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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Okay, I love Adam BUT!

"June 9, 2009
Adam Lambert comes out
Posted: 10:42 AM ET

So it’s official: After several months of playing coy -– or, at least, letting people believe what they wanted -– Adam Lambert has told Rolling Stone that yes, he’s gay.
And what’s the big deal?

“I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,” Lambert told the magazine in this week’s cover story, just out."


Mr. Lambert, If you are listening. I loved your performances throughout the American Idol season. However, after a bit your 'show' was not creative but was predictable. I did appreciate when you tossed about with different styles and genres. Yet, you always went back to your BALLS TO THE WALL, YELL TO HELL.

Now on to the topic of your sexuality. Who cares? I mean really. I don't care with whom or what you sex. What I do care about is your gracious, humble demeanor and professionalism. I do care if you stay true to your 'artist capability' and reach. I do care if you treat people with respect. I do care if you 'sell out.' I always thought of you as a mix of Freddy Mercury and Tim Curry. Will, I buy any records? That is yet to be seen because I am a Choosey Mother, and albums I have bought in the past have stood the test of time.

To put it simply, I would buy an album if the artist is someone with who I would introduce my children to --- a likeable person.

Thoughts from inside the coop.......

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