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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Before You Judge, I Just Feel Like Railing

Yesterday, I read a story about a mother who applied for Food Stamps for herself and two children.  She was so upset she pulled out a gun and took hostages.  After awhile, she turned the gun on her children and then killed herself. 


I have an idea there is much more to this story than what is being reported.  What I don't understand is how many more people out there in America is facing the same humiliating doom of applying for public assistance.  Personally, I have seen folks in local stores make faces and comments to those carrying the Texas SNAP card.  Really???? Just who are we to judge others? 

This story just makes me so incredibly sad because there by the Grace of God could walk my family so far, we have been spared.  $296 a month may seem like a lot to others but, from experience with teenagers who constantly eat --- it's not near enough for growing children.  I understand the SNAP card is supplemental assistance meant to augment a meager income. 

Another thing that just pisses in my Cheerios, it pundits much like Mr. Gingrich wishing to abolish federal laws concerning on child labor.  All I can say is: "WHAT AN ASS."   How the heck are children who have enough trouble in their homes getting their nutritional needs met to concentrate on their studies; let alone be put to work as janitors, library aides, or crossing guards? 

This makes the assumption that said children have no working parents at home. 

I am sick to death of listening to others make harsh judgements on families they do not know.  Just perhaps, if we take that mirror and look at ourselves with the same critical eye --- we may just be shocked. 

-- Not everyone knows how to budget; a skill that has not been taught to the masses.
-- Not everyone has access to lawyers to explain credit applications.
-- Not many know how to plan meals and work with sales or coupons & rebates, or stockpiling when able.
-- Not everyone has access to free banking with over draft protection (those with large accts.)
-- Not everyone has low interest rate home loans.
-- Everyone does not have a reliable mode of transportation.
-- Not everyone has cadillac health insurance provided for them.
-- Not everyone has been lucky to have an education.

Let me tell you gentle reader; I am sick and tired of Republicans wanting to take away from government employees as well.  I will tell you all about my own income. 

When I joined the Air Force in 1986, I earned a total of $5,111 for ten months of active duty.  Upon my last year, I earned a whopping total of $34,898 after 20 years of honorable service to my country.  Granted, I lived on base in Maryland and got approximately $300 a month for food allowance, and had access to 24-hr medical care. We as a family was so fortunate (lucky lotto-winners) to have a second income from hubby's job. 

All that went away upon my retirement with the exception of 1/2 of my active duty pay under $1,200 a month when adding our insurances for health and life.  My hubby was lucky to find a job with the Army; we watch our spending throughout the year.  We save a little each month to cover holiday gifts and emergencies.  However, the retirement system my husband is enrolled in will not give him a retirement check --- those went away in the 1980s.  We will only have Social Security and my retirement check.  We are the lucky ones....................

So far, with this economy we are waiting for the other shoe to fall to wipe out our cushion. On this day as we remember those who scarificed during the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Please keep in mind those who are scarificing just to make ends meet.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Woman Against Herman Cain, Or Any Republican

Okay folks, I finally figured out why Hermain Cain is not the candidate for me.  Personally none of the Republican offerings this campaign have a flipping clue as to what middle America is like anymore.  Today as I listened to Cain's nonsense it dawn on me while my back was turned to the telecast about GOD and other ilk he was laying out to the national media.

He sounds just like Samuel L. Jackson's character from 'SNAKES ON A PLANE.'  I do not want the person who is representing me to start ranting like a maniac during a national crisis.  Another thing Mr. Cain reminds me of a banty rooster in a pimp daddy hat strutting around the hen house; knowing full well he will be mostly ignored.  I mostly feel sorry for Mr. Cain's wife because it feels like another Tammy Wynette moment of 'Standing By Your Man.'  Mr. Cain makes for awesome reality television viewing but, not as leader of the free world. Really does anyone take this person seriously? JMHO

Next, I could not vote for Mrs. Bachman either.  Anyone who does not fully support human rights and the ability for citizens to fulfill their life by marrying whom they wish; it just not my choice either.  No full rights for our gay population means Mrs. Lady means you need to pray for my vote yet, that is not happening on my watch.  Her flubs in other subjects just makes my head turn; how in the hell did she get elected to Congress in the first place?  Again my opinion.....

Newt Gingrich,  I personally could not support this man after what he did to his former wives.  No Way No How! Secondly America, do you not remember he was basically tossed out as Speaker of the House for corruption; go look up his record.  Third, he is sorely out of touch with suggesting 'poor kids' need to work so, they will learn how to join the working poor masses and not use welfare. 

Here I also understand Mr. Gingrich has read 'The Working Poor:, chapter 4 The Dauting Workplace' by David K. Shipler.   I am tired of folks who have not lived on Ramen noodles tell our country; all that is wrong with the poor is a work ethic.  Really Mr. Gingrich; you need to go back to your ivory tower or live on less than 10K a year. Go ahead Mr. Gingrich, I double dog dare you to live a life in the margins without access to a viable job, health care, housing, and food.  Our American schools are in shocking disarray and you suggest to have children become janitors instead of actually teaching them their required education subjects. Again......JMO

I can not vote for Mr. Romney either.  Any man who changes his mind with the blowing of the media wind or audience he is addressing is not trust worthy.  I could not pull the lever for any one who has rested upon his laurels without actually busting his / her tocks for anyone other than themselves. 

Santorum was a Bush Lackey............nuff said.

Ron Paul, I am still researching his record.
Mr. Huntsman, I am still researching.

Rick Perry has screwed up Texas and used federal handouts to balance the budget while cutting programs for the poor and public education.

After paying attention to the media circus for the last year.  I am under the impression the GOP, the Koch brothers, Grover Norquist and corporations have designed this campaign mess on purpose.  My way of thinking is, US political system is hi-jacked to keep Mr. Obama in office because he can get nothing done.  Mr. Obama is left twisting in the wind while Republicans are running amok and killing the American economy by wiping out the middle class and sequestering the poor under more and more scrutiny.

What better way for the Republicans to get a smaller government and more control by passing more laws: to limit personal freedoms, social reforms (deep cuts), a less educated populace, making deals with banks and so on.  By keeping Mr. Obama in office, Republicans and the weathly get exactly what they want.  Don't let the 8.6% unemployment numbers confuse you because this is a shell game.

While the troops are drawn back stateside, government positions are cut -- just where are all those people going to be? 

Folks,  we really need to wake up here.  Americans, the 99% are using the teachings of Gene Sharp to get their voices herd.  If you have time go check out books by Mr. Sharp. 

So pissed off at our societal issues, I am going to find a book in which to escape for a few days.
/////Steps off egg crate/////

Sunday, November 27, 2011

We'll Want to Be Rockstars!

His come hither and strum my gee-tar look!
Mistah Simmons has nothing on Daddy-O.

The Hair Band of the HOE HEN INN.

Cubby Man gets his picture taken with our Rock Stars. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

I Love Some Commercials

Allstate's 'Mayhem,' AFLAC duck, Geico Caveman commercials are a riot but, coming up quickly in our family is the Duluth Trading Company.  So this crazy Black Friday our family hopes you finished all your holiday shopping.  We decided to let ya'll in on a few of our favorite commercials.

Enjoy your holiday!
Mal & Family

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thinking Outloud

While I have been on a self-imposed bed rest after a knee injury 2 1/2 weeks ago.  I have been thinking about things when I could no longer tolerate reading. 

Have you ever thought about how much education you have acquired or achieved since adulthood? 

I would safely wager between the Air Force educating me in: how to be a solider, how to do my jobs, OJT in safety, plus all the extra professionalization courses for 20 years -- my brain was given around 500K+ in military (managerial) training.

Now this does not include all my college courses of which I have around 60 or more full 3 hr classes for a bargin rate of 150K.  Now this is not counting all the materials I have used to self-teach and fill my gray mater sponge through: reading, research, and exploring the world, 1000s of books, videos, actual visits to learning institutions, volunteer work and trial / error .  I would wager my brain (& yours) has had access to over 1 million USD in information, education, training, and maintenance.  AMAZING THOUGHT RIGHT?

So why is it folks assume a Stay At Home Mother (SAHM) has not attained an education equal or greater than that of a college professor?  I am consistently amazed at my own family assuming my life has not been fulfilled because I have not become a PAID public school teacher.  Mind you, I have done and achieved all that I said I wanted to be as a child.

I am currently home schooling two very bright and happy sons.
I have learned how to take care of animals through our farm life.
World Travel:
20 yrs on active duty

I feel sucessful because I am happy.  I may never have a fancy house yet, I have the best life can offer;  my family.  I know it may be hard to parlay this into my extended family's brain because some folks can not see themselves off the rut in the road they are traveling.  I am so grateful to have my husband and children.  I am grateful for all I was able to achieve in the Air Force.  I am so blessed to know it is not the size of my paycheck that gives me peace but, the faces of my menfolk with their sleepy faces each morning -- knowing they are my gifts.

I also want to recognize my husband.  Though I was told about 'lazy Mexicans' years and years ago.  My heart, you are the hardest working and smartest man I know. 

Much love and peace to all;
In your slices of heaven,

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Am A Reader So...

After reading some articles I wanted to pass on to all of my readers.  I am really incensed after watching the Republican debates.  Yes, I do watch them because I want to know who is being set up at the sacrificial lamb (figure head) to led the free world. 

Mind you, I am not happy with President Obama nor did I vote for him in 2008.  I feel he just gives too many concessions to our GOP leaders.  In this I believe he was being a patsy up until; he started signing Executive Orders to right some of America's economic ills.  Thank you Mr. Obama for finally finding your voice and standing up to the 'NO MORE TAX INCREASES,' edict issued by Grover Norquist and signed many 'elected Republican officials.'  

And before you all consider voting for a Republican or say Libertarian just go look in many sources until you are comfortable with your candidates voting stance -- that is all I am saying.

By the way Mr. Cain, we do not purchase any oil from IRAN for the record.  LOL I almost passed out over that gaffe.  Also, if our candidates applaude or sanction water boarding or other torture techniques then, they are saying they are okay with the torture of our military or civilian abductees.  Just saying be careful of whom you are voting for because when one finger points three are pointing back in return.

Why I can not vote for a Republican this go around:

One of the many reasons I can not ever indorse Mr. Perry:

The Libertarian Party website:

On the divide for those who serve in the military and going back to civilian.  It is not easy:

The entire Republican debate on foreign policy; brace yourselves it's long.  The one of foreign policy usually seals my vote since, the LOCK BOX and condensending tone of Al Gore's .  I just imagine the TO BE President talking to a hostile foreign leader.  If I can't see a war started right there then maybe:

My books for the last week:

THE HELP by Kathryn Stocket (excellent read)

NIGGER by Dick Gregory (Excellent read and will use this in our curriculum.)

A MIGHTY HEART by Mariane Pearl (Excellent read and I cried for Daniel Pearl's family again.)

WISHFUL DRINKING by Carrie Fisher (Love her sense of wry humor and outlook dealing with her upbringing.)

DISPATCHES FROM THE EDGE by Anderson Cooper (Well written, sometimes people shock me too and the absurdity of the human condition in given disasters.)

I leave y'all to a wonderful week in your slices of heaven.  We are so fortunate and are still acknowledging our blessings as a family. 

Stay informed,

Complete Debate coverage online videos:

Friday, November 11, 2011

On Veteran's Day: I Can't Explain Why

On this day of thanking our nation's veterans; I am hard pressed to explain to my sons and husband why I cry when watching or hearing:

the National Anthem, TAPS, Saluting the Flag or President, taking an oath of office, listening to prayers for peace, attending a funeral, visiting a memorial for the fallen, the Passing of the Colors, or witnessing those gathered in ceremonies to recognize veterans or our fallen. 

I well up for all those families, co-workers, and friends who have waited for months or years for their loved ones to come home.  I just bawl for those who will never again slip their loved ones into their embrace. 

As a veteran, I love my country with all her blessings and flaws and though I never stepped foot onto a battle field; I weep from feeling guilty of not being chosen to stand by those who did.  It's not that I feel cheated but, I feel like I cheated because of not being there with my 'band of brothers.' 

It is so hard to explain to my sons how being in the military; I served in only support roles. Or convey the unity of standing in a flight, with the smell of starch so strong;  it caused hunger pangs in the wee mornings during reveille's beaconing call to duty. Somethings I can only tell them about from a point of view that is still burns in my soul at the sound of a band's first solemn note -- taking me back to my youth and honor as a airman.

Another point, I can not tell them what it is to be a man in uniform so there are times I just can not speak since, I am a woman.  I can only allow them to see my tears on days such as this. On this day, I pray for peace and say thanks to all who have served to include friends and family of those who did.

May God be with you,
Mal Torres
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=radaOA0eFsw (Army Cadence Ad)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8-XkPJXhCw&feature=related (Air Force Cadence)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7MlFdFs1z0&feature=related (Marine Cadence)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qv0CJnTtn8 (Navy Cadence)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1E1F5x85-g&feature=related (National Guard)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x__WAj170F0 (Coast Guard)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cain's Creepy Oompa Loompa Vibe

Did any of ya'll watch the horror show of a press conference yesterday? First he allowed his slander lawyer talk for five minutes about the 'women' who were coming forward with claims of Herman Cain's sexual harassment. 

For me, if a President (to be, or wanna be) brings out a lawyer this in itself says he is not ready to be the leader of the free world.  From my own experience of working in the testosterone laden military machine; my Liar Liar Pants on Fire pinger went off when Mr. Cain kept referring to himself in the third person. 

Also, Mr Cain the symantecs of your speech slammed me back into the days of Bill Clinton's "I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman."

Now another thing that bothers the heck out of me and thanks to my husband for putting a finger on it.  Mr. Cain reminds me of a geriatic Dave Chappelle from this skit (click the word) on Comedy Central. Here I insert shudders because to believe he still has a following and support of the American voters makes me feel nauseous; have we really gotten so morally corrupt this strutting rooster will be allowed to still have a campaign?

One word --- "Deplorable."

For Mr. Cain, I leave you with these lyrics from Willy Wonka.

"Oompa Loompa Doompadee Dah
If you're not greedy you will go far
You will live in happiness too
Like the Oompa
Oompa Loompa doompadee do"

Said by Herman Cain, "If you don't have a job and you are not rich, BLAME YOURSELF."

Chicken Momma says, "If you don't have remorse, and don't get placed into the White House even though; you are rich, BLAME YOURSELF."
On another note:

I hope all you have been doing well. I have lots to write about just finding the time has been an issue. I do hope all of you who passed here are spending time with your families. My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of those who died this passed week: Mr. Andy Rooney, Mr. Joe Fraizer, and Heavy D. All three held special places from my youth and adulthood.
May ya'll go in peace,

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: My Thoughts

Okay probably the folks who read my posts know how I feel about the bias of the BIG FIVE media: Fox News, HLN, CNN, MSNBC, and ABC.  Depending on which pundit you happened to be watching for a glimmer of real news determines the slant of the owner of the corporation. 

What churns my butter and keeps me up at night is this:

We the psuedo middle class, working poor, and indigent have been set up to believe that one day if we bust our proverbial balls; we can become rich through education, 60 hr work weeks, and devotion to our corporate leaders.  This is just not true. 

While it is true -- a few folks find a path by Natural Selection in the modern age to become sucessful.  For the majority; our career paths are basic a system of lottery or chance.  It all boils down to luck, determination, good health, knowing the right persons, working for the decent boss, and prudent planning.  We as a whole are told to trust the markets and invest so; we can become wealthy upon retirement -- have you watched the markets?  This is just another way to bleed off hard earned wages from folks who are scrapping by --- take your monies and pay off your mortgages instead. Wall Street will not be there if the banks foreclose to find you another home.

Now the banks are another issue.  Did you know the Federal Reserve is not a government entity?  Nope, they are a firm of privately owned banks; who basically own America and many other countries.  These bankers decide the rate at which we can apply for credit and loans -- the pay back.  The Fed Reserve buys up banks; we owe the Federal Reserve our livelihood, our homes, cars, education, and a chance to play in the lottery of financial security.  There is no such thing anymore......

I support those folks who are voicing their angst through protesting and picketing.  While I could actually bitch slap both the reporter and twenty something female who said she would not take a job if a banker offered her one.  This type of reporting gives a horrible insight into what is actually happening.  People can not survive on the minimum wage (or 2+ jobs), part time jobs, pay student loans, mandated health care insurance, multiple taxes coming our way through the Cap & Trade, find a home, or buy groceries.  My family is at risk; part of the 99% club who are just one job loss away from losing what we have worked for since we were 16.  My husband and I have been raised to work since birth, and contribute to society, pay taxes, provide an education to our children, do charitable works, save for a rainy day, and live within our means. 

The sad thing is......this new American economy is built on a house of cards laid out by bankers.  Our financial system is made to glean as much from the working 99% with the promise of the LOTTERY of possible wealth.  Funny thing is, the lottery is a diversion and basic method of placating the masses by lulling us to believe a win will make us just like Warren Buffet (or nearly). 

This too is a myth just like the myth of the American middle class.

To find out more about the people who are supporting the Occupy Wall Street or to add your voice:


For more information check out Free Speech TV, Link, Current, Democracy Now.

Steps off the egg crate,
waits for rain,
enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Remember The First PC I Used

I was a senior in high school; all I wanted for Christmas was a type writer to pound out my stories / poems / experiences, to graduate with honors and go on to college.  It is so strange now at 45 and the death of Steve Jobs; I feel more affected / effected than when Elvis died as a child.  To self-described GEEKS; I am an original computer junkie.  Instead of going into college of which I had no money to do so --- I chose the Air Force; and the intel field chose me with all its tech gear.  I actually remember the talking Mac, scrolling screen, cursive writing, and carrying handle.  Times have changed eh?

I can think of no industry that has not been made better from the advent of computers, iPads, iPhones, etc,  ushering in a true Jestsonian age.  Commuting on the internet is the great equalizer of modern society.  It matters not if you have degree; one can and may learn anything even social skills.  A library of books are possible within nano seconds upon a device that weighs less than a single paper volume.  Catalogs of music, applications, email, portable devices, medical records, personal records; the new technology is one that has instantly available information --- the newer informational revolution replaced the industurial. 

While I keep Steve Jobs's wife, four children, family, and friends in my prayers for peace.

I just feel saddened to lose such a wonderful innovator.

May all find solace as these words are brought to you over one of the visions of a great leader.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some Things I Wanted to Pass On

Do ya'll love history?  I know I do and apparently have pass this love onto my oldest son.  The Travel Channel has a show I just absolutely adore that comes on Tuesday nights called 'OFF LIMITS.'  The host Don Wildman takes viewers into abandoned: buildings, weapons sites, rivers, manufacturing plants, government sites, and tells viewers about the historical contributions made to Americans from passed generations.  Last night, he took us to New York's Governors' Island, a ship grave yard, the biggest arm's dealer in the US, a military prison, and the island used to quarantine 1000s of people with small pox all in or near New York City.  In my opinion so worth the viewing.

New York's Episode slides here:
or just the whole season to come here:
plus museum mysteries (haven't seen this one yet)

Another thing I wanted to tell my readers about is a website called icivicsI found this website looking for information to teach our boys about civics, economics, and budeting for personal use and discussions on the national level.  This is an excellent site for home school parents or those just needing to find information layed out in a manner that is easy to understand.  This week Saenz, Zephyr and I are going over our lessons in budeting and yes; I teach them about coupons and rebates -- very important in my way of thinking.  There are both teacher and student pages to print out or download for later use.  Excellent site, I hope ya'll enjoy.

We still have not gotten another pup.  It is so lonely outside without Banjo.  Seriously, I think I have been depressed since he was killed.  We do have the word out to find another pet for our family.  Have ya'll noticed that fall is here?  It is such a blessing not to be over 110 by noon.  The boys and I will be spending more time outside now that the Fire Ball has taken a break from our daily torture.  I hope all is going well in your slices of heaven...

BTW is it time to think about planting a fall garden yet? Thoughts anyone........

Friday, September 30, 2011

Have You Ever Read The Preamble?

Let me refresh your memory.

"We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our prosterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States."

This was an introductory phrase written to outline the Constitution's guiding principles. Just think of the Preamble as a 'The DUMMIES GUIDE: To The U.S. Constitution.'   Does the average American take these words to heart?  My wager is to that question is, 'No.' If one was to take the preamble and breaks it down into parts just what does it mean?  Well for me the following are my core principals as a human being, citizen, defender of freedom, and most importantly as a parent. 

"WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, We are to come together as a nation. To work together as one, to reach across the aisle and compromise for the common good of man.  Has anyone seen this lately?

"Establish Justice,"  We have built a system of local, state, and federal laws. However, Lady Justice has been hog-tied. Justice has become unbalanced to give those with monetary means the ability to by pass common sense and decency through loop holes.  We need to put her blinders back on and take lawyers' fingers off the scales.  (Sorry waxing poetic there.)

"Insure domestic tranquility," We could not have 50 unique states trading and using 50 monetary systems -- trade is crucial to a 'union.'  We had to come together to have a single focus for roads, laws, immigration standards, language, and lay the framework to keep peace. It also means we (individual states) have equal representation in Congress based not only upon state population -- the House of Representatives but; representation not based upon size -- the Senate.   This also includes the role of the Supreme Court to insure no laws are unjust under the Constitution.

"Provide for the common Defense,"  this is our five branches of military, national guard, para-military, and public education (police, fire, and to me education because an educated UNION is more apt to be secure.) We had to have a 'common defense' to secure our national borders.  We have to have a 'common defense' to fight diease.  We have to have a 'common defense' to assist citizens during natural or man-made disasters.  We have to have a 'common defense' because we are humans who need the security of knowing we (the U.S.) will be here (collectively) tomorrow. 

"Promote general welfare,"  Now many folks have issue with the term welfare but, the actual term was originally used as such.

World English Dictionary  welfare (ˈwɛlˌfɛə) — n, 1. health, happiness, prosperity, and well-being in general http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/welfare

Only later did this word come to mean government assistance.  The general welfare in my opinion can be simply summed up as:  "I am my brother's keeper."  I have the responsibility as a citizen to assist those who need a hand up.  I have no issue helping those out of work keep their homes, feed their family, educate their children, and have access to medical care through paying taxes or contributing to charity. Because until the last head in our country has a safe place to lay his/her head; we have failed to protect ourselves.

The final part is: "and secure the blessing of liberty to ourselves and our prosterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States."  This is me simply outlines national goals of being a union; free to speak, become educated, seek medical assistance, congregate, build homes, set aside for our future & our childrens' future, find redress of concerns, worship, live, work, dream, hope, move about the country; etc.  Our Constitution is what we make it. 

Without folks actually learning what is in the document; we can never be truly free.

Steps off soapbox, heads into the classroom...............

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT)

This weekend Directv has a free promo weekend allowing us to view HBO programming.  I stumbled on a documentary called 'The Strange History of: Don't Ask, Don't Tell." This is a great documentary for outlining the historical policies / discussions behind the decision to allow 'gays' to serve in the military.

(Shakes head here --- because they have been and will always be a part of humanity and not just seeking admittance to a single group.) 

Now you are probably wondering why I am writing about this topic? Right.....

Simple, I served from March 1986 until April 2006 in the United States Air Force.  My first job was in the intelligence field.  We had to attain, maintain, and retain a top secret clearance to just be able to work.  No problem right for most service members however, there is a caveat for serving honestly (honor code) and keeping no secrets -- to inform on other service members of their unlawful behavior to include what was then thought to be sexual misconduct. 

My first room mate was a lesbian and when I moved into our then room; she informed me at great peril to her career.  Personally, I did not care about her personal behavior and did not see homosexuality as a problem.  One reason for my acceptance of her and to not inform my superiors was simple.  I knew of a couple of family members who were also lesbians (though closeted) and knew homosexuality did not keep them from living honorable lives.  They had families, jobs, hopes and dreams.  I decided to love my friend more than myself and honor her disclosure even though I could have lost my career by staying silent.

Later in 1993, when DADT was passed I never understood the big deal because American soliders for the most part had already been living with that standard.  What chapped my arse was the DISHONESTY of DADT; the military was advising its members to stay silent.  To me the double standard was humiliating and dishonorable because to lie by omission is still a lie.  Why did I not 'TELL' was quiet a simple rationalization in my thinking process and I used a 4 Star's quote to cement my silence in uniform.   

"Integrity is what you do when no on is looking,' RET Gen M. McPeak. 

I still choose to support the gay community to have the same laws to include marriage recognition as a man/woman has the right.  When 'we the government' deny one group its inalienable rights to pursue their lives in the manner of their choosing then; the next step of the community is to limit others. 


The marriage arugment is a kicker because it was once a form of property laws awarded to a man.  Marriage bound a woman to a man and all she brought with her into the marriage became the property of her husband.  And if one was to research even further to say 'rape,' this was also a property law because women either were the property of their fathers or husbands. Meaning if a woman was raped it was a crime committed against her father or her husband.  (sobering thought eh?)

Nowadays,  marriage definitions have changed THANK GOODNESS.  This is just my humble opinion; if a person wants to marry is it not my business to say if they are awarded that right as long as both parties are adults.  If a person is gay; it is not my business what life choices they make as long as he / she is an adult. 


Keep government out of our bedrooms, homes, and careers!

Have a great day in your slices of heaven.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So What Will Be the Next Bubble?

Our economy has seen the credit (banking) market basically dry up and the housing market is barely limping along.  Lately, I have been wondering what will be the next market to take a direct hit and in my opinion there are three for profit markets that are next to be hit:  Education, Food, and Fuel.  

In our family, we have felt the affects of going to college (trade school) and upon graduation with honors two of two have not been able to find jobs in their given fields for over 1 year.  In the mean time, both had to pay for their education by taking a job outside their ideal career path.  Given, eventually both found work to support their families. 

Yet, what each did not foresee was the need to keep educating themselves because in this day and age;

it is not only what you know today but, what you need to know tomorrow along with -- who you know right now to get a job. 

Today's college graduates are not really looking at the market to see which areas are really growing or need fresh graduates.  Nope, instead for profits schools are pimping pipe-dreams (gathering profits) say in Journalism, Business Administration, basket weaving instead of; equipping students with real knowledge about expanding markets for those with heavy backgrounds in: economics, financial, and engineering. 

Secondly, as America's manufacturing jobs moved overseas because of the high cost of US wage earners.  Big Corps did not foresee foreign markets not only killing the American work force but, concurrently losing their employees' innovation to improve their processes and technology.  Meaning, Big Corps shot themselves in the foot now that wages are rising 20 to 40% per year for a foreign work force. Big Corps did not count on the volatility of the foreign market place. (I guess they did not pay attention to what happened to American economy growth in the 50 and 60s?) 

So Big Corps are left with moving back to the US to keep themselves flush and their hold on innovation because the wages in America hold pretty darn steady.  The sad but true fact is Americans earn less now than say in the 90s.  Here is the final straw, as Big Corps move back manufacturing on American soil; will they find a work force that will be willing to kow tow and build widget even though the worker has a degree in say: Journalism, Business Admin, or basket weaving?  Just think of how much training those workers will need; who no longer have a background in assembly line work. It will be a sharp learning curve for both Big Corps and the American work force. 

Food prices are going to continue to soar as the effects of Mother Nature come into play with floods, droughts, fires, and other over the top events.  So what should we do?  We have agumented with small garden beds and stock piling non-perisishables (only when on sale and with coupon) to build up our larder. I am so against Monsanto and its GMO grains which requires the pesticide Round Up to grow.  Any time for pro-fit starts messing with DNA and Bio-Diversity to wage war on small farmers; those who will be buying the end product so take heed.  Because not only are products on the market today; the consumer may be eating food that is not truly a food as nature intended.  Just saying.........

Fuel, If you have been following the news around the world then you should be noticing a pattern.  This is one of the last areas the "Haves" (big oil companies) are digging in deep.  Yes there is a lot of growth in Texas right now for building pipelines and fracking for natural gas, oil, and coal seam gas. What surprises me is folks who have gotten paid by these companies have no compunction for their neighbors or even their property's future --- folks are just so desparate to get paid they are basically signing away their birth rights.  What chaps my hide is:  we have only 5 acres so if neurotic neighbor man next door decides to lease to an Oil Company near our property line?  Well he can and there is nothing we can do about ground water contamination, chemical accumulation, or the noise. 

So get this America ---

not only do you work for THE MAN for lower wages, you buy His Cars on loan, use and over spend on His credit cards & bank loans, eat His genectically engineered grain, accquire mercer or give birth in for-profit hospitals, burn His fuel to get to work/live but, you also live in the houses He owns.  Now given my cynicism -- just push my horrible outlook over to the side; what are we going to do as the serfs around this horrible kingdom of Oz?

PS.  I am also sick of the American Media. LOL go figure.

PPS.  You can lead a horse to water but, you can not make him think. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

So I Took A Break

I don't know about ya'll sometimes life just gets in the way of things like posting blogs.  I needed a break and took one.  This has not stopped me from however, watching world events and shaking my head. 

Watching the news on Hurricanes Irene and Lee; I have decided people will always be vulnerable since, they do not believe in the power of science to forecast such events accurately.  I saw on group of men partying in WV on the day the bands from IRENE were going though; one of them MOONED the cameraman of the Weather Channel. 

Is it shocking; yes because common sense has been replaced by out right stupidity.  Please Weather Channel, stop giving a Category before said storm makes landfall.  I believe people are so arrogant to believe a Cat 1 is not so bad.  Sadly those in the North East now know much better.

Next, the economy is still a mess and think it will be for a LONG time after watching the Republican and TEA party debates.  Why does the  GOP believe they know what is good for Americans who; 1 in 6 live in poverty?  Our leaders are so far removed from the reality of daily life they believe tax breaks for corporations will bring forth more jobs. To me this is just silly.  I have a hard time believing Mr. Obama caved but, he did to bring forth Obamacare.  I don't know what the answer is yet, feel spending billions overseas is not putting food on the table for those who barely squeak by or living in homes about to be foreclosed.

I have also taken to watching more of my news on Link and Currentv because I am basically tired of the commericalization of the American press.  Not counting all the control big corporations have over what Americans are being spoonfed by MSNBC, NBC, ABC, FOX and Headline news.  So, I have discussions with Saenz all the time about questioning what he sees on television and to think out side the proverbial media box.

The month since Banjo was killed has been rough one on me.  I have not gone outside much because him not being there just breaks my heart. I constantly look for him outside and miss him biting my fingers or trying to snatch the mail from my hands. Soon, we will be given two pups from his mother.  Banjo was such a wonderful pet; I hope the new arrivals get here; yesterday. 

The week of 9/11; I spent on reflection thinking about my country and the loss of all those souls.  Such pain and sorrow, one day I hope we can afford to make the trip back to New York to pay our respects as we did in 2005. 

Farm news, we have been drawing down on the amount of animals we house here.  Because frankly, the cost of keeping them is just not sustainable and the drought makes it impossible to grow any support feed.  We can not water as much as a garden or grain will require to produce.  The temperatures have been over 100 (40c) since mid-March with only 4 slightly rainy days leaving us with a water fall deficit over 16 inches for the year. 

I am happy to be home schooling our boys.  Saenz and Zephyr love being at home and we cover almost every subject under the sun but, have a daily emphasis on math, science, social studies, reading, and whatever their hearts' desire to learn.  What is the best; knowing their school day is not 12 hours or more with a bus ride to include homework. 

Tomorrow makes the day; I made one of the best decisions of my life by marrying.  Fifteen years ago, we tied the knot at the court house in Poth, Texas.  So happy anniversary to the hardest working man I know. 

Much love my Bean and thanks for giving me:
A home,
A life,
Reasons to live,
and for our
'Red Bean' and 'White Jalapeno.'

Peace to the world; in your little slices of heaven.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene Impending

For those on the East coast; we have been watching to see if she is coming near.  Just remember Hurricane Katrina came ashore as a Cat 2 in 2005; 1800 souls were lost that omnious day and during the recovery so, please evacuate if your area is under mandatory notices. If the military is moving aircraft and ships please note: it's a good idea for you to take leave too.  Also, more folks die as the result of the storm surge than those of strong winds.  We are keeping ya'll in our prayers for safety.

We are also keeping watch on the next possible storm which will be named after a male; I think it will be Jose or Juan.  Did you know storm names are only retired if there has been a major impact but, may be brought back?  Here is a list of retired Atlantic storm names, year landed, and area affected.

Keeping ya'll in our thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

R.I.P. Little Banjo

Our hearts are filled with such sorrow. 
 Good-bye little buddy, we loved you so much.
May you find chickens to chase over the rainbow bridge.
And we find you there waiting for us.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Reviews: Documentary and Books

This passed week; I have gone on a reading tear along with scooping up a documentary I plan to use when our boys get to the history of America's founding.

Slavery & The Making of America

This series has four, one hour videos that taught me a few things I had never known about the start of slavery in the United States with the arrival of eleven men from different countries in the founding of the British colonies.  What I found extremely interesting was how those 11 eventually went on to become somewhat freed men as they bartered with the people that basically owned them. 

Another area I found interesting is our founding father Thomas Jefferson's stance of not allowing slaves to remain in the US.  This just blows my mind plus his relationship with the man (Jupiter) he own.  I just don't understand the hypocrisy of the whole notion of America advocating for 'equality' yet, using the lives of others to lift self up. 

Plus there was a video segment featuring one of my favorite authors from that time
by Harriet Jacobs, "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl."
This is the account of her life as a slave and the 7 years she spent in hiding in the roof of her mother's cabin.  Later, she moved out to the North East and met up with other women (feminists) who advocated for rights of others.  This book is also available for free on Amazon's kindle section.

This series is remarkable in the fact it showed how the Republican party was basically born and fought staunchly against bringing slaves into the political fold.  In the reconstruction era; this series explains the enactment of the 14th and 15th Admendments to include the tactics used by Republican party far back into the 1800s over the threat of losing their power and financial livelihood.  Seriously this is a great series and I will be watching it with my boys later on in the school year.


I purchased some books last week so; I could use them to teach the boys about the horrible conditions in which some children grow up and are abused by parents or their society.  It is a hard fact of life not every child is brought forth in love, respect, or understanding.  I am highly recommending the following books and be warned some of the text is highly graphic in the language, concept, and visualization.

'STOLEN INNOCENCE: My Story Growing Up In a Polygamous, Becoming a Teenaged Bride, and Breaking Free of Warren Jeffs' Sect by Elissa Wall and Lisa Pulitzer

'Little Prisoner: A Memoir,' by  Jane Elliot and Andrew Crofts,

'I Am Najood, Age 10 and Divorced,'  by Najood.


Onto to home school news; we are slowly easing back into our daily lessons with primarily a focus on reading, spelling, math, and penmanship for Zephyr.  Saenz on the other hand is starting with "The Story of Us" and pre-Algebra with a smattering of science, literature, grammar, spelling, to include practice writting essays.

I am hoping all who pass here are enjoying their summer; personally I am praying for rain or even a tropical storm to come our way.  With temps hitting over 112 every afternoon; we need some relief from the blazing Fire Ball.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Steve Israel DCCC Chairman Had No Reply

Yesterday, I recieved this email solictation from the DCCC asking for a donation to help re-elect President Obama.

"From: "Rep. Steve Israel, DCCC Chairman"

To: Malissa T saenznzephyr@xxx.xxx
Sent: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 11:19 AM

Subject: Tea Party Downgrade

Malissa --

When the Tea Party tells House Republicans to jump — the only question House Republicans ask is “How high?”

First, Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Cantor, and the rest of the House GOP allowed the Tea Party to bring us to the brink of a catastrophic default. Now those very same extremists are trying to pin the blame on President Obama for our nation’s first ever credit downgrade.

We can’t let them get away it.

We just launched our “Accountability August” campaign to hold Republicans accountable for their extreme agenda while they are home in their districts. We’re putting Republicans on the defensive across the country but we must raise an additional $100,000 to fully fund our Rapid Response operation for next week.

Please contribute $20 or more to our Rapid Response Fund right now, and help us reach our $100,000 goal by tomorrow night.

It’s critical we stand strong and united against Republicans’ all-out assault on Democrats and President Obama.

Your dollars will be put to work immediately to hold them accountable. Our August Accountability campaign includes radio ads, billboards, phone banks, door-to-door canvasses, and grassroots organizing in key Republican districts across the country.

Stand with President Obama, and help us fight back and hold Republicans accountable while they’re home in their districts by contributing $20 or more today.

Rep. Steve Israel
DCCC Chairman"


My Reply back to Mr. Israel surprisingly I have gotten no response in return. (sarcastic hope here)

"Sorry, we no longer have any discretionary funds to support either party. Since we are a family that depends on a military retirement check (mine, 20 yr AF, SAHM homeschooling mother) and husband's a current government employee (who may be terminated) to live and pay our bills. Personally sick of both parties and not one person to include President Obama who will share in the blame though this fiscal mess has been happening for over 30 years. So good luck in raising monies from people who are living on rice and beans, white bread bologna sandwiches, and iced tea instead of 30K+ plates for a birthday dinner.

Sorely-Pissed Off Voter
M Torres"
The sad thing is;
I know no one in my community that is any better off by electing our government officials in 2008 and 2010.
Not one of our leaders has inspired HOPE or CHANGE other than the need to go without and the constant threat of economic ruin. 
Washington leaders do not care about the people they represent anymore because frankly they don't have to -- since folks continue to vote them into office. 
I have a hard time believing in a system that gerry-manders to keep seats, ear-marks funding for their districts, accepts special interest funding, wants to get rid of labor unions, says 'we will read the bill after it's law and then gets an exemption (Obama-care) for their state,' and threatens to not pay for "ENTITLEMENTS" that have been rightly earned by serving our country, paying into medicare and social security for decades. 
Somethings I would like to see though:
Popular vote of US citizens on Congressional Pay, Benefits, Vacation Time, and Health Care tied to their job performance based annually.  I don't believe they should automatically earn those hefty salaries.
Recall rights for all  Senators and Representatives.
A balanced budget agreement.
No funding for re-election by special interest groups or  corporations.
Term limits on: congressional leaders, welfare and other social programs, drug testing for all of the above.
Jail time for congressional leaders who do not honor their oath of office much like the UCMJ.
Then again I am just a middle-aged mother who has two sons to raise and educate in this lopsided country.  I am fearful for their future and the future of our three older children who are struggling to make ends meet.  I am worried for my husband's career and lack of job availability if he gets laid off from a government workforce he has faithfully served the US for 22 years.
I see so much disparity in this country and want to know just what the working poor is supposed to do to survive?  I don't even have to leave my house just look across our property line to our neighbors plight and struggle.  No one is safe from the bread line and lack of basic human needs are no longer attainable for many.
So what do ya'll think?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Do Ya'll Talk To Your Children

About politics, politicians, economy, and national issues affecting your family? With the start of the new school year upon us; I have been explaining the three branches of the national government to our boys.  It is a very hard thing to explain to a child why Mommie and Daddy are really paying attention to the new hot topic about the economy, national budget, and unprofessional antics of our elected leaders.

I firmly remember growing up in Southern California during the national gas crisis.  I remember when K-Mart, Wal-mart, and Target was a dirty word and only those preceived to be poor  had to shop there.  I rightly remember grocery shopping with my single-parent mom; who could not fill her cart with anything other than: rice, beans, sugar, flour, pasta, Koolaide, white bread, hamburger meat, bologna, and no fresh produce other than bananas. 

I firmly believe as a parent the reason we as a country have gotten into the economic mess we are facing now is our leaders are still using a credit card to pay another bill.  Our economy while complex is quite simple; the United States has a spending problem. 

So this week, I have been having firm discussions with our boys about the necessity of living well within our means.  However, it will be a tough go for us because we really do not spend on frivalous things like: prepared foods, eating out, entertainment, vacations, clothing, games, or other luxury items.  We also depend on our government to honor my military retirement and healthcare.  My husband is a government employee facing the possibility of being cut from his job.  The rest of this year we as a family will be looking for more ways to stretch our already limited budget. 

I am going to have a hard time though explaining why Mr. Obama just held a birthday dinner in which the plates cost 35.8K when our family's meal was rice, carne guisada, and beans for less than $3 for the entire meal..... Just saying

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eugene & Emily: A Match Made for Texas Heaven

If wishes came true; Tropical Storms Eugene and Emily would park their amorous hineys atop the Texas drought stricken areas for about 72 hours and make serious thunderstorm babies. 

 However, I know this is just a dream.  By 10 a.m. we are forced inside to ride out the day.  Though we do check on our critters to ensure they are not baked by the heat wave.  Seriously, just walking to the mail box can cause heat stroke. Our new normal temp by 5 p.m. is or on 114; seriously dangerous heat.
I know this is a little late but, Zephyr is now an official Snaggle Toothed-Cubby Bear.  Just marking milestones and incredible rites of passage here on the farm.
Don't forget tonight begins the new season of 'Billy the Exterminator.' Billy started out with Mike Rowe on a Dirty Jobs episode and eventually A&E gave them their own show.  The boys and I love this show because we learn about animals / critters most folks consider pests.  Really, those critters are pests inside homes thus the need for exterminators.  The shows that make our skin crawl the worst are cock roach (insect) infestations.  YIKES!

So what are ya'll doing to beat the heat?  I hate cooking in this weather so; we are having lots of tortilla roll-ups (wraps) and other kinds of no cooking fare. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Come On Over, Don!

You know your drought is bad when you actually pray for a tropical storm to enter the Gulf. 

So what have ya'll been up to?  Same ole, same ole around here just living life in the routine we cut for ourselves.  Seriously, I believe we need a vacation.  However, at this time of uncertainity we just can not afford such a luxury.  I have been doing piddling things to keep my mind occupied like: spending time with our boys, taking care of the house and critters, reading as much as I can get away with, and watching the news.  Here are some casual observations:

Netflix price change; really there are folks upset over this?  Amazes me because I find the company to offer an amazing deal.  For giggles I kept track of the movies in and out for a month and have found we average around 20 movies (documentaries, cartoons, shows) a month.  At or under $1 each, Netflix is a bargin that can not be beat at all.  Their streaming service does not work for us because we do not have DSL service out here but, have to rely on satellite and the buffering drives me insane. Folks come to terms; Netflix is pretty darn awesome in my opinion; if you don't like the changes just move onto another service.

And I do know about Redbox, but their service is cost prohibitive if you add a 30 mile roundtrip to check out a $1 a nite rental after adding gas, wear and tear, and my time.  I think Netflix is actually losing money with us because of shipping and our volume of rentals.  Sssssssh don't tell. LOL

The drought has killed everything around here.  I am surprised ranchers can afford to keep any cattle at all.  There is no hay to speak of; and to have to buy grain to feed them; my wager watch beef prices continue to rise.  I am thinking we will have to wait until mid September to plant a second garden.  Really we are just one big ole fuse awaiting some careless person to toss a cigarette and the whole state will go up in flames.

'Big Rich, Texas' on Style Network.  Lets talk about taking out the garbage here.  Sad sad reality show with all the earmarks of Jersey Shore but, without the class. (LMFBOH) I was up one night and could not sleep only to happen upon this mess.  As someone who has spent most of their adult life in Texas; I am ashamed for the producers to be portraying such ilk to the American public that in no way resembles a real person in the State.  Really, does the public believe the 'RICH' would have the compunction to be a part of such nonsense? Hopefully this will just go the way of other ill fated reality shows......on the cutting room floor.

Dear commenter, IIL please know that I can not comment back to you.  I am guessing BLOGSPOT is again having troubles.  Sometimes I really think they need to work on their servers during the middle of the night. Too many glitches for my attention span.  Thanks for all your comments though, I do appreciate it. 

Now I am off to read some of ya'll.  I do have to try and convice my little snaggle toothed Cubby Bear to do a rain dance to bring Tropical Storm closer.  Just what are ya'll up to?????

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Playing Chicken....No I Don't Mean The Useful Kind

I am personally sick of our elected leaders playing chicken.  I wrote the following and put it into draft around 2 months ago:

"Balance our national budget?  Seems like our Legislative and Executive Branch are just postering over who's ideals will get met in order, to raise the debt ceiling.

 I am wondering what would the everyday American would do?

Mind you 'certain' promises have been made like  Social Security, Medicare, Medi-aid, Military Retirements, Veterans Affairs and a plethora of other programs so, those will have to be dealt with first. Mind you working class Americans have paid into social security for decades only to be threatened with it becoming unfunded. Social Security funds has been used for other programs by Presidents nearly since inception for programs like war or military interventions etc.  

I am more than willing to give more for our health insurance and forego Cost Of Living Allowances (COLA) for my monthly retirement checks because we need to raise monies to refill our national coffers.   However, our play-acting legislators will keep our mothers and fathers from possibly getting paid their 'fixed income retirement'  by not taking care of business.  Since, the House seen a gain tilted to the Republican side; the American budget has been in peril because not one budget has been passed on time. 

Think about that; what would happen to your household if you chose to ignore meeting your financial obligations for over 2 years?

What the common American may not be aware of;

If America defaults this could set the scene for the world not using the DOLLAR as the world currency.  Does that cause anyone passing here concern?  It should because once a new World Currency replaces the US dollar; America will find many things will raise in cost like: fuel, food, electricity, interest rate increases and so on.  For example: have you ever wondered why the cost of a barrel oil is reported in dollars? Because all countries but, the United States have to first convert their currency into dollars before purchasing oil for themselves. 

However, if our government cancels or defaults this will effect nearly all aspects of the US marketplace because the US dollar will lose even more of it's value. 

What stokes my internal fires is knowing all this posturing is for naught; meaning the debt ceiling will have to be raised.  As it stands, China owns approximately 10% of our national debt.  Can you imagine what would happen if we do not repay what we owe?  Like Greece, will we have to lease out our national treasures or simply list them on eBay?

Since, Mr. Obama has taken office the debt has risen from 10.6 to 14.5 trillion dollars; I firmly believe this has not all be due to enacting the Healthcare but, finally proper accounting for wars on three fronts are being actually accounted for in the public arena.  That should not surprise anyone because we as a country are embedded either on actual foreign soil or using technology to 'attack' other nations under guise of protecting us from terrorism -- think drone attacks here. 

What chaps my hide is; America used to be the most stable economy in the world.  We were the free-thinkers, innovators, scholars, and favored the pursuit of life, liberty, and freedom.  Now, sadly I am believing we are becoming sheeple too busy with our heads down to not hold some fire to the azzez of those we appointed to lead.  Your thoughts????, (written May 12th saved into drafts.)

All I know is; if I had not have completed my duty.  I could have been brought up on charges of dereliction, been demoted, charged a fine, separated and/or sent to military jail.  Where is the justice for the American Public?

Update on family issues:

Hubby has been home since Tuesday with pnuemonia -- I hate it when my menfolk are ill.  I need to have corrective surgery on my lasik'ed eyes since, I can not see properly for typing, blogging, teaching, and just plain reading has been a chore.  I personally called for a break in our school days so; I would not have to do much reading.  Just don't tell my boys they think they are on summer vacation.

Banjo went back to the vet and will have to keep his stitches, drains, and cone of shame for another week.  Poor little guy; just don't feel sorry for him.  He spends his days with me and has taken up the habit of trying even to go to the restroom with me.  I am so not liking that neediness at all.
 Here he is with Saenz trying out some ear phones.  Banjo likes Nickelback.
 What a cutie even with the 'cone of shame', eh?
For the love of my sanity please send some rain.
PS: Forgive any typos, or grammactical errors. Hee Hee!