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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just a Happy Life, Who Needs More?

I am amazed at the strength, love, and joy I receive from just being with my men.  This week, Zephyr graduated from Kindergarten and has started his first grade school year. We did not have a formal ceremony since, I could not find the correct church in Beeville.  So instead, we picked up Zephyr's favorite --- cup cakes in his birth theme of Halloween. 

My husband has been taking care of all the outdoor chores this passed week.  My surgery was awesome and I can see at 20/20 for each eye.  Though I am taking extra care while my eyes are healing from lasik.  Hubby has been taking up all my outdoor chores; he did not want me to get anything in my eyes since, he had an infection after his lasik.  Let me tellyou; this man is always working even when he is at home.  He is a Mr. Fixit.  I just love him to pieces; the almost 15 years we have been together has flown.  He is my best friend. 
 Our Ladies Bug beetles are almost fully formed.  Strange critters these little wonders of nature.

 Today, we took the boys to the Lexington Musuem.  Both boys love anything and everything to do with the military.  So it was a treat for them to touch or sit inside exhibits.  We are hoping to foster their desire to learn in any method we can find.  For the next two years, we will be taking them back to the Lexington, Texas State Aquarium, and Zoo often.  I could tell each of them were quite happy to be here with us.  I love to walk behind them and watch from a distance. 

Little Brig Bird

Six men bunked inside an area the size of a modern closet.  

 They walked the plank.
They touched history. 
 They climbed and explored a new world.
 One of the eight book cases my hubby has built. 
This one is the latest, and hold 1 yr of curriculum for both boys. I am loving Sonlight especially the Instructor Guide, Read A-longs, and history materials.  Below is the pencil grip suggested by Jana that is working out well for both boys to learn a proper handwriting grip.

This weekend, when you are out enjoying the summer or grilling.  Take time out to remember all those who made our lives possible this Memorial Day.  The men and women of our Armed Forces, family members, civilians, and contractors; who support their mission. 

If not I leave you with this. God Bless


Kids and Canning Jars said...

Thank you for the wonderful update! You are so good at them!!! And thank you for serving and wearing the uniform years before. Much love~Melissa

Cat said...

The pic of the Sailor's uniform, that was what my Dad wore... And I thank him for his service. I have lots of friends, they were in the service as well. Nearest I could get to being in the service is hugging a serviceman. So, Thanks to all that serve, we do appriciate you!


Nekkid Chicken said...

Awe, Thanks Mrs. Melissa! You always have kind words. Much Love, Mal )))HUGS((

Cat, I just love a man in uniform. Hee hee! I am so sure hugging a servicemember as thanks is a wonderful gift. Take care & Hugs, Sugar