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Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Bike, Zephyr Milestone

He is so proud of himself, age five, ready for kindergarten in the fall. (much to mom's lament)

Say Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Yesterday, he surprised his dad by reading simple math addition equations back to him.  Yeppers, my little cubby, (Maryland Mauler) likes to learn.  Hopefully by time school starts in August, I will have him reading Pre-K to 1st Grade books.  He is though more interested in learning numbers.  The concept of money fascinates him since, I take him shopping with a stack of coupons pretty often.  We are still working up to single digits addition up to count twenty.  He knows all his body parts, colors, shapes, has a rather large vocabulary, likes to work with daddy, tortures his big brother Saenz on a daily basis, and loves the outdoors.

I am so proud of my cubby! 
You are growing up so fast............


Anonymous said...

Great Job! He is ahead of many of the preschoolers.
Great Picture!

Chicken Boys said...

They all grow up too fast. I so wanted kids, but that's not an easy task for Mike and I. We've got a plethera of nephews and nieces, though, and I hate how fast they are growing!

Texan said...

Okay this isn't really about this post .. but congrats to your son for doing such a fine job with his lessons!

I saw you said on Barbara's blog you were thinking going to auction for a mini herd milk cow? Care to elaborate on that? :O) ...What auction and mini herd? We don't need tons of milk so a mini might be good, didn't know there was one :O)... I have been looking around some and its harder to find a dairy cow than one would think, so it seems!

Lori said...

Ah ha I found you!

Melodie said...

What a cutie! Thanks for stopping by my place!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Barbara, Thanks! I will miss him when he goes to school in fall. sniff sniff

Randy, No joke, they grow up way to fast. My family used to think I would never have children. I started late with Saenz at 32. Military life kept me away from family so, eventually I settled down to have my own.

Texan, I set up a post for you. Yes, I would like a few mini cows for a 'small' herd.

NUNNIE PANTS! WOW its you......falls over

Thanks Melodie, Nice to see you here.