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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Stoning of Soraya M.

Last night, I read this entire book in one sitting because not only was it riveting but it is only 141 pages.

The author who is retelling the story of Soraya brutual killing as witnessed by her Aunt Zahara, which takes place in IRAN in 1986. Soraya's husband accuses his wife, Soraya of adultery. In the name of religion the men of the village decide to put her to death by stoning. I will not regale you with details just go buy or borrow the book. HORRIFYING

This made me look at my life, my birthplace, my freedoms with renewed respect. Even after serving overseas; witnessing the gender roles and lack of 'personal voice' by women around the world -- I am in awe just how lucky, we 'American' women truly are. I know this story has been made into a movie so, in support of victimized women all over the world -- I will go see and or buy this movie. I will talk to my sons about how to treat and respect the fairer sex.

Which brings me to the term 'fairer or weaker sex' depends on interpretation. To me, this term is used by men all over the world to reign over females in the name of RELIGIOUS LAW. I think this term is more in line with "women use all of their facilities to treat others," it's our curse by Our Creator to be nurturing. While not all men are abusive, neither are all women endowed with the 'fairer' status in humanity.

Thoughts from inside the coop......

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