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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WHY I BLOG: Lack of Re·gur·gi·ta·tion

Y'all may not know this but I was pretty much wiped out this weekend.  Seems I have upper respiratory and sinus infection to boot.  I am medicated but what the hell; stoning on Tussin, Albuterol, Ciprofloxacn as I type.

Now while I am almost mobile and moving, I spent three days sleeping on the couch with the television on to keep time/company.  I made a discovery which is probably not remarkable in itself. Cable news media -- all -- just tell the same ole stories of: corruption, sexual misconduct, political back biting, lunatic rampages, who wore what rags to the Oscar, and a other glib horrific recanting of missing, abused, or killed faceless strangers. 

MSNBC supports Obama
ABC/DISNEY is seeking more profits
HLN loves sensational stories

So, I am sticking to Current, NPR, and Vanguard with a little international news thrown in for spice and variety.  These may be our last bastions of true journalism.


The whole reason why I love blogging and connecting with others is quite simple.  I want to connect with real folks living real lives.  If one listens to the media I or We will all:

Copulate with strangers.
Have our children abucted.
Identities stolen
Have no financial security without Wall Street.
Can not live without big banking.
Care about consenting adults do in their bedrooms behind closed doors.
Need Viagra, Yaz, or other countless medications to dull our senses.

What I have come to respect and enjoy about the bloggers I have been following is:

They cherish their relationships with family, spouses, children, friends and neighbors.

They give back by being HUMAN supporting communities and country.

They love animals and watching things grow.

They are becoming self-sufficient even though, we are lead to believe we must eat out of a box or bag.

They share information, experiences, and themselves.

So if any of this doesn't make sense. Sorry but, it does to me.  I will clean this post up tomorrow.  Seriously considering giving up Tussin; while not seeing pink elephants in g-strings at the stripper pole.   I am light headed...

Smiles ~;>


Jack & Jill said...

Just what is Ciprofloxacn? OTC? Hmmm, may send someone for some tussin. I only feel like I am dying, Have been sick since I went to the Dr. Seems everyone has this crud. Been using my nebulizer and everything I could think of, Still miserable. My heart goes out to you Mal, I know 'zactly how you are feelin'

Nekkid Chicken said...

Hey Jill, Its some kind of bacterial killer and makes me woozy too. Ack

I should get a nebulizer or just use zephyr's with some purified water.

Chicken Boys said...

That was a great post. Everyone should read that. It is very true. I'm not opposed to eating out of a box or bag. Just don't want to feel like I have to. That's what America is about, right? Isn't it? Maybe I'm confused. Thought we were a democratic republic. Perhaps we're heading for socialistic monarchy? I think I may see the toilet water spinning.

Texan said...

I watch so little TV I really could just do without a TV...okay, okay I admit I like food network...no not every show on there but I do enjoy some of the cooking shows...

Wouldn't give you a plug nickel for News programs or about any other show on TV...

I don't feel uninformed because of not watching TV and I can usually hold a half way decent conversation with someone LOL...

But don't try to take my computer!

Nekkid Chicken said...

ROFL Randy which way is the water twirling? Maybe we are in Bizarro World.

Nekkid Chicken said...


Same here, touch my puter that signs your death warrant. LOL

I don't feel like I am uninformed at all either.