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Friday, March 5, 2010

Mesquite Bean Meal

Our first two years here we would have to rake the yard up because the pods would be everywhere like a carpet.  I found out through talking to old timers and searching the internet that these pods/beans can be used as a food source.

I hate to waste items especially since we have them in abundance.  Last year the mesquite bean pods were not plentiful due to the drought here in south Texas.

This year however, I am wagering that since our area is up over 4 inches in rain.  The Mesquite Trees will put out oodles of pods.

So this year, who ever is the Fourth (our 4th year here) person to comment on my 500th blog will recieve in the fall a 1lb bag of mesquite bean meal.  Gratis

There is even a recipe found here for Jelly:

Another little treasure my hubby found on our place is chili petins so, this year when they are ripe.  I will harvest them and pickle them in vinegar.  I really need to find small bottles with lids for storage, I have no idea as to where to find them. 

OOOOH another fun thing today, we are awaiting the arrival of three rabbits.  Mr. Johnny believes they all are female but, it should not be too hard to find a male rabbit for breeding purposes.  We have waited a long time to buy rabbits, this passed week one breeder quoted me $30 each.  LOL Not happening on my budget but Mrs. Honey & Johnny called with 3 rabbits for $5 each.  You know I jumped at that price.  A new animal project for us! 

Our next project animal will be turkeys, and not the genetically engineered ones either.  I would be interested in learning more about turkeys since, they are slow to grow and breed.


Texan said...

The things you learn ..Mesquite Meal...

and okay I have to go look up chili petins now! I don't know what that is either!

Rabbits and all those chickens and some Turkeys! So wish I could free range chickens here ... pooy... darn owls and chicken hawks...

Nekkid Chicken said...

LOL Yeah, I was surprised too. How about this:

Do you know what Spanish Needles are?

Those big spikey plants with the white puff of conical flowers atop?

Well, natives used to use that semi-cacti for many purposes too; like keeping food cool. Strange right?

We have had less problems with predator birds than neighbors dogs. Weird right?