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Friday, May 13, 2011

Have You Ever Been Excited And Scared

At the same time? Well yesterday I had the first exam for having lasik eye surgery to see if my vision was in range.  Let me tell you; I was uber happy to find I passed the first appointment / exam with flying poor vision. My right eye is 20/40 okay not bad -- however, my left eye is 20/400; no wonder my bifocals cause me to swim when adjusting to new glasses.  I can remember putting on my first pair of eye glasses as a child and being able to see a blade of grass from a standing position.

No matter how many times I try to explain to my husband; I can not see well enough with glasses in bright Texas sunlight to drive in horrible traffic --- too much glare from not only my glasses, the car's windshield, and other cars --- I have to compensate for jacked up tunnel vision. He just doesn't get it because he can see even before he had lasik.  So perhaps by next Saturday.  I will be on par with him.
Isn't this a really cool office lobby?
Saenz picking the nose of the 'MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD.'

 Since we were in Corpus and we had promised a trip to the Texas State Aquarium (TSA).  We went and also renewed our family membership for another two years.  It is great the TSA now offers a military discount on the family membership. Woooo Hooo! I am all for savings and any activity that is educational.  (Thanks my Bean)
Cubby Bear was stoked to touch a sting ray for the first time.  

 Nose to Nose; two predators meet for the a discussion.

Zephyr can tell you the difference between poisonous (ingested, absorbed, breathed in) and venomous (injected).  This Lion Fish is venomous because it injects its venom like a snake.  The poisonous tree frog secretes poison on its skin. Did you know that some of the tree frogs poisons can be used for human medications?  
 Zephyr loves the shark exhibit and could spend hours just watching them.  (I was like that as a child; sharks are so interesting to watch.)
Do you see the man to be --- behind those glasses? I do.....it makes me sad, happy, and proud to know such a wonderful human being. 

just thought this angle was cool 
I hope all of you who pass here are doing well.  To answer John's question; Nope on the rain though we are supposed to be at 70% chance today.  I have my feathers crossed, been saying prayers, and have my little Cubby Bear doing a rain dance. 

Isn't is a strange and wonderful world? We as humans don't understand Mother Nature's way of giving too much of something or not giving enough. 

Peace and Joy 

It is now 1 p.m. and we have had a rain storm; I am guessing about 1 1/2 inch of rain.  I will post pics tomorrow. Jana, I hope you enjoy the short but, lovely bout of rain headed towards ya'll.


Jen said...

Yes I did know about the frogs. Very cool. Aquariums are fabulous. Glad to see you all had such fun. I've never seen sea foam before!

Jim said...

Hi Mal, just dropped by to see what could learn today! And sure enough I did! Ingest and inject.....know I know. Good you got some rain....we want some sun here, only two days of it in 25 days. Balance please!