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Friday, March 5, 2010

Holey Smokes Chicken Farmer

As soon as I started doing housework; the phone rang.

Wouldn't you know it?  The chick order I placed came in early by a whole week. WHAT????  Mrs Parker was as surprised as I was --- she even got a box of bronze turkeys chicks. (are they called chicks?)

Yeppers sure did....so not only do I have to prepare for rabbits today. Tomorrow I will pick up 45 little peeping Buff Orphinton and Americana chicks.  Mrs. Parker asked if I was interested in turkeys as well?    I might just wind up taking a few females to raise for butchering this fall  -- the males get quiet big at 35 pounds  -- so I plan to stick with females.  While, I am in town picking up the chicks I will order some Red Bourbon or Blue Slate to raise.  Our little farm is expanding. 

(Mrs. Honey & Mr. Johnny are driving down from Camp Wood with the rabbits so, I can not pick up the chicks until after they get here.)

ALSO, Zephyr has developed a chest cold. DRAT! 

This weekend, since he passed a 'family milestone' (private issue) he will be getting his first bicycle. Woooo Hooo, My little man, Daddy's cubby is growing up so fast.


Chicken Boys said...

I can't believe you said Camp Wood! My aunt's in-laws have land out there. They had been raising Chukars (partridges or quails, I forget) and releasing them out there. I have no room for turkey poults. I wanna get some more chicks this spring, but just can't right now. Have a great weekend!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Randy, See there again is the parallel life. LOL

Really, I have never been to Camp Wood but, Mr. Johnny's parents live there. Is it nice?

You too have a great weekend.

Signing off
New Rabbit Momma

Cesar Crash said...

Oh, Mal, I'm not posting and drawing these days ´cause I lost the free internet connecti0n in my house. Soon I´ll be back again (I think it´s in the next month). Thank you for the comment and for being my friend.

Nekkid Chicken said...

aaaaah Cesar,

I miss your posts and went to check in on you.

Glad to hear you will be back on soon.

Have a great weekend!

Jack & Jill said...

I do so envy you, I'm green! Years ago, we raised a batch of Cornish X Rocks - one of the kid's 4-H projects. Those were the best tasting chickens I have ever had! MM mmm! We raised various breeds of chickens every year for quite a while, and those were definitely the best!

Looks like you are in for a busy weekend! Have a good one!

Jen said...

Hey Mal, I'm jealous. I want a farm! I would so love working it and enjoying the fruits of my labor. Talk about yum. I may be a city girl but just knowing that it's so possible to be self relient is awesome. I love reading your blog!

Nekkid Chicken said...

Thanks Jill,

Yes Ma'am its busy here this morning. Zephyr has a chest cold which in fact he passed on to me and Saenz. I have taught them to share. LOL

This afternoon I am going to pick up my order at Mrs. Parkers. I will be one busy chicken momma for the next two weeks with all my new babies.

AAAAAAWE Jen, So great to see you back on and writing again. Isn't our internet family interesting? I learn so much by reading what others have written.