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Monday, March 1, 2010

Kalends; accounting calendar for March

    Yep it's offical spring has sprung in South Texas!  I am here taking count of what we need to do, plant, and plan before the next full moon.  Sorry for the Roman reference.  I was thinking about the IDES (15th) and looked up the Roman term for the first of the month.  Thus, Kalends from account book/calendar.  But, I wax informative today.

     I still think Aries is pregnant, her belly is round and her hind teats are pinking up so we may just have another kid arrival soon.  Or is it possible she is going through puberty and is having a bad bloat month? LOL

     Loosey has fattened up quite nicely too.  Mr. Salad Fingers had his way with her before he went off to market.  She only had six her first batch of piglets.  This time she is much rounder and softer looking about the mid section.  Probably because Mr. Salad Fingers is not eating her food.


     Now, onto planting.  Hubby made and lined a beautiful 2' by 8' planter complete with chicken mesh on the bottom to discourage moles and ground hogs.  This year we seem to have migratory flocks of ground hogs taking over our lawn.  Other than shooting them with electricity, setting out traps or, poisons; (BIG NO NO)  I have no idea how to get rid of these beasts of destruction.  Please if anyone has ideas on a humane way to rid at least an acre of these monsters -- let us know.

     Tonight, after a fine spagheti meal -- I am going to try some homemade mango wine. Yep, I made it from mango juice, sugar, yeast, let it ferment for about 8 months.  This will be mine first test of the:


Naaaaaaaaaaaah, only kidding. 

Just another experiment to see if I can do it.

Off to make a scrap yarn rug, seems my small one has left the building.


Chicken Boys said...

I saw that you said your husband is going to work for a contractor in Beeville. We used to live in Beeville. We lived on Tyler St down from the hospital....right across from the Circle K. Some times I miss it, but I didn't get to see much of it. I was a truck driver then, on the road all the time. All our stuff got moved to NC while I was on the road, and I ended my trip in NC.

John Gray jgsheffield@hotmail.com said...

goodblog entry

Jack & Jill said...

Gee, just reading that made me tired :)
You ever read any of the "Mother Earth News"?

Mango wine... hmm, I suppose you used less sugar, or did you go by a recipe? Most of ours (that turns out well) is given away. Nothing fancy, just grape and muscadine.

Texan said...

Mango wine? I will be right over!!

Hope your piggies do well for ya. being a vegetarian we don't really raise animals to eat... now we do have chickens for eggs :O) ... we have been discussing getting a steer for DH to eat. he is not a vegetarian...

I can tell you though, Bacon was teh last meat I gave up ahhh 20 something years ago ...yep Bacon was my favorite... here piggy piggy LOL

Nekkid Chicken said...


Beeville is a nice town. Thing is we are always made to feel as if we are outsiders. You know, PARIAH, untrustworthy. LOL

Then again, its even worse in Three Rivers and George West. Like we are Big City People Plague or something.

I like the town, its growing. We are about 22 miles outside of Beeville so no annexing in our lifetime I hope.

It's nice only have a couple of neighbors. We don't have the same worries as we did in San Antonio. I would not let our children play in the yard there.

I do love your blog.


Nekkid Chicken said...


I am stuck not finding your blog. May I have a link, if you find your way back here. Folks, Check his out if you get time. I love it; when I can find it. LOL

Nekkid Chicken said...


Yes Ma'am, When I find time to have some quiet in the middle of the night after everyone goes to sleep. I have until April, til I start back up at school again.

Yep, I only used I believe it was 1/2 cup of sugar to keep the ferment process going. It is such a clear wine now. Did not get to try it last night. Got too busy. LOL go figure

Nekkid Chicken said...


We have yet to eat one of our own animals. This year we plan to change that though. I will at least know what I am feeding my children. It took me two years before I could eat an egg from my own hens.

I had no idea when we first started, chickens lay almost every day. LOL boy have I changed!