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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I just wanted to share

Since I seem to be connecting more on this forum.  I wanted to repost an old thought but, it's still relevant.  Later, I have something to share with GOING GENTLY's Huggable John.  LOL he just cracks me up and thinks I am absolutely loony.

Please enjoy my indulgence.

"Can You See Me Now (repost)
29 July 2007

     There is nothing new under the sun. People are born, live and die. Some folks come into our lives because we need them, need us or, a little of both. Thinking back over my adult life; I have recognized and brought folks into my heart. I have chosen to let them become a part of my soul. I remember the talks and times shared. I recalled the strangers in foreign lands; who eyes follow me still through my day’s decades later. I may not have ever met them and broke bread but; I remember them. Now this probably sounds strange to other folks but just give me a minute to explain.

   As a military member; one is not always afforded the luxury of staying in a place long enough to forge a bond or write down an address. One gets to sit in buildings that were makeshift airports, hotel lobbies or restaurant waiting for the next plane or mode of transport. The native tongue drifting in the air like a pregnant pause; you can choose to: sleep, look at people or, fall into a book with head phones on to drown them out. I always picked looking at people connecting through the common mirrors of the soul----eyes.

   I have watched women nursing their newborns; noticing how the posture of the pair lends itself to being in a larger womb. Fathers and sons arguing about “Futbol” while drinking café, eating baguettes; and made the silent connection in they possess the same facial outline separated by years. Witnessed lovers so infused in the moment of passion the bus scene from “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” comes to mind. I have seen children sitting in a circle sharing food on a blanket; food flying from their mouths from giggling and talking. I have seen homeless people sitting behind potted plants trying to escape the heat and accusatory eyes of others. I recall with vivid detail the sights, smells, sounds, movement of limbs, and underlying tones of their lives.

   Now you are probably wondering why I have brought this up in this forum. It is rather quiet simple; the blogs reminds me of new and exotic places because of the fluidity and transient nature. The blogs keep moving, cliques (families) are formed, celebrations, and grief are brought to light. While many choose to participate----many more unseen faces are watching, living, and marking the moments of YOUR LIVES but the question is: ARE YOU?

Love, hugs and kisses,
Nekkid Chicken"


Melodie said...

This is a great post!

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

lovely post you lunatic woman!