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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seven Things

I woke up to nice surpriseTexan @ http://texan.blogspot.com/ passed on an award to me. She thinks I am outspoken but, respectful. LOL WOW ! I have to tell my hubby.

The rules are to pass on the award, link back to the one who nominates you. Then tell seven things someone may not know about you.


Seven Things:

1. I will pick up or free a entangle snake with my bare hands but, the thought of touching a wriggling fish grosses me out so, I use a towel to take it off the hook.

2. I know Morse code.

3. I was born in Alabama, moved to Cali when I was ten, went to Colorado at 18 then joined the Air Force from South Carolina at 20.

4. I have freckles on my shins from a bad sun burn as a child.

5. I have a quick temper but forgive as fast as I rant some – then realize my faux pas and decorum breech.

6. I am a late bloomer: driver’s license at age 28, first child at 32, and started with animals / farming at 40.

7. Wherever I am at, I pick up the language quick so I can assimilate and move about the area with ease. However, I GUESS MY BRAIN IS A SPONGE once I leave, I have to ring it out to make room for the next lingo --- AKA, Kelly Bundy style. LMFBOH

a. I was able to speak ‘passing’ Tagalong (Philippines),

b. read/spoke/wrote ‘passing’ Greek (Crete)

c. Spoke and read ‘stumbling’ Portuguese (Azores).

d. Now I am doing SPANGLISH/TEX-MEX

My nominees are:

Diana @ To Everything a Season and keeps this one Texas-Blogging Gals
(I have found lots of other bloggers in Texas because of Diana -- thank you thank you thank you!)
Newer Blogger Maud @ Life with Jack and Jill
(Your writing style cracks me up --- thanks so much for making me smile!)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So your gonna....homeschool?

It's was a rather busy weekend.  I was able to clean my house, clear out the room downstairs and just chill with my menfolk.

Funny thing is, I want to homeschool my sons.  While most who hear this -- give me a pained look.  How can giving my sons the best education be a burden?  I am already a 'stay at home mom' (SAHM), teach Zephyr (5 yr ready for kindergarten), and raise farm animals. The farm is a perfect place to learn life sciences.  JMHO

I am also a college educated, two degree holding, master degree pursuing, world traveled, former professional military teacher / supervisor / management consultant -- who only needs to apparently take the TExES to be state qualified to teach.  

I have seen my son struggle to do his homework; seems there is only the schools' way of doing math.  THIS CRACKS ME UP ---- why?

My son is 12 years old and still has little concept of fractions and long division.  By the Texas Education Agency (TEA) he should be mastering some concepts of Algebra already.  So, why has the school allowed him to be at 3rd grade level and in Special Education?  Because, Saenz is only one child; the American education system in built on 1950s setup of 'rote' learning.  If a child can not sit still and aborb information then, they are a problem (special needs) learner. 


From the begining of his school 'career'  and daycare -- he was labled as: HIGH MAINTAINENCE. 

I was told he has AUTISM.... BULL HOCKEY, I knew he did not have autism. 

I was told he had Asperger, again not the right diagnosis. 

The silly thing is, I told his pediatrican I thought he was dyslexic at 18 months of age. Yes, I noticed at an early age. It was blatantly obvious to me.  Saenz would build blocks structures and draw mirrored images, had no interest in writing/coloring/or following letters or numbers.  But, what did I know?  I did not have a medical or education degree at the time. LOL

So, I refused to medicate him.  I was not going to give him drugs that had not been tested on children with no long term studies, how the drugs impacted (scientifically backed up) brain growth or emotional development.  To me, giving Saenz a pill to 'numb' him into a compliant child; who zoned out in the classroom.  NOPE NOT ON MY WATCH.....

Now, on to his current school district..... I feel despite the medication argument in grades 1 through 5; he has made progress.  His primary special education team was flipping fantastic and he soared; this year though with onset puberty; his progress has slowed and he knows he is behind and so does his peers.  WHICH has opened him up to bullies' the passed two years. 

He has dyselxia but, he doesn't process information at a lower level. He also has IRLENS syndrome which is a visual processing diability.  If your child comes home with headaches often or develops headaches after reading; he / she may have IRLENS. 

To learn more information about IRLENS go here:

Self tests are found here:

Sample distortions (how those with IRLENS see)

 Saenz has made lots of improvement with his IRLENS glasses.  In fact, I believe if he had more one on one time - tutoring (ME); he would surprise the heck out of his teachers with his reasoning abilities.  So forgive me if I rant.....  I am just trying to find my way to give my best to my sons.

I have lost faith in the public education system

steps off egg crate ~;>

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gone Fishing, Mom Gets to Clean

Dad took the boys fishing so, I can vacuum and dust.  Saenz has horrible allergies and that means I normally clean while he is at school.  This was his spring break week,  he still has six weeks of the school year.  I leave you with some photos Zephyr took using Saenz's camera.

Does anyone notice the theme? LOL

Saturday, March 27, 2010


If you get a chance to see this man's work.  HOLEY MOLEY you are in for a shocker.  This woman weighs only 86 pounds, can not find a job..................

I was deeply moved by viewing some of Mr. Nye's work at the Witte and listening to the stories of people he photographed.  You can check out his work here:

Listen to the voices of People talking about what its like to be so hungry they hurt. The one that moved me most was the story of John B, a schizophrenic, former prisioner, his childhood dealing with hunger. His voice just carried with me all day in my head.  Please look around you for ways to help others. No one should go hungry.

At the Witte Museum

This T-Rex was outside the Witte.

Most of the exhibits contained no true bones but, molded items. What was cool was the animatronic dinosaurs.

This one has feathers, the kids loved this one.

Making the dinos move by pushing buttons.

Digging for fossils.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Children and Grand daugthers



I am so excited to be taking our boys here today.  We have been talking about it for weeks. Not only do we get to learn about dinosaurs especially the 'feathered' ones.  The HEB Playhouse will be a huge hit with Zephyr.  It's his first visit to the WITTE.  If you go to the link and have your speakers on, you will hear a dinosaur walking as it's footsteps go across the page.

What is super special about this day is we are meeting Sid and Lisa.  Hopefully Junior and his children will decide to come along with us.  A small Torres Family reunion.

I am especially looking forward to seeinghttp://www.wittemuseum.org/exhibits/Hunger.html
This exhibit will be leaving after Easter.  It's a stirring photo exhibit by Michael Nye, I read about; from the pictures I have seen.  These folks are haunting.

(ALSO, go watch the movie trailer BABIES --- you will be glad you did --- it's a feel good experience.)

Will be back later with lots of pictures of San Antonio.....
I love these teaching experiences.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blessings, My Life is Full

Today, I was able to spend some time with Mrs. Lilly. Just listen to her, hear stories, ideas, dreams and her interacting with my sons. What made me think of my grandmother? It’s simple…..

When I was a small child; my mother divorced my father. My sister Tammy and I were kept by our grandmother each day as mom worked in a factory. What I found to be an awesome link to my past was: looking at Mrs. Lilly and my youngest talking together.

I could feel my grandmother’s’ busy hands touching mine as Mrs. Lilly spoke to Zephyr. The dry, white skin, taunt from years of work --- dirt in her fingernails from the garden, the lines of her hands showing how far she has come in life. How valuable it is for ourselves to be respectful of those who came before us, to listen, learn, and be touched by those hands who love. My life is blessed in so many ways because I have friends who touch me and the lives of my sons.

AWE! Thanks Larry


Great JOB!  I love my friends too.......................... ~:>

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's the Big Deal?

We found this form hanging on our fence instead of in our mailbox.  Is it any wonder why 'the count' is not accurate?

I have seen an article about Houston and Dallas gaining 140K peeps each due to the economy.  What this means is, more Texans representatives in the HOUSE. LOL

Is the US ready for that? Texas is a huge 'RED' state with metropolitan areas leaning heavily towards 'Blue' causes. 

Another thing that cracks me up, peeps just don't realize in the United States Constitution  there is a legal requirement --  a blurb about counting folks to ensure proper representation.  So this means the CENSUS is necessary and part of the law of the land.  I don't understand the apprehension about the information contained with the form.  Folks give away more personal data on Facebook and Twitter.

Total time to answer 32 questions, 5 mins.....................

I just wanted to share

Since I seem to be connecting more on this forum.  I wanted to repost an old thought but, it's still relevant.  Later, I have something to share with GOING GENTLY's Huggable John.  LOL he just cracks me up and thinks I am absolutely loony.

Please enjoy my indulgence.

"Can You See Me Now (repost)
29 July 2007

     There is nothing new under the sun. People are born, live and die. Some folks come into our lives because we need them, need us or, a little of both. Thinking back over my adult life; I have recognized and brought folks into my heart. I have chosen to let them become a part of my soul. I remember the talks and times shared. I recalled the strangers in foreign lands; who eyes follow me still through my day’s decades later. I may not have ever met them and broke bread but; I remember them. Now this probably sounds strange to other folks but just give me a minute to explain.

   As a military member; one is not always afforded the luxury of staying in a place long enough to forge a bond or write down an address. One gets to sit in buildings that were makeshift airports, hotel lobbies or restaurant waiting for the next plane or mode of transport. The native tongue drifting in the air like a pregnant pause; you can choose to: sleep, look at people or, fall into a book with head phones on to drown them out. I always picked looking at people connecting through the common mirrors of the soul----eyes.

   I have watched women nursing their newborns; noticing how the posture of the pair lends itself to being in a larger womb. Fathers and sons arguing about “Futbol” while drinking café, eating baguettes; and made the silent connection in they possess the same facial outline separated by years. Witnessed lovers so infused in the moment of passion the bus scene from “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” comes to mind. I have seen children sitting in a circle sharing food on a blanket; food flying from their mouths from giggling and talking. I have seen homeless people sitting behind potted plants trying to escape the heat and accusatory eyes of others. I recall with vivid detail the sights, smells, sounds, movement of limbs, and underlying tones of their lives.

   Now you are probably wondering why I have brought this up in this forum. It is rather quiet simple; the blogs reminds me of new and exotic places because of the fluidity and transient nature. The blogs keep moving, cliques (families) are formed, celebrations, and grief are brought to light. While many choose to participate----many more unseen faces are watching, living, and marking the moments of YOUR LIVES but the question is: ARE YOU?

Love, hugs and kisses,
Nekkid Chicken"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



The last few times I have had to use the toilet while out of the house.  There is usually someone TALKING while sitting the throne.  YES, actually talking on a cell phone in a public restroom.  I guess I have performance anxiety but, I just don't want to pee or poo --- with a cell phone next door. Soooooooooooo,

In order to fight this public invasion of restroom ettiquette.  I have decided the next time I use a public restroom and the next door occupant is on her cell.  l begin moaning and groaning with the verbal addage, IT'S THE BIG ONE, ELIZABETH!

ENJOY THE SCENE FROM DUMB and DUMBER! LOL they won't know what hits them.

Blast from the Past

Look what my hubby found at a local 'stripes' gas station.  I have not seen these since I was a barefooted kid riding skateboard in South California in the 70s.  Saenz tried them and was not too impressed.  Good thing, we did not have any soda for him to wash them down. LOL I am sure he would have freaked out with the double fizzy foam action.
Today is my 44th birthday, and hubby played hooky from work.  He just took my truck in to get it inspected as a gift which to me is the coolest thing -- I don't have that chore to do.  WHAT A MAN!!!!!!!!

Later, we will be either taking the boys to the carnival in George West or will be going to lunch and a movie in Beeville. YEAHHHHH!  We will also be planting our two muscadine vines, I am super stoked and hope they take root.

By the way, I am not as close to my 500th post as I thought since I deleted some 'drafts' that were not actually drafts.  I am around the 472 mark however, once I hit that milestone the fourth commentor will be recieiving a pound of mesquite bean pod flour as a gift.

Monday, March 22, 2010

When Pelicans Fly

This was so DARN COOL,

I seen a line of birds take flight while on THE ISLAND, and snapped a few pictures.  I had to wait for the focus to work on this new Easy Share, I have.  I am not liking the new camera much.  But, there were over 200 birds, and I was luckily under an umbrella so no 'poo poo' accidents.


Blue Bonnets, The Island

This is our adventure today.  First day of spring break.

Golden Coral for lunch

Cubby's pick.

He has my chin

The island
Finding things and bonding

Brother Love

Conquer the sand dune

Needed help down


A Little Horse Play

More Blue Bonnets

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chicken Commando

I went outside for a bit of a walk today even though it's really breezy from a cold front from the North.  At least its not raining. I had to laugh because this is what I saw while sitting on the back of my pickup.
Chicken stampede

Zephyr the Chicken Commado in hot pursuit.

He is giving me a lesson.

So much green.

Just across our fence

Randy (chicken boys), The blue bonnet field I was going to stop to take pictures was turned over for hay production.  So, on the way to Corpus Christi tomorrow I will take more pictures of our family day together.  We have appointment for Saenz at the allergy clinic but, will probably do something cool with the boys before he is seen.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Best Blog Award

Barbara gave me the nod, check out her blog 3 Acre Homestead; she was was awarded Best Blog from Leslie @ Juniper Hill.  Thanks for the nomination..............

I have been going through many blogs trying to find fifteen whom I thought were 'best.'  I am kinda ecclectic so, I surf  the world to nominate fifteen bloggers who are not connected to us in no particular order.

Save this picture
Load it back up to your narrative, and nominees, don't forget to link to your nominator.

This blogger's sense of humor makes me laugh at her observations. Kajo
I love this Dad's work. quiltdad
Admire this blogger's site & pictures. Linda, Crafty Gardener
Use translator to read Cesar's political http://cesarcrash.blogspot.com/

I will be back later to add more as I find their treasures.

Watcha Looking At

This hen just makes me laugh.  Say good morning to CRANKY PANTS, one of our Americana Hens.  Since she was just a little pip; she likes to be the boss and tolerates no bum patting when she is on laying duty.  Yesterday, Saenz took a small lazer pointer and flashed the little red light in front of her while she was laying.  Let's just say Cranky Pants won! LOL

The boys and I let the hens out for ranging; I could see a storm coming up and had Saenz and Zephyr running around with me feeding our farm squatters.  Yeppers my chickens like to be out even in the rain; although under shelter but still running free. 
When we got inside the house just before a huge 5 minute 'gully washer' came pouring down.  I am wagering we got at least 1/2 inch of rain in those five minutes.  Our forecast is calling for 60% chance for thunderstorms today. HEE HEE, This time DEAD WRONG DALE is correct.
Surprisingly this is a very cold rain, guess Old Man Winter still is clutching at straw trying to hold on.  This time last year, we had temps in the 90s already.  This year we have only broken 80 two separate weeks.
This is one of our mesquite trees I will be harvesting mesquite bean pods from in the fall.  All this rain will allow me to gather pounds of pods of which I will turn into mesquite meal.  The meal is supposed to be low-glycemic which is a really important food consideration for folks with diabetes.  None of my family has this diease but, I still want to try making the meal and using it since, we have so many of these trees on our place.  Also, we use the trimmings of mesquite wood for grilling.  Don't you love nature's bounty?

Since this is my 495th post, the blogger who comments 4th on my 500th post will recieve a one pound bag of mesquite meal in the fall as my way of saying thank you for listening/reading my rantings. This is our fourth year at Hoe Hen Inn, without this journal I would have no local friends.

More information found here:


Friday, March 19, 2010

This Just Cracks Me Up, Thanks Rockonbyaudi

"ONLY IN TEXAS (by mirleyt3196409s link)

A seagull in Galveston , TX has developed the habit of stealing Doritos from a neighbourhood convenience store. The seagull waits until the Manager isn't looking, and then walks into the store and grabs a snack-size bag of cheese Doritos.

Once outside, the bag gets ripped open and shared by other birds..

The seagull's shoplifting started early last summer when he first swooped into the store in Galveston , and helped himself to a bag of Doritos. Since then, he's become a regular. He always takes the same type of chips.

The Manager thinks it's great because people are coming to watch the feathered thief make the daily grab and run, and that's good for business, and especially since customers have begun paying for the seagull's stolen bags of Doritos because they think it's so funny.

However, the Manager did say, "This is Texas , and if that seagull starts to grab a 6-pack of beer to go along with the Doritos, I may have to put a stop to it.""

What makes me laugh about this?  Each night after all the stories on homocides and such; there is a blurb or two about beer theft.  Seems Texas has more than its fair share of thieving idiots; who fail to realize they are almost always caught on video tape.

Plus gulls have a way with becoming unafraid of people, we found that out our last beach vacation to Rock Port.  The brazen hussies would chase anyone with what they thought was food.  Poor fishermen, LOL!

Like they said, only in Texas.............

Tagged Reciprocate

This morning I am checking to see who played photo tag with myself and Chicken Boys.

This is Alaska Tali's beautiful photo
Alaska Tali
This is Texan's 'life' photo

And to give ya'll something to look at  while I check the other blogs.  These are beautiful but freaking deadly weeds. Can you say OUCH?  I have them blooming around the place but, try to keep these and other nettles down because they are ruthless with their stinging once brushed against.  They cause sizeable welts to pop up, blister, and hurt almost like a fire ant sting.  We keep a benedryl stick handy.  I will go find the other purple nettle, to show you later.

And spring is here and better yet, Saenz is out for spring break.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tagged by Chicken Boys

I was photo tagged by Chicken Boys so, I picked my one of my favorite photos from last year.  This is the first candling of our hatch in April.  That is my hand, I took the picture in a darkened room, using my Koday Easy Share.  I was  surprised to see all the movement in a ten-day old egg.  If you see a SPIDER outline, you know you have a fertile egg.  My boys really got a kick out of my showing them this but, I had to explain that we could not do it often since the light puts out a lot of heat and could harm the baby inside.

I will be back to tag some other bloggers.  Who should pic a photo of theirs and tell a little story or information behind it.  Check out others blogs -- connect -- its the only way to learn.

My five tagged bloggers as follows - (I like their moxy):

Kat my over the pond sistahhttp://mixednutz555.blogspot.com/
Gentle John @ frog imprisoner
Alaska Tali @ 60 Toes
Super Busy Texan @ http://texan.blogspot.com/

I will add more unsuspecting RUBES later. LOL BAKKKKK~!