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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Momentous Thunderstorm Complete With Rain

I know all of ya'll have been following the floods in the Mississippi valley area.  I just can not imagine scope of  devastation of all that water.  Seems Mother Nature delivered not only record amounts of snow this passed winter and spring but as it melted; has joined with all the rain in the region.  All that water has to go somewhere; especially down hill/river.


Here in my part of South Texas; we had not received any rain since the 14th of March.  This has caused our area to be in a drought situation and under a burn ban since mid Febuary. No joke, we have cracks in our property from lack of water.  This passed Thursday, we had answered prayers in the form of a lovely mid-morning of rain.  Let me tell you, it was such music to our ears -- we turned off all the lights and television to hear the sound being drummed on our metal roof.

One and one-half inches of beautiful life sustaining rain!  
Here is our latest observation of the natural world.  Lady Bug land, I had no idea their larva stage had them looking like alien alligators.  Soon, they will crawl to the top of the habitat and begin their pupa stage.
This weekend, Sid came down so he and his father could replace the leaking radiator in his car. Let me tell ya, those two men were cut from the same cloth.  It has been a blessing for my hubby to have some male bonding time this weekend. 

Well I have some grass to mow, thankfully.  I plan on visiting all I have been following this week since, I now have time to breathe and slow down. 

With the new school year starting on this Monday, I am excited to get our new curriculum under way so Saenz, Zephyr and I will stay busy this summer. 

What are ya'll going to do? Any summer vacation (holiday) plans?  My holiday plans are to have lasik eye surgery this Friday.  I am so excited at the prospect of not wearing glasses; I am fit to be tied. 
OH SPECIAL NOTE: Next Saturday, our Cubby Bear will be awarded his Kindergarten diploma.  We are so excited for him and his accomplishments. YEAH ZEPHYR!


mixednut555 said...

YAYE! You are doing a great job and your boys are doing great too! Love ya!

Janet said...

Well done Zephyr ! good luck with the eye surgery !
Glad it is finally raining for you-must be hard work, watering all of your crops as well as taking care the animals-we are on a water metre here-so save all of our rain water in butts-or it would cost us a fortune !

Greg said...

goodluck with your eye surgery!

John Gray said...

well done for the rain!
been worried for you!

the shark said...

How did the lasik go?

My husband thought it much easier than the Vasectomy he had a week later. :)

Nekkid Chicken said...

HEY KAT, Thanks my sistah. He is a great student makes my job easier.

Hey Janet, We are on water well instead of a city meter. Matter of fact there is no city here. LOL

Thanks Greg, Four more days until I can see without glasses and no walking into walls. :O)

John, Please do a rain dance and scare some more our way. We are over a foot behind in rainfall. Smackers you big ole softie.

Oh I will let ya know next week about the surgery. Tomorrow is my final appt before I get to have it on Friday. I bet having a vasetomy hurts a tad. Thanks Shark