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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Do You Fudge Some Days?

What I mean by fudge is; letting go and sitting back in quiet awe.  Or allowing things to slip by like dusting, sweeping and mopping; when your floors look like hell.  I just think we all are guilty of getting caught up in the minutiae of life.  Some days, I have to leave television off or just have it on for white noise in the background. 

Other days, the boys are all nice and kind to each other and I just scan them with suspicious eyes; wondering if they built a nuclear warhead when I turned my back.  Normally, they are  two sore-tailed cats who need to retreat to their respective marked terriority of 'MINE.' On these days, if they are happy to be brothers we sometimes cut school work in half. Sssssh, don't tell them the key to getting time off. :O)

Today was one of those days, we ran some eggs over to  neighbor Mrs. Maguglin.  Got home in time to be blessed with a visit from Mrs. Lily.  My boys just adore her and Zephyr especially tries to keep her occupied with her stories of his Lego battle warriors.  We hope you enjoy the onions, mustard greens, and squash we sent home with you.  Thanks Mrs. Lily for coming over, no worries we will pick up in the morning where the boys left off in their school work.

A thing I miss though since lasik, has been jumping on my Husky and mowing the grass.  With my eyes being so sensitive to bright light and irritants; I can only look out my window with a longing of horsepower.  HEE HEE it is so hard to give over the keys to hubby on the weekends.

As these days of summer are bearing down on us; please take some time to fudge days of work now and again.  I am sure our Creator doesn't mind a slower pace.


Kids and Canning Jars said...

Dang, I thought you were going to share some really groovy fudge recipe with us all......

Sharon said...

If that's fudging........ I am rolling in it! Haven't done squat today!