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Friday, March 19, 2010

Tagged Reciprocate

This morning I am checking to see who played photo tag with myself and Chicken Boys.

This is Alaska Tali's beautiful photo
Alaska Tali
This is Texan's 'life' photo

And to give ya'll something to look at  while I check the other blogs.  These are beautiful but freaking deadly weeds. Can you say OUCH?  I have them blooming around the place but, try to keep these and other nettles down because they are ruthless with their stinging once brushed against.  They cause sizeable welts to pop up, blister, and hurt almost like a fire ant sting.  We keep a benedryl stick handy.  I will go find the other purple nettle, to show you later.

And spring is here and better yet, Saenz is out for spring break.

1 comment:

Talitha D'Andrea said...

Thanks for the tag reciprocate :)
Those nettles things sound vicious! I remember things like that out in Arizona! Ouch!