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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Big Box Day Finds Us Happy

 Yesterday we received two large boxes from Sonlight Curriculum.  Saenz needs a brush up with Core F on world history and literature since I focused heavily on math, science, journaling, handwriting, reading, grammar, and research skills to get him firmly on the sixth grade level. Saenz will also be taking a 6/7th with Pre-Alegbra mix to get him up to level with his former classmates; a far cry from being at a middle third grade math level last April when we pulled him out of public school.  

Another note, Saenz will have to take a course in spelling skills; being a dyslexic with Irlens makes that skill extremely challanging.  While I know WORD does a spellcheck if he types out his assignments; he still needs to learn the basics just as well as Zephyr.

I did make the decision this year to hold off on adding a foreign language with Saenz until next year.  It is hard enough for him to read as it is in English so, instead I will be adding Spanish and Latin songs for him to get used to hearing (of course) this will help Zephyr as well.

Zephyr will be starting his first grade this week; reading finally kicked in for him; I was starting to worry by Febuary that I would not be able to start 1st grade on time. Just since March he has went from only recognizing 10 Dolch sight words to 140 just this week.  Huge steps for our little cubby bear; he is now happy to sit with a book and read to us or anyone who will listen.   Zephyr really soared this year in math, science, rote memorization, reasoning, and story telling; his Kindergarten graduation (cap and tassel) walk will take place on the 21st. 

I am happy to have my hubby supporting our efforts to raise our boys to be happy critical thinkers. 

Our boys were thrilled to see the books they will be using to study for the next 180 school days.  Since we school year around; we take breaks as needed.  That is a lovely thing about homeschooling your children; if child or parent needs a day off -- we take one.
Cubby is holding his math curriculum.  I know he will breeze through this because he is already begining to understand the concepts of fractions, money, and multiplication.  This set also came with a neat box set of manipulatives to help Zephyr by using visual and hands on learning tools.  
The boys are basically chomping at the bit for Saenz's lesson to get this project in which, they will learn how to make ink like in ancient China.  I believe this will be in week 26 so, they have a bit of a wait.  Another note, I guess there was a computer glitch with our order because the shipment was missing the first grade instructor guides, binder, and language arts manual.  Oh well, I have already sent Sonlight an email to inform them of the mix up.  All is good though because I can just whip out the math and continuing reading lessons with no worries.  
Okay ya'll do you see my blood shot eyes?  LOL That is not because I have been drinking.... Nope seems the entire property is covered in pollens: live oak and ragweed.  It has been a tough week on my head with all the stuff floating in the air.  All is good though in the garden so far we have: jalapeno, serrano, habanero, yellow squash, zucchini, onion, mustard greens, raddishes, maters, okra, Greek oregano, turnips, carrots, sweet & white taters, and corn is at the 3 foot mark.  So nice to have a garden....

I will leave ya'll with a Big Ole Texas sized!

PS... Please pray for rain; we haven't had any since March.  Sorely needed here while up North; they are getting rained or flooded out.


floweringmama said...

I wish we could share our rain with you. It is only now starting to subside. They've requested disaster relief in areas of Ky.

Looks like the boys are excited for their projects. The pollen here is terrible. My middle son, nephew and father are in poor shape from their allergies.

Happy Mom's day!

Vickie said...

Howdy do! Happy Mother's Day to you! Your boys look like they are excited to dig into that new curriculum. Sounds like they have some interesting projects ahead!

I've been threatening to stick a toothbrush in my eyes and scratch them til they stop itching!!! Terrible here, too, on the allergens!

Jana C. said...

Ooooooh Happy Box Day !!!! I am so glad everything showed, and that you are so excited. We are doing the same core this year, I love B so far !!

I hope you are feeling better now. The allergies have been making the kids miserable too.

John Gray said...

have you had rain yet my old mate?