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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Remember The First PC I Used

I was a senior in high school; all I wanted for Christmas was a type writer to pound out my stories / poems / experiences, to graduate with honors and go on to college.  It is so strange now at 45 and the death of Steve Jobs; I feel more affected / effected than when Elvis died as a child.  To self-described GEEKS; I am an original computer junkie.  Instead of going into college of which I had no money to do so --- I chose the Air Force; and the intel field chose me with all its tech gear.  I actually remember the talking Mac, scrolling screen, cursive writing, and carrying handle.  Times have changed eh?

I can think of no industry that has not been made better from the advent of computers, iPads, iPhones, etc,  ushering in a true Jestsonian age.  Commuting on the internet is the great equalizer of modern society.  It matters not if you have degree; one can and may learn anything even social skills.  A library of books are possible within nano seconds upon a device that weighs less than a single paper volume.  Catalogs of music, applications, email, portable devices, medical records, personal records; the new technology is one that has instantly available information --- the newer informational revolution replaced the industurial. 

While I keep Steve Jobs's wife, four children, family, and friends in my prayers for peace.

I just feel saddened to lose such a wonderful innovator.

May all find solace as these words are brought to you over one of the visions of a great leader.


Sharon said...

I have never used a Mac. But the man behind it was a very smart, caring person. Nice tribute, Mal!

Clothing Blogs said...

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