keeping "EYE B" from falling off my desk. Eye B kept trying to climb inside the printer's paper slot.

Love an animal, you love yourself; and humanity more.

A new begining from inside the coop......


Anonymous said...

The circle of life is amazing. If we could see the truth of the "big picture" I'm sure we'd be astonished at just how perfect and complete the whole thing is. I'll never get tired of seeing baby animals, so I'm glad that you included the pics of your chicks. :)

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Shordan,

Nice to see you writing again. Hope you & your wife are doing well. Are you all, suffering from the heat wave as we are?

108 off the back porch yesterday. I have a hard time keeping the waterers filled with fresh water.


Jen said...

Life is sweet.

ADD- I'm not sure. You're idea might work if I could get the other kids to talk. lol