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Monday, May 16, 2011

So Much Green, Just Beautiful

After our rainfall, I got the pleasure of mowing and not complaining at all! 
 Except for all the weeds after the rain; lots of work to do yet.
 Hubby tilling so, we can lay in cukes, cantalope, more corn.
Bless you -- my little slobberpus. 

The green onions hubby pulled and I later cleaned, cut, and oven dried for later use. My house smelled like onions for a day.  Simple instructions, clean them well, cut them thin, lay on paper towels on a cookie sheet, put in oven 125-50 F (8 hours for 1 lb of cuttings), stir occassionaly, and check as more often as the moisture leaves.   

You can also dry foods by pressing between two screen doors on towel layers, put up on blocks in your yard if you live in hot place without humidity.  Solar dry is fine but, watch for bugs, ants, and mildew. I can't use this method because our humidity is so high most of the time === so much for the desert eh?

I wonder if squash leaves can be consumed.  Must do some research since, we have such large leaves.  What do ya'll think?  I know you can use the flowers in almost anything from soups, breads, stuffed, and friend.  HUMMMMMS here.......


Kids and Canning Jars said...

Looks like the rain did your homestead some real good! I cannot believe how great your garden looks. I am jealous.

Sharon said...

It all looks so nice - especially the mowed yard! Oh, I could just pluck that zucchini!

Just how humid is it there in Texas? (Please answer on my FB or on my blog.) I have about had it with TN!

I see that the pup is maturing some!

Have a great day!

Jen said...

It all looks great! I hit a bad spell and am debating as to whether or not try budding our garden again. Wish I had a place like yours to grow them in.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Melissa How is the weather down / over / up your way?

Hey Sharon, Banjo is quite the yard hound now. He spends his days chasing birds out of the yard. And sadly has caught a few.

Jen, Just for school or educational purposes I bet your children would love a planter or two.

Take care,

RonJoeWhite said...

Your place looks great! And as far as eating squash leaves... I know rabbits and bugs love them but I'm not so sure about human critters?